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  2. More Credit: IMBC + IG + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
  3. When the molly finally hits

  4. 好不容易找到快消失的 ghost xp 為什麼安裝畫面跟開關機音樂都是 玖壹壹 orz

  5. RT @DAEHWI_TH: [FANACC] 170818 Q: ถ้าเมมเบอร์และwannableจมน้ำพร้อมกันแดฮวีจะช่วยใครก่อน? อูจิน จินยอง wannable อื่นๆ✔️(ผมจะจมน้ำตามไปด้วย!)…

  6. Yesterday
  7. @ceejaydula Can't, induction. ?

  8. RT @E_Universalis: Second part of this weeks #DevClash is now up! Have a great weekend!

  9. RT @BTS_twt: ?✌️️?? 하늘 #JIMIN #Photo_by.JIMIN

  10. tbvh i miss TOP a lot i wanna hear his voice again i wanna see him perform on stage again i wanna see his dorky dan…

  11. For I can hear their voices

  12. @ElyzzaScarlet Competitive Bukas na agad magbebenta

  13. @CgGrino @ashleyfayev Si ❤️

  14. @strawberrykeigh @umadMILO @Eloizaaaah @janinedelcarmen @beaaaadcm Give away

  15. RT @theFlyers_: 연예가중계 소녀시대 팬미팅 (1)

  16. RT @d_ginlove1: よくわからないらくがき #ようりこ

  17. O

  18. I liked a @YouTube video 【MUKBANG】 [HERSHEY's Chocolate Crunch Cereal] The 4.7Kg Challenge! [About

  19. RT @iu_charts: [GAON] 170101~170812 all 12 songs #아이유 #IU 6,900M+ Downloads ; 363,880M+ Streams

  20. RT @libbbrra: #Libra don't have a type. If they like you, they like you.

  21. Look at this handsome lady

  22. @katfregillana_ Ay HAHAHAHAHA hindi mo kasi kinumpleto agad ??

  23. RT @allkpop: Boyfriend reveal they were worried they would never step on a stage again

  24. kalami ikaon og icecream sa yellowcab ui.. ??

  25. Ngày mưa vừa nhớ vừa thương mới sợ chứ.

  26. RT @thatgdvi: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIYONG ?❤ Im giving away 8 Items? Simply jus RT ENDS 170818, 2359. #HappyKWONJIYONGDay #Happy818GDay #thatgdv…

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