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  2. My Queens! I saw the update on Jung's instagram account and rushed over to this forum. I feel touched and spoiled. These girls are really idols for their fans. I'm so happy!
  3. T-ara have released the first teaser images for their upcoming album! The new album, co-produced with media producers Dingo, features composers Cho Youngsoo and Ahn Youngmin who have written numerous songs for T-ara including Cry Cry, Day by Day, and Don't Leave. The new single album (number of tracks currently unspecified) will be released on November 15th, 6 PM KST, on various music sites. *** Source: Daum
  4. T-ara to hold fanmeet, HI QUEEN’S – RETURN OF THE QUEEN, on November 21st! Tickets will be available to purchase for in-person and online attendance on October 27th, 8 PM KST via Interpark. Korean Sales Page: https://ticket.interpark.com/Webzine/Paper/TPNoticeView.asp?no=41044 Global Sales Page: https://www.globalinterpark.com/detail/edetail?prdNo=21010398 Date: November 21st, 6PM KST Venue: Universal Arts Center Tickets In-Person Ticket: 110,000 KRW Online Ticket: 39,000 KRW Online Ticket + Rehearsal: 59,000 KRW Online Ticket + Rehearsal + Backstage Tour: 149,000 KRW (Limited) Online Ticket + Rehearsal + Online Photo Session: 169,000 KRW (Limited) Online Ticket + Rehearsal + 1:1 Video Message: 219,000 KRW (Limited) Merchandise: October 27th - November 24th A4 Mini Poster + Souvenir Ticket + Message Card: 15,000 KRW Eco Tote Bag: 20,000 KRW T-Shirt: 25,000 KRW Badge Set: 35,000 KRW Fans can also send in questions and join a special message event for T-ara!
  5. Eunjung has been cast as the female main character in KBS2 Love Twist. Love Twist is a daily drama about the love of the 2 leads and the entanglement of 3 families. Eunjung plays the role of Sori, who was an influencer during her school days and started an online shopping mall with the money she earned. Sori has a son name Hanbyul. It was earlier announced that actress Shim Hyejin was cast to play Okhee, Sori's mother. Love Twist will be broadcast in December after Red Shoes. *** Source: Naver
  6. Eunjung signs an exclusive contract with Management KOO, who have managed acting activities for her over the past 10 years. On September 27th, an official from Management KOO said, "we have signed an exclusive contract with actress Hahm Eunjung. Eunjung is an all-around actress with infinite talents not only in acting, but also in music and entertainment. We are happy to form this precious relationship with Eunjung based on many years of strong faith and trust. We will continue our strong partnership so that Hahm Eunjung show off her colors, we ask for your unwavering love and support." Management KOO has been in charge of managing Eunjung's acting career in the past, and after maintaining a good relationship for over 10 years, they have decided to continue their warm path together. Eunjung's new professional actor agency has a solid lineup of various actors including Lee Yowon, Ko Wonhee, Jung Sia and many others. *** Source: Naver.
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