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    KKS! Can you please stop with your stupid ideas. You are on your way to RUIN this group! Seven is pretty good enough for T-ARA. If adding member just to upgrading their talents and skills, you better focusing on Qri and Boram. You should explore new side of those two. Adding new member to eight or to nine or like a football team is not a good idea after all. Use your brain dude. Why fixing something that isn't broken? I'm trying not to be mean. You did it to Co-Ed, to 5 Dolls or SPEED or GAngKiz even with your biggest money maker T-ARA? So, adding new member will covering the absent member who actively in modelling or acting? Are you kidding me, KKS? If you want to add two new member, do it NOW! Why it must take till end of the year to reveal the new member? Are you afraid of being killed by someone like me? I'm totally getting sick with your stupid ideas.
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    Lol whatever CCM... I don't know about others but I'm sick of such news to the point that I can't be bothered anymore. As long as the current 7 members are around, I don't care if u want to add anymore. Hopefully they will be lovely ladies like these 7 girls, then it will be great. If not, I'll just treat them as non-existent. Still gonna love the current 7 regardless of what happens though!
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    T-ara started out as 5 members originally, not 6. Anyway Let me welcome the 2 new members They pushed forward the introducing of the new members,which is good rather then keep us hanging there till the album releases. Just hope these 2 members will be another case of successful looks+vocals combo like minkyung and hyomin from ccm
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    my jiyeon unni is NOT the maknae anymore!!!!!!!! i hate it!!!!!
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    See, I really hate this attitude of "people have to get over it". No, they don't have to. Everyone is entitled their own opinions, everyone needs their time to cope with the changes and I don't think people have a right to decide who is a true fan and who isn't. Just because someone is ok with this it doesn't mean the rest must be. I'm not going to hate on the new girls because it's not their fault and they're too young to be dealing with this, but that doesn't mean I'm ok with CCM's decision. This is completely different from when they added BoSoRi and even Hwayoung. The first change was pre-debut and they had to do it because Jsquared left the group. It's normal for rookies to have lineup changes, they're rookies. The second change was made one year after T-ara's debut, when they weren't nearly as popular and established as they are now. It still was unnecessary because they already had two rappers and Hwa can't sing, but the group wasn't a top group like they are at the moment. But even now, there are people who still don't accept her in the group (I mean, if KKS really got rid of a member like he said he might, and that member was Hwayoung, I doubt the outrage would be the same as if they kicked out someone else). She still gets a LOT less screentime than the rest of the members. Roly Poly era was especially bad for her, and it was only recently that she was allowed to shine. But now, T-ara has reached a status in which they are considered one of the top girl groups in Korea, and they were even the second girlgroup behind SNSD in the 2011 Gallup poll. You don't see established groups having totally random lineup changes (Afterschool -who isn't nearly as popular as T-ara- does it but the graduation system is their concept, so it's not random), You won't see 2ne1, SNSD or Big Bang adding new members at this stage, because anyone with common sense can see that you don't change what is already working, especially when you are at the top. It's especially unfair for the current members because they went through A LOT to reach this status. It could be completely understandable if someone was leaving the group and they had to look for a replacement, but in T-ara's case no one is leaving so there's no reason for this lineup change. I think that's what makes people upset. But anyway, even now, I really hope the new members are the omg amazing vocalists the CEO says they are for the sake of the group. They don't need another Hwayoung (in the sense that they don't need yet another member that will be underutilized and pushed back) and more importantly, I really hope this is not a case of "adding people because their English skills only". In any case, I hope the 14-year-old girl is not one of the members. I don't think someone that young has a place in T-ara, it will completely change the way the group is in order to accomodate the youngest member, not to mention that someone that young shouldn't deal with the schedules and level of stress T-ara gets. Besides, they won't be able to do mature or sexy concepts in the future, and lately most T-ara tracks have a mature element to them, not to mention how awkward the group dynamycs will get. Even Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey have guns and clubbing, Really, I hope this works out in the end because I love the current members and they've put way too much into this to achieve success, but I'm not too optimistic :/
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    "The new member who will join in July is a 3rd year high school student with both beauty and musical talent. It's also known that the other member is a 3rd year junior high school student." At this rate, T-ara's going to end up being like After School by adding younger members. High school is bad enough but JUNIOR HIGH? What sort of atrocity is this? "T-ara said, "Please look forward to our new members and new songs." I call that a load of bull****. Not even T-ara's likely to look foward to the new member addition. "Depending on how things turn out, a different member than what is planned now may join instead." The only difference T-ara needs is either a CEO or agency change. Not the member lineup. Nuff said. "T-ara's other new member was revealed to have grown up in the United States since age four and will be introduced to fans through acting in T-ara's new music video." So what does that matter? Having English skills doesn't mean jack in Kpop unless they're going to be interviewed by huge amounts of foreigners from countries that have English as the norm language or planning a debut to the US - which is laughable, considering not even the Big 3 are likely to succeed there. I sure as hell didn't give a flying f**k when I read about Tiffany growing up in the US before joining SM.
