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    [PICS] More pics of T-ara @ MBC 2012 New Life for Children (05/05) For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...rder=asc&st=150 For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...rder=asc&st=150 Download this photo set: .Zip : (36 PICS)http://www.mediafire...1frbgeafpq5f6f8 (42 PICS) http://www.mediafire.com/?iljln4i30kh44u7 CREDIT: IDOL-GRAPHER.tistory.com + Sweettreasurer + tiaradiadem.com
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    oh God, Hyomin with the wedding dress is just perfect best pics of hyomin XD
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    T-ara is the "QUEEN" so T-ara's fans are called QUEEN'S. I believe some of the benefits are getting to enter first in open broadcast shows,fans meetings and the likes.However,it is only open for Korean residents - If I'm not mistaken. As I said above,T-ara is called QUEEN and the fans are called QUEEN'S - note that there's an apostrophe S.It basically means T-ara is ours and we are theirs. Though,I still prefer Diadem any time. QUEEN'S is a unisex name and I don't think there's should be a problem for fanboys to be called QUEEN'S as the "QUEEN" is not us (the fans) but it refers to T-ara members Phew,I wrote the words Queen 7 times....
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    Going back that, we might as well should've been called T-ara's then =P
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    That sounds plausible, but if that is true that means T-ara is/ are the Queen(s), meaning they are unequalled and are at the top. I have a feeling there might be some backlash by trolls and troublemakers trying to claim that T-ara and CCM might be snobbish of trying to hold a name like that, even though it's only a name. Well, that's my opinion, and I certainly hope that doesn't come true. "Queen's" is nice, but like some comments above, I'd try to aim more unisex.
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    YES! THANK YOU CCM! This name is very fitting. I really like it. I'm a boy and I honestly do not mind being called a queen. lol. Kings would be an obvious title for male fans though,
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