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    Click Here: Vote M!Countdown All you could see in the comment section was
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    To be honest, I'm not surprised this has happened but I can't say that I'm disappointed. While I wouldn't have minded the children performing (especially since it was for such a short period of time), I wasn't particularly interested in it. Plus, this situation brought more controversy to an already sensitive situation involving T-ara so I think this was the best decision for them to make. I do, however, feel sorry for the children as I'm sure they worked hard and were looking forward to performing for the opening.
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    why??? i want to see little T-ara ;__; netizens are soooo annoying. i hope the best for this comeback
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    Junggie's high note!!! !!! I'm happy to see them fine on the stage and the fan chant is like they used to be!
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    I hope all members of T-ara will perform the song Day and Night, not only Areum. I guess KKS wants to promote the new girl. But I want to see more of T-ara.
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    currently sexy love ringtone(download) is no 1...international queen's have to attack physical album
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    Found on diademyeonism tumblr. HELP T-ARA win on Melon!! Open this:MELON LIST and Follow the instruction Below Note: once a new window Pop-Up don’t close it, the Audio of Sexy Love will play… and when it stops..then close the browser.. you can do it several times to help! Hwaiting Queen’s!!
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