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    I don't know how to react to this. First I don't agree with the addition of the members and now this. In my opinion, this is bull and that kks is toying around with the girls. Very saddening... 7-ara
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    As usual, i'm sure news about the new members will not be taken in a positive light, but i'm happy many of us are actually mature enough not to judge them before even seeing them, i mean we have no idea who they are, what they look like or how they sound. I'll look forward, since i'm a T-ara fan to the end, a bunch of new girls won't kill my love for the whole group. And members, no arguing in this thread please.
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    I am not exactly pissed or hating those two new girls. To be specific, I am pissed at KKS/CCM. Seriously, why would you want to add two new members to a group who works their *** off and is already a pretty much established and recognized group. He should know that he will be creating a lot of haters with the addition of the two new members who will ride on the fame that T-ARA has been working so hard to build. He never learn his lessons. He used T-ARA for Gangkiz and you can see the amount of haters Gangkiz got even before they debut. Fans are protective and who would want their idols to be treated as slaves. I can't say much about the addition of Hwayoung but Hwayoung was added before T-ara becomes widely known (aka roly poly/cry cry era). Since T-ara is pretty big now that their songs can become an all-kill in charts, just why you want to ruin the group by adding new members and spoiling the dynamics of they group. I don't get it and I will never get it. No matter what, just make sure that the album rocks as always and oh well, the line distribution .... And I hope that none of the T-ARA members will faint/injured after their japan promos. All the best to T-ARA and I love you.
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    [PIC] T-ara

    I can't understand how KKS can do it that to T-ara, 14 years old? she is a baby. When I see the news I was convinced that anybody rumored this, but I see that not... I wait that she won't be in T-ara, how CCM says: "We have decided on the two new members, but it's not a confirmation yet. Depending on how things out, a different member than what is planned now may join." Please, change her. If KKS says that, it is because he knows that the fans wouldn't accept her. A girl of 14 years old could help Soyeon with the main voalist parts? ¬¬ It is a joke right?
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    i'm agree with you. although i'm a fan of T-ara in the mid last year when they already added hwayoung, but when i read their history, i think CCM didn't do justice for the original members, i mean the six original members. i believe too if people can get used with hwayoung, so it is with the 2 new members. just let time speaks. the funny thing is now people consider hwayoung as the original member and believe T7 are the original. i believe next year people will consider T9 as the original T-ara..... it's pathetic
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    Being the maknae doesn't really mean much so I don't know why people are upset about that... I'm excited and I hope the new members fit in well
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    T-ara started out as 6 members originally, not 7.
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    that first sentence "T-ara's eight member is 19 years old (1994) and has both skills and looks better than an average rookie." makes it seem that it's emphasizing more on the looks than the skills. I mean, i could do without that "looks" part in this sentence. They should've just leave at "the member is 19 years old and has skills better than an average rookie" " Depending on how things turn out, a different member than what is planned now may join instead." I rather they not have any at all!
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    Way to ruin something that doesn't need fixing. CCM do know that by adding the members up to 9, some sones will start bashing T-ara saying that they are "copying" SNSD? Aside from that, T-ara is already perfect. The addition of Hwayoung was fine, because she really is talented (although I really see it pointless at that point of time), but that took away many rap lines from Eunjung and Hyomin. This shows the problem that with more members, the lines and screen time for each member will be even further lessen. WHY MUST THEY ADD TWO MORE MEMBERS??!
