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    To be honest, I'm not surprised this has happened but I can't say that I'm disappointed. While I wouldn't have minded the children performing (especially since it was for such a short period of time), I wasn't particularly interested in it. Plus, this situation brought more controversy to an already sensitive situation involving T-ara so I think this was the best decision for them to make. I do, however, feel sorry for the children as I'm sure they worked hard and were looking forward to performing for the opening.
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    t-ara seem so happy today....queen's shout each t-ara member name...even areum already have male fans.....queen's wave their hand waiting t-ara change their outfit....i don't have to worry about t-ara anymore because i know they can do it....
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    why??? i want to see little T-ara ;__; netizens are soooo annoying. i hope the best for this comeback
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    Perfect. Just absolutely perfect. I'm glad with "Sexy Love" that we're seeing a more even distribution of lines and show-casing of all of the members' talents. It was wonderful to hear Eunjung so clearly and to hear Boram really sing loud and clear too! Ah, I can't wait for their other performances!
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    Finally the wait is over!!! It's great to see them on stage again. And the fan chants throughout the whole song.....thumbs up to them as well.
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    Found on diademyeonism tumblr. [Fan account]About today recording 1.At the begining, they said to Queen’s”Thank u for coming.” and SY waved her hands many times. JY answered whenever Someone called her. 2. fans were not allowed to raise their balloons and placards at the pre recording 3. Over 50 fans were at the prerecording and there were 4 caucasians too 4. hyomin and jiyeon had the most fans there at the prerecording, but hyomin was not very interactive today 5. Jiyeon was the most active & responded to everyone who called her. a male fan called areum and jiyeon even responded.. everyone laughed 6. Eunjung looked happy and bright today and she bowed in a girly way to the fans when they called out to her.ji copied jung and jung even corrected her(EunJi!!♥ ) 7. Chinese fan said she worried the most about eunjung because she was hurt the most, but she felt relieved to see her happy and cute today 8. both outfits appeared in the MV, the first one was black, the second one was red. 9. the fan said jiyeon was the most active today, she greeted the fans as they were waiting for them to change outfits as well! 10. here were also student fans in uniforms and also uncle fans in suits at the prerecording today 11. when fans called to soyeon, she would smile and wave 12. there was also a male areum fan who only yelled areum’s name throughout the whole recording.. 13. Qri quietly discussed the performance with Boram 14. Fans were really loving because when people only chanted jiyeon and hyomin’s name, they would also chant the other members’ names as well cr.taraphfb
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    - soyeon smiled & waved when fans said it was nice to meet her and it was their first time to come. hyomin also waved, eunjung said thank you - But when fans said to jiyeon it was their first time to see her, jiyeon replied its also my first time to see you! LOL jiyeon so hyper today
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    [12.09.06] T-ara completes M!Countdown comeback recording, "Because of controversy, opening stage was cut" T-ara completed their comeback prerecording today (6th) for Mnet M!Countdown. T-ara was supposed to having an opening 35-second stage before they performed "SEXY LOVE" with "Little T-ara" showcasing T-ara's robot dance concept. But because of the misinterpretation and controversy that arose via the Internet after the announcement was made, the 35-second opening stage with "Little T-ara" was not performed and cut-out from their comeback stage. T-ara performed "SEXY LOVE" for their comeback stage and also their ballad track "Day and Night". T-ara's new song "SEXY LOVE" is done by Shinsadong Tiger and written by Choi Kyujong, the same team who made t-ara's "BO PEEP BO PEEP" and "ROLY-POLY" and "LOVEY-DOVEY". "Day and Night" is the combination work of composers Cho Youngsoo and Ahn Youngmin. T-ara's comeback can be seen through September 6th's Mnet M!Countdown at 6:00 PM KST. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120906n08114 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Argh! It was removed for copyright! I've to search it somewhere else. EDIT. Found it on mnet official channel:
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    yeah! super loud fan chants and screaming. Lots of energy and It looks so much better live than in the music video. Its great to finally know which member sings which part. Props to Boram for taking that high part before the chorus and also to Eunjung. Haven't heard her sing that high since TTL. Areum and Qri dancing together is just jaw dropping, I'm gonna put that on repeat.
