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  7. Hyomin donated boxes of relief goods to the site of the Gangwon wildfire. On the 5th, Hyomin posted on Instagram, “In shock, I was worried how I could help even if a little, I thought it’d be best to help the scene directly so today I sent relief supplies to the forest fire site in Gangwon. Currently, victims at the site who need a helping hand are in a desperate situation. My heart hopes as I write this that many people will join us. I sincerely hope with everyone’s attention we will quickly recover the site! I sent relief supplies to the Administrative Welfare Center in Toseong-myeon, Gangwon Everyone please be strong together. You can send supplies here to deliver them to shelters: 1. Sokcho City Hall Life Support Dept. 2. Administrative Welfare Center, Toseong-myeon, Gangwon 3. Okgye-myeon Office, Gangneung, Gangwon 4. Goseong Jungang, Ganseong, Goseong, Gangwon” Her photos included items for residents who are unable to acquire proper meals such as instant rice and yukgaejang cup noodles, as well as bottles of water and wet tissues. Netizens praised Hyomin’s action and good sense to donate useful goods and sharing information on how others can contribute. Massive wildfires spread in Goseong, Gangwon on Thursday night, fanned by strong winds. At least one person has died and more than 4,000 people have been evacuated. Firefighters have controlled the main blaze but others are still burning. *** Source: Hyomin’s Instagram, Dispatch, Nate
  8. An official revealed on the 2nd of April, “Yeon Woojin, gugudan’s Sejeong, Song Jae Rim, and Jiyeon will be appearing on KBS 2TV’s new drama Let Me Hear Your Song in July.” Yeon Woojin plays the role of a mysterious tone deaf pianist in a symphony orchestra. Gugudan’s Sejeong is an assistant timpanist who’s been looking for a job for 3 years. For a year she has been suffering from insomnia and nightmares. Song Jaerim plays a former cellist who is the conductor of the orchestra and assistant professor at Shin Young University. Jiyeon plays the 2nd violinist and college student alongside Sejeong. Jiyeon’s character is described as sexy and hot, light and cheerful, “Queen of Push & Pull” and a heart breaker. She knows of Song Jaerim’s past and Yeon Woojin’s true identity. ‘Let Me Hear Your Song’ is a mystery and romance about a woman with insomnia who can only fall asleep listening to a tone dear person sing, the disturbing murder that is lost in her memories, and rediscovering traces of love lost within her memories The drama will be written by Kim Min Joo of “Sunny Again Tomorrow” and directed by Lee Jung Mi of 2016 drama special “Pinocchio’s Nose.” The broadcast will be in July. *** Source: Naver
  9. This year, T-ara is welcoming their 10th anniversary. Having been loved as T-ara’s Hyomin for the past 10 years, solo singer Hyomin begins her 2nd chapter through a new agency. In an interview recently conducted at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Hyomin made time to talk frankly about welcoming T-ara’s 10th anniversary and her solo activities. 4 months after her 1st digital single, Mango, Hyomin made a comeback through her 2nd digital single, U Um U Um, and to the comments that this is not a song geared towards the general public, she conveyed, “I have a habit of constantly looking for new things. I'm more attracted to such things. So I think that's why I chose the song Mango. Though I’m realistic person, that part of me isn't realistic. However, if the song doesn’t do a little well, it’s not good for the people around me (T/N: staff, producers, etc.), so I sway around that part. I think it's time to meet the middle ground. Honestly speaking, I always worry about whether I should do this or not.” Hyomin opened up and said, “one thing that I felt this time was I want to challenge myself, but a singer's job is to stand on stage and be in harmony with the audience, I don't have many melodies that I can play in harmony with the audience. So I've been recently thinking about trying music that is more easily approachable by the public. So maybe the new song in February will be an easy and familiar song to get close to the public with. I’m called an artist, so there is a pressure to grow and be better than before, and I'm continuing to attempt to. When I think about it, I think that it'd be alright so as long as I have fun with what I can do." While girl groups members who promoted at the same time as T-ara are now active as solo singers, Hyomin chose her challenging spirit as her own unique characteristic. She explained, “I want to do a lot of things musically and stylistically. Like a spectrum, when I want to show a dance, I want to show it with all my heart, when I want to show a song, I want to show it with all my heart. I feel like I want to come and go between various genres.” “Actually, if there is one thing something I'm very good at, I'd keep doing it. I felt that even when we were a group, I've said, "why don't we have a color?" We would do this then suddenly powerful (concept), then suddenly retro (concept), we were doing a lot of things and we thought negatively about it at first. But when we got through it, (we realized) it was our color. I don't know whether we got use to it or came to prefer it, but we wanted to do everything. So, it seems I haven't found my color." T-ara, who debuted in 2009, concluded their 10-year history with MBK Entertainment in 2017 and announced a new beginning. Hyomin said about the members, “as T-ara walk their own paths, it’s not over, but it feels like it's over, it was always on my mind and I didn't want that. So during our later activities, we joke around saying, 'hurry up, when T-ara's name is mentioned once again, we'll live on,' and we support each other's activities, even the small things. This July will be our 10th anniversary. We can't just let it go by but there's nothing in particular we can do, so we're discussing it carefully. It