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    [WALL] T-ara's various wallpapers for WILDROSES (05/20) For the rest of the images, visit : http://www.tiaradiad...lery&album=1734 For the rest of the images, visit : http://www.tiaradiad...lery&album=1734CREDIT : TCN + tikaluph + tiaradiadem.com
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    [12.05.23] T-ara coming back with eight members in early July Seven member girl group T-ara will comeback as eight members this summer. The seven members of T-ara: Eunjung, Hyomin, Soyeon, Qri, Boram, Jiyeon and Hwayoung, will comeback with a new album in Korea in the first week of July. This time around, they will gain one new member to promote as eight members but eventually become nine members. The new member who will join in July is a 3rd year high school student with both beauty and musical talent. It's also known that the other member is a 3rd year junior high school student. Core Contents Media commented, "We have decided on the two new members, but it's not a confirmation yet. Depending on how things out, a different member than what is planned now may join." In April, Core Contents Media's CEO announced the reorganization of the group by saying, "T-ara will gain two new members to become nine members." T-ara will gain one of their two new members this summer, and then later in the year a second member will officially join. The new member will appear introduced through T-ara's music video and plans to meet fans beforehand. On the 23rd, T-ara's agency said to Star News, "T-ara wants to have a fresh start this summer. As already stated, they'll become nine members, but first they'll first become a girl group with eight members." T-ara will work with their composers who have helped them create hits in the past including Cho Youngsoo and Shinsadong Tiger. T-ara's unique new music will return. Ahead of their comeback, T-ara are beginning their sold out tour in Japan in June. T-ara will perform as seven members at their Japanese concert tour beginning on June 18th in Nagoya, Japan. T-ara has became one of the national girl groups with their consecutive hits and plan to keep it coming. *** Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120523n08176 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [12.05.23] T-ara's new members to be revealed on May 31st and June 7th T-ara's new members will be revealed on May 31st and June 7th. Core Contents Media revealed on the 23rd, "T-ara's eight member is 19 years old (Korean age) and has both skills and looks better than an average rookie. When T-ara begins promotions this summer with a new album, we expect a lot of attention for T-ara's eighth member." T-ara's other new member was revealed to have grown up in the United States since age four and will be introduced to fans through acting in T-ara's new music video. The new member who will join in July is a 3rd year high school student with both beauty and musical talent. It's also known that the other member is a 3rd year junior high school student. Core Contents Media commented, "We have decided on the two new members, but it's not a confirmation yet. Depending on how things turn out, a different member than what is planned now may join instead." The two new members both have strong charisma and cute looks, and have an average height of 167cm. T-ara said, "Please look forward to our new members and new songs." Meanwhile, T-ara are currently preparing for a concert in Thailand and a tour in Japan and their solo Korean concert in July. *** Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120523n12295 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [PIC] T-ara for a Japanese magazine (05/22) CREDIT : Baidu + tikaluph + tiaradiadem.com
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    [sCANS] T-ara for CD & DL Data magazine May 2012 issue (05/23) For the rest of the images, visit : http://www.tiaradiad...lery&album=1764 For the rest of the images, visit : http://www.tiaradiad...lery&album=1764CREDIT : T-araHK + tikaluph + tiaradiadem.com
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    [12.05.23] Video HD - T-ara CCM Audtition On The Road 2012 *** cr : coremidas@yt
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    [EVENT] T-ara at TTOMA O2 BIEN Event (05/23) For the rest of the images, visit : For the rest of the images, visit : CREDIT : Nate + tikaluph + tiaradiadem.com
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    [12.05.23] Video HD - "Lovey-Dovey (Japanese ver.)" Limited edition CD Unboxing/Review *** Source: @ YouTube
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    [PICS/SCANS] T-ara's Lovey-Dovey posters at Tower Records + LD sneak peek (05/22) CREDIT : Baidu + tikaluph + tiaradiadem.com
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    Jung Hwan

    [PIC] T-ara

    ...hmm.....at least they add 94liner or 93liner ....she is too young for T-ara..
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    [PIC] T-ara

    The photo was published in STARNEWS. However , I think that should not be spreading this picture yet . Because this is unpublished in official now. And most importantly, she is just a junior high school student in amateur , yet...
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    I'm looking forward to T-ara's new songs,not new members.