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    Can't wait to see this.. Guys if you have time, join in Mnet's M Countdown online Pool: http://global.mnet.c...ountdown/vote.m You can vote once a day per ID.. Global fan votes are worth 5% in deciding rank standings, you know! Sexy Love isn't in there at the moment but I already bookmark the link for daily visits
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    This is really unfair to the kids that have practiced so hard, perhaps a better strategy was to make the kids appearance as a surprise, why oh why did CCM had to announce it before hand? Anyway, thanks so much for the fan accounts, I was really worried for their first comeback... but I am really happy that the girls were happy. Oh yeah guys if you have time join in Mnet's M Countdown online Pool: http://global.mnet.c...ountdown/vote.m Global fan votes are worth 5% in deciding rank standings! No sexy love yet.. though
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    I think is the best the little girls didn´t go on stage, I´m sorry for them, sure they were so happy to do it, but this was a BAD idea from the begining. KKS is stupid, how can he bring more controversy to T-ara when the group is under the focus and every movement, word, photo etc is examined in detail? And how can he even think for a song called "SEXY" LOVE, is appropiate to bring little girls ?(I´ve always think KKS ia a pedophile) maybe Music bank was canceled because they didn´t want to be in the middle of controversy because of the little girls on stage and it was a good pretext if they are coward to show T-ara. Well i´ve read everything was fine, they were fantastic, but this is just prerecorded with fans, the big test will be live stage, but the girls can do it and i hope KKS doesn´t insist with the little t-ara.
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    t-ara seem so happy today....queen's shout each t-ara member name...even areum already have male fans.....queen's wave their hand waiting t-ara change their outfit....i don't have to worry about t-ara anymore because i know they can do it
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    Cool, I like to see them perform this song. They all sing well. Ahreum raps well too. I actually love this song. I love the sad and haunting melody. Especially when used in the SL drama MV. The song's MV is quite boring... but the song, although sad, is nice. It's great to see Ahreum being promoted (although I really want other T-ara members Soyeon and Eunjung to sing this too). Actually I just miss Eunjung's ballad voice. Oh well, at least because of this song, I got to know who Shannon is. I watched her Star King performances especially her Phantom of the Opera performance. Wow, talented kid! Will she be a solo artist or a member of a girl group (5Dolls)? I hope CCM won't mess up on her career. I guess I'll be looking forward to Shannon's performances from now on too.
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    i think the reason MuBank was not allowing T-ara to perform was because their controversy all started in MuBank when Hwayoung refuses to perform in a MuBank performance & T-ara members (except Qri) all tweeted about determination referring to that performance..
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    *sigh* Was sort of looking forward to the little kids dancing the robot dance.. But ya, I know this isn't really a good time to bring little kids in to do any sort of cute/silly dances with them. Really hoping that those people would just drop it already... Right now, I don't care what the Korean netizens think or say anymore. Like what Bender would say "they can just kiss my shiny metal a**!"
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    As expected....Korean Culture isn't that simple as we think it is....
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    I hope all members of T-ara will perform the song Day and Night, not only Areum. I guess KKS wants to promote the new girl. But I want to see more of T-ara.
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    tss .. i was anticipating the kids .. they must have practiced so hard for this .. anyway, i wish goodluck for this comeback .. i'll definitely watch and cheer for it ..
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    These netizens seriously need something better to do with their time... I wanted to see little t-ara so badly.... oh well, i can still enjoy my girls... I think its better they dont perform live as well, it seems like antis will give them a hard time...
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    Ok I just saw it in GomTV. Nothing new from the dance version except more screen time and close ups of the robots/clowns. I think it's sort of a cleaner edit. I also think they decreased the sexy dance moves. Tomorrow: another MV with cover dance from different cities in the world. Next week: another MV with Little T-ara! Yay! So many surprises in store. I never expected them to release many MVs this comeback. I like it. It's as if they're saying to those haters/knetizens and those broadcasting stations cutting them off from shows: "if you can't air our shows or if you cut us from shows, we will produce lots of MVs to be circulated in the internet so people can still watch us." Besides, through MVs and any other videos uploaded in the internet, they may piss off those irrationally-hating-K-netizens BUT they can surely capture the hearts of everyone else around the world. Using the power of the internet to their advantage! Hmmm. KKS, I really hope you know what you're doing. You can't afford to make mistakes this time. T-ara Fighting!
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