seems everyone's affection is still the same." In regards to if she feel the members’ absence, “I released 2 solo albums when we had group activities, I still felt their absence even then. For sure, since there was a place for me to return to, I felt relief, even when I was scared, now I feel more anxious than before,” and regarding a collaboration with the members, she honestly spoke, “I think we can do it anytime, but I want to do it properly. Or rather, to be honest, I'd like to do something like a special album, if possible. It seems there are many mountains to climb, so there isn't any big plans." Hardened by big and small experiences in the last 10 years, Hyomin says, "It really feels like time has gone by so fast, and I don’t think I've changed much. My mindset is to still have fun while preparing for this album. I started my social life earlier than my friends, when I see them around me now, it's just their beginning. However, I’ve already been doing this for 10 years, now I think about what should I do, not as an entertainer, and how to overcome this in my life. During this 10th anniversary period, I thought I should overcome this moment by leaving this feeling behind. I feel like I should live just as hard as my friends who work hard, I have many plans at the moment that I'm focused on practicing.” As a solo singer approaching her 10th year, Hyomin was asked to define the last 10 years and the 10 years to come with keywords, "the first chapter was fortune. We've always said, 'we have good luck. We're a lucky group.' It was during the K-Pop boom, we were active when girl groups were in the spotlight, and made our debut in China and Japan when Hallyu was booming." "I sincerely think we received a lot of love for our activities at that time. We weren't special. There were times when it was hard, just like everyone has hard times, we rationalized it just came sooner for us, but looking at the bigger picture, I think we were still very lucky," she said bravely. "The next 10 years will be of happiness. One thing I've felt most recently , I felt I had to do well to feel happiness (among the people) around me. Just because I'm happy doesn't mean there's happiness around me. So I want there to be happiness around me, then that would make me happy. I want many people to be happy as they listen to my songs," she conveyed her wish. *** Source: Naver Translation by: craZy, hyominniemouse
  10. Korean singer Park Soyeon, who made a cameo in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, directed by Wong Cholam, accepted Apple’s interview in Tsim Sha Tsui. Regarding her 1-min appearance, she frankly spoke that she did not mind, “it’s already an honor for Cholam to invite me. Also, I’ve heard that there are 60 actors in this film, including Joey Yung. Ryan Zheng and I played a Korean couple, but the script changed a lot on the day of the shoot, and since Ryan didn’t understand Korean, I taught him each sentence one by one like a teacher.” When asked whether she wishes for her ideal boyfriend to be as loving of a husband as Cholam, she responded, “he’s very serious at work which makes him very charming, and his eyes are very beautiful too. His baby will be very beautiful too with those eyes. His wife showed up when we were filming too, which is very touching.” *** Source: Apple Daily
  11. During the interview, T-ara’s Hyomin was crying. It has been 7 years since the so-called “T-ara Scandal” happened in 2012. When asked, “do you think the people’s perspective of T-ara has changed?” Hyomin shed tears to her “memories” up to this point. At one point, T-ara was the idol group receiving the most criticism in Korea. During T-ara’s last activity, they cried when they saw the audience singing with them, which might have been a natural thing. “There were times when the audience would turn their backs to us while we were performing. That’s why we were very surprised (when they sang together with us). Because of that, we tried our best to sing even harder.” When T-ara won their first 1st place in 5 years on a music program, Hyomin also cried, and Jiyeon and Qri were both in a fit of tears. Hyomin said, “that was a music program where the fan vote ratio was particularly high. We knew that our fans must have tried their absolute best to give us 1st place, so when we think about all the difficulties our fans must have gone through, we shed many grateful tears,” and thinking back to that day, she cried again. “People usually say that you will forget about it as time goes on. I absolutely do not think that at all. I will never forget the things that I have experienced.” The “T-ara Scandal” is an event that Hyomin can never erase, and it has become a memory that she will embrace towards the future. Hyomin has merely lived with the feeling of “taking it in, and heading towards a better direction” up to this point, and she will probably continue to living with such feelings. Even though this is a publication commemoration interview for her new solo song, “why am I crying so much?” asked Hyomin as she cried while shyly laughing. For her parents’ sake as well, she was not able to give up on herself. She also conveyed that it is also because there are fans who have shown courage and supported T-ara more than anyone else. “If I were by myself, I probably couldn’t have withstood it,” Hyomin told us. “When we had difficult times, the members supported each other. It was probably because we had the same dream. Even though we had many difficult times, the only moments we were happy was when we prepared for the stage and performed.” To commemorate T-ara’s 10th anniversary, the members are preparing to give the fans a precious memory. For Hyomin, who has experienced many things during these 10 years, her wish is a simple one. “I want to create good memories, even if it’s just a small one, with my friends and the staff I’m working together with from here on out.”
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