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  2. RT @billboard: K-Pop singer Jonghyun of SHINee has reportedly died at 27 https://t.co/e5HVFBgFkR https://t.co/qkhlH21CKZ

  3. RT @OH_mes: There are Shawols currently waiting outside the hospital Jonghyun was transported to

  4. RT @Krlanwarr: Siapa pernah layan kartoon dari kol 2pm sampai 5:30pm tu mmg legend laaaa . Dulu citer favourite chalk zone , danny phantom…

  5. RT @6araIG: Soyeon : Instagram Story https://t.co/7Pe8GVIycb

  6. Bukan jaja ajak lepak ke malam ni, diam je aku pun lupa

  7. RT @formoftherapy: Saw a beautiful title from a Korean news outlet: "A star that shined brightly on stage for 10 years, now a star of the s…

  8. RT @tiaradiadem: Rest in Peace Jonghyun. Our condolences to his family, friends, the members of SHINee and Shawols. Thank you Jonghyun, for…

  9. RT @lovmimi: ต้นไม้มันมีอะไร หันไปมองมันทำไม.... #Sweat16 https://t.co/XlFvxu2hsJ

  10. @matsumossyi :"(((

  11. Joder, dicen que se han encontrado muerto al chaval líder de SHINee. Ya era mal año para el grupo pero ese es el pe… https://t.co/XGkCKKS7NQ

  12. RT @big_seunghyun: [NEWS] TAEYANG confirms news of his marriage to actress Min Hyo Rin (wedding to be held in February 2018 before his mili…

  13. @tangkFany เด่วนุมาบอก ไปตกลงกับพิๆเพิ่นๆก่อน

  14. RT @OkigboHTX: What my Chem professor emailed us after the final https://t.co/GAliKWnxHT

  15. Ang sweet ng kapatid ko quingina ❤️ https://t.co/xiIJfuZLD8

  16. Although your confidence is growing, lingering caution impedes... More for Scorpio https://t.co/11BMDGPLrs

  17. #1 #8 ? https://t.co/VdGSL5QFPr

  18. фи почему некоторые люди заставляют чувствовать себя никчемной букашкой. смотрят сверху вниз и вообще так ужасно об… https://t.co/6ciuFNiLsG

  19. RT @SooFunnyPost: https://t.co/tfgYu6XO1e

  20. RT @ibearinmind: " เราไม่มีทางรู้ตัวได้เลยว่าเรากำลังเครียดสะสม จนเมื่อเราวีนคนใกล้ตัวในเรื่องเล็กน้อย นั่นล่ะ ตอนนั้นล่ะ ใช่เลย " ー เพื่…

  21. Ok sleep for real. Good night tlist~

  22. @anastuyyos JAHATNYAAAAAAAAAA

  23. MYMP playlist + bed weather ☺️☺️☺️

  24. RT @nurameerakhan: Oh my god. This blogger clearly has nothing better to do lol. When it comes to me, it’s all bad. I’m sorry your life suc…

  25. Who am I talking to? That is exactly what gonna happen I can feel it.. betray me my a$$

  26. You can magically transform a dire message of warning into a s... More for Leo https://t.co/zGVvjkjkdW

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