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    Its not about who's the maknae lol, people. Don't bash me but really? Are they really need to add members. Again?! Look. They're 7 people. And we haven't found what is their 'real' talent. I meant, their part is just a little! Such as Boram,Qri. I know Jiyeon is the main face and that's the truth. But, look! CCM need to dig out Boram's and Qri's talent. Their part is a little, their cam-time is not much. What else they want? Adding a new member is like confusing. I'm sick wif all of this. i don't know how queens will think. But yeah, just see it. Probably fans won't be really like them (new members). This group already talented and become hallyu stars. Why CCM wants to broke it? They're fine with this! Omg, i cant understand this anymore--"
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    Caption for photo #2 Hyomin to Jiyeon: "Who is TTOMA?" Caption for photo #4 Hyomin: "Are you telling me that they put TTOMA in my water?!?" Lol, Hyomin . . . You make great caption fun. Amused.
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    its a shame that the company is doing this when the singing distribution is not evenly distributed with 7 member now adding 2 more member i dont think it'll do any good *sigh*
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    Lol @scatter_88mil and @cynt29, ok I was just trying to troll around but I admit it's my fault to use the word "original" instead of "current" since u guys are pretty persistent about such things. Chill and peace out! **edit: I've edited my post that sparked all these debate. Have a good day ahead people
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    lol, you are so funny. i know about the five members but jiwon and jiae were out from t-ara by their own personal matter before t-ara official debut, "good person" is not their official debut song, it's "lies" when CCM add soyeon, qri, and boram,. so i am not consider jiwon and jiae as the truthfully original members
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    Seriously! Why on her birthday?!?! Why on Jiyeon's birthday?!?! And the 8th will be revealed after Hyomin's birthday... Could you just reschedule the revelation.. make it after Jiyeon's birthday.. Please! Dont ruin her day.. it's her special day..
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    i really don't know what to said... this news is around for like centuries now... i want to see the new members already!! if they are good then great if not then they should really change the company's CEO! As long as my Park Sso is there and the MAIN VOCALS i'm cool with it. no matter how old is she there will be always jiyeon and hwayoung as my maknae...
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    Meh, I don't like it when groups change, especially for no reason. I only hope this doesn't have a negative effect on the current members.
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    why do people care if she's the maknae? lol it's not like she's getting kicked out, the hell is the problem here?
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    With the latest news, the newbie are 94-liner (3rd year high schooler), height 167. My baby dino are 93-liner. No matter what, Park Jiyeon will always be the T-ARA maknae forever!!!! No one can take that out!
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    lol why is everyone saying 7-ara like they started out with 7...stop hating, unless you say 6-ara or even 5-ara, you can't talk >.< give the poor girls a chance before you become antis please, this is way too harsh... and people saying you'll stop being a diadem...way to overreact like a 9 year old
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    Why are the news feeds not puting a smile on my face lately? Give me some positivity, CCM! As inevitable as it will be, I hope July doesn't come so soon. Boo-urns!
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    Total BS. I thought they said that the new members aren't younger than the current maknaes. Well whatever. Those two better be as good and even better than what they're saying they are. This kingdom only needs 7 Queens. Don't need two extra wannabes/fakes
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    I can't even , how are they going to solidify their fanbase if they keep going adding members ? they should focus on taking the underrated members under the spotlight so all of them have equal spotlight .
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    cant believe it =.= CCM is really annoying keep changing the member like that, i'd rather u to create a new group mr Kim
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    you guy don't know it doesn't mean it's not popular, TTOMA = M.Chat= Grinning Yellow Cat, that cat was first appeared in France (not is the product of Korean) Here is the reference link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._Chat , or http://parisdansmono...com/m-chat.html , hope you guys do more search to know about the Cat, and again, that cat is not THE PRODUCT OF KOREAN http://www.ttoma.tv/where.html yup, may be it's not popular as you guy expected but.....it appears in many countries around the world
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    Hyomin, can you stop looking so sexy ... Lol at Jiyeon's face in most of the photos. She gives me the vibe of "IF YOU TOUCH ME, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU !!". Wonder what she was thinking at that time. All of them looked so happy except her.
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    finally! they were supposed to release this on the 3rd. good lord! that is so adorable. this will tide me til their comeback. *repeats video* they re-used their roly poly (japanese) set, didn't they? haha.
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    LOL I had the same thoughts; "Worldwide known cartoon character TTOMA" and i'm like "TTOMA? never heard of it.." maybe it's only known in Asia? meh And T-ara makes me want to do more volunteer work as well Recently i went and helped a classroom of foreigners who are trying to learn English ^^~
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