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  2. RT @real100per: [❤️] #백퍼센트 #100percent #Rockhyun #록현 #Hyukjin #혁진 #The_Unit #더유닛 first broadcast on 10/28 will air 2 eps back-to-back (9:15…

  3. จียอนมาบอกแบบนี้คือจะตัดผมหรอ

  4. RT @heros3377: [ #2017MAMA Mwave Global Fans' Choice ] vote T-ARA now! https://t.co/ua0M9TGKF2 https://t.co/xAKh8kuOfY

  5. https://t.co/zOR6Kv2RTq

  6. RT @TIME: A Cub Scout asked a lawmaker about gun control. Then he got kicked out of his den https://t.co/jJRSoW9wC5 https://t.co/lBFrT3OKkv

  7. just wanna get today done n over with cause lazy

  8. RT @EarnKnowledge: This is the way animals show their gratitude to the people who saved them?❤️ https://t.co/1iPcmWliGf

  9. RT @wonderpuizz: ดงฮัน JBJ เต้นเพลง Monster ของอซกับ Dope ของ บท ความเร็วคูณสอง ณ จุดนี้ ยอมมมมเลยค่ะสมแล้วที่เคยเป็นเด็กโคฟมาก่อน https://…

  10. @kinomeco https://t.co/RRfu52kByW

  11. RT @TheShadyFacts: NEWS: Taylor Swift's "...Ready For It?" Music Video will officially be out this Thursday night as the 2nd single from "r…

  12. RT @svt_memory_save: 171023 아 저희 귀엽죠~! #세븐틴 #정한 #우지 https://t.co/rRMlG188bP https://t.co/91iSyS1A5n

  13. maybe it's better this way

  14. Yesterday
  15. Woke up and the first thing I did was vote. ? Let me eat and fix myself first. https://t.co/TSUWbm3HdV

  16. RT @idolsnsd: couples costume idea https://t.co/Ssh9bOPWDF

  17. cosas buenas de hoy: ya he organizado todo el viaje al sur y voy a estar 20 días de fantasía

  18. RT @A1varoLopez: #FelizLunes ? https://t.co/6YcUBkDNKk

  19. @AndreaMarisse Si goliath hahahaha

  20. RT @cute_hospital: me trying to talk to someone I think is cute https://t.co/HpnGPoIG3m

  21. RT @srtabebi: No quiero ser guapa. Quiero ser lo que a mí me dé la gana y me importa una mierda lo guapa y apetecible que tú opines que deb…

  22. RT @crissles: you can clearly hear another dude say "not on camera" ? black women gon die waiting on black men to actually give a xxxx abou…

  23. RT @0429PP: แจฮวานมือสวย เล็บสวยมาก เส้นเลือดปูดนิดๆแบบผู้ชาย นิ้วเรียวยาวแบบคนเล่นกีตาร์ เป็นเสน่ห์ที่แบบ ใจสั่นงะ ㅠㅡㅠ https://t.co/Rv8TKU…

  24. RT @marstonmovie: Via @realrebeccahall | "I couldn’t be more proud to be standing with, & in a film made by this brilliant woman @RobinsonA…

  25. one person followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/i2m9lXFO9G

  26. I'm at ฉลวย Café https://t.co/6twctNaJjz

  27. RT @jenlisatrash: happy monthsary to my realest ship. ? here's a clapped edit as a gift. ? #jenlisa https://t.co/dxTSaKAi0d

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