Qri and Soyeon share photos of our So Crazy food support project

T-ara had their first comeback stage on August 7th at KBS Music Bank where from behind the scenes, Qri and Soyeon shared photos of their delicious meal on their Instagrams!


I’ve been caving Samyetang for a while now… I ate it and filled my stomach well, thank you ♡ #QuereQul #T-araDotCom #DIADEM #TIARA6JAPAN Thank you #MusicBank #comeback #Qri #T-ara #SCrazy

#AhRight!#Also #IEnjoyedTheFood #HealthFood

The Food Support was prepared along side our friends T-araDotCom, T-ara6Japan, T-araChina, T-araHK and QuererQul!

Thank you very much to our donors for helping fill our girl’s tummies!


Instagram Translations via transbot

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  1. very glad that i has participate in it. hope them enjoy it. thanks for diadem and other friends fandom help to make it real. daebak

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