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    [17.03.18] Fancam - T-ARA @ Seoul Girls Collection Super Live K-Pop Concert There are 6 versions below. (IMO "욘바인첼", "Rock Music" & "I pin" have the best close-up.) Full (Performance + Greeting) Tiamo Tiamo - Boram Tiamo - Hyomin Tiamo - Eunjung Tiamo - Jiyeon So Crazy So Crazy - Eunjung So Crazy - Hyomin So Crazy - Jiyeon Number 9 Number 9 - Qri Number 9 - Eunjung Number 9 - Hyomin Number 9 - Jiyeon Roly Poly Roly Poly - Hyomin Roly Poly - Jiyeon Credit: Sleeppage + Mera + 욘바인첼 + Rock Music + Spinel CAM + I pin + TreeJIYEON + Chen Shihmin + Cam Ecu + 훌라 ~.~ + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    [17.03.16] T-ara to release final album under current contract with MBK Ent. in May... "They are not dismantling" T-ara "is not dismantling." MBK Entertainment revealed their official position on recent concerns on the 16th, "T-ara will complete their activities with their final album in May." "Because the member's contract end at different points, this is T-ara's last album as a complete group, but it is not the dissolution of T-ara," a representative said. "After consulting with the members, we have already decided to release the album and plan to continue all activities, broadcasts, performances, local and abroad, until June." *** Source: Naver
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    6-ARA isn't going anywhere. I haven't seen, heard, touched & dreamed enough of 6-ARA, and I'm still feeling strong, I want to carry on for years for 6-ARA. 6-ARA isn't going anywhere, final.
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    [PHOTOSHOOT] Eunjung Interview on BNT News (03/10) Credit: BNT News + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    [17.03.02] Fancam - T-ARA Special Showcase in Japan Most have probably seen the far version, now here is the close-up version. Sugar Free Why Are You Being Like This I Don't Want You Target Bunny Style Roly Poly Number 9 Sexy Love Tiamo Bo Peep Bo Peep (Short) Credit: キルヒアイス + Underground Scream + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    [17.03.03] Fancam - T-ARA Special Showcase in Japan The list will be updated as and when new videos are found. Like The First Time Like The First Time + So Crazy So Crazy Like The First Time (Eunjung Focus) So Crazy (Eunjung Focus) Hurt Only Until Today Hurt Only Until Today + I'm Okay I'm Okay Target Bunny Style Number 9 Number 9 + Sexy Love Tiamo Eunjung Foucs Boram Birthday Celebration Credit: toshiaki124 + 柴田義行 + yoshida443 + 신도림사장 + 은정팬의 딸 + OnlyforHahm + shinokubohotguide + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    Can't remember where I saw it but it should be somewhere in April.