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    Dang Kqueens, What a bunch of losers. Find something better to do. At least T-ara was classy about it.
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    sigh... with this, i'm so thankful of the queen's who cheered at inkigayo to make it up for the girls... but this is just too harsh... doing this bec. of the false bullying issue... they don't deserve it! Don't worry T-ara, I'm sure when there is rain there will be a bright sun afterwards Hongkong and Malaysia Queen's be sure to light up their show case there okay? ^^ 5x or even 10x brighter than jeju!
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    [12.09.10] T-ara to release a Special Pictorial Album Girl Group T-ara will release a limited edition special pictorial album featuring photos taken in Europe on the 25th of September. Earlier in April, T-ara departed to Italy and Switzerland, spending 9 days 8 nights there, for the concept planning, directing and photo taking of the said pictorial. The 7000 limited release Europe Special Pictorial Album will feature approximately 200pages of pictures of T-ara members, including T-ara’s various hit songs. The release of the limited Europe Special Pictorial Album on September 25 sparked a rush of inquiries from abroad, such as Southeast Asia. Including Korea, it is said that the purchase order for the pictorial could reach 65,000. On the other hand, T-ara released Sexy Love Music Video on September 3 and it’s maintaining a No.1 position on GOM TV. [Photo Courtesy of Core Contents Media] ~~~~ Source: http://bntnews.hanky...;nkey=201209101920203&mode Translated: chloeownsyou @ diadem
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    [12.09.10] Quick News - "T-ARA's Best of Best 2009-2012 ~KOREAN ver.~" T-ARA’s Best of Best 2009-2012 ~KOREAN ver.~ ≪10th October Release≫ 【MUSIC】 TOCT-20985 2,800yen(Including Tax) ■Korean lyrics and Japanese translation of the whole song and Japanese katakana pronunciation ■24P Special Booklet 【CD】14 Songs ※Songs included are at the list below 【MUSIC + CLIPS】 MUSIC VIDEO CLIP Compilation Special 公開当時話題となった「Bo Peep Bo Peep (Sexy ver.)」をはじめ、超新星とのコラボ 曲「T.T.L(Time To Love)」「T.T.L Listen2」や、「ウェイロニ」「yayaya」「Roly-Poly」など14 titlesの MUSIC VIDEO Included! TOCT-20984 4,500yen(税込) ■Korean lyrics and Japanese translation of the whole song and Japanese katakana pronunciation ■24P Special Booklet 【CD】14 Songs ※Songs included are at the list below 【DVD】 MUSIC VIDEO CLIP 14 Titles. Songs included are at list below. ≪17 October Release≫ 【MUSIC + PHOTOBOOK + MOVIE 】 TOCT-29090 5,500yen(Tax Inclusive) ■Korean lyrics and Japanese translation of the whole song and Japanese katakana pronunciation ■72P Deluxe PHOTO BOOK ※FIRST PRESS LIMITED EDITION 【CD】14 Songs ※Songs included are at the list below 【DVD】 Europe Trip Up Close MOVIE about 120 Mins 【MUSIC / 収録内容 】 *Same for all editions 1. Bo Peep Bo Peep 2. 嘘 (Lies) 3. T.T.L(Time To Love) 4. T.T.L Listen 2 5. あなたのせいで狂いそう (IGCBOY) 6. yayaya 7. ウェイロニ(どうしてそうなの) (WAYBLT) 8. 私がとても痛くて (IRH) 9. We Are The One 10. 初めてのように (LTFT) 11. Roly-Poly 12. Roly-Poly in コパカバーナ 13. Cry Cry 14. Lovey-Dovey 【MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS / 収録内容 】 1. Bo Peep Bo Peep (Sexy ver.) 2. Bo Peep Bo Peep (Dance ver.) 3. 嘘 4. T.T.L(Time To Love) 5. T.T.L Listen 2 6. あなたのせいで狂いそう 7. yayaya 8. どうしてそうなの 9. 私がとても痛くて 10. We Are The One 11. 初めてのように 12. Roly-Poly ver.1 13. Roly-Poly ver.2 14. Roly-Poly in コパカバーナ Credit: http://ameblo.jp/t-a...1351187878.html
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    the audience needs to get a life, seriously. hating t-ara because of a made up bullying scandal, to go on and bully t-ara themselves. shameful.
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    Hmm this is... I don't know...... I know this was just a translated news from korean news media but from my pov i' ve seen the fancam and heard the audio. Its not that bad but based on that news it makes it sound they were totally humiliated. Exaggg much Be strong girls
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    I recently came across this video, . . . And this video, . . . It doesn't sound like it was that bad for them for me. But, I leave that up to you all to decide that.
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    I'm sure once our Hwayoung reunites with our T-ara, things will get vastly better for them and for all of us. Hopefully soon.
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    [12.09.10] T-ara to reveal "SEXY LOVE in TOKYO" music video today T-ara will reveal "SEXY LOVE in TOKYO" through GomTV at 12:00 PM today. On September 10th at 12:00 PM KST, T-ara will reveal their fourth "SEXY LOVE" music video "SEXY LOVE in TOKYO" that will have footage from their Budokan concert in Japan. T-ara released a drama version, dance version and robot dance version beforehand. The music videos for "SEXY LOVE" ranked #1 in GomTV and other sites after being released. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120910n08343 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [12.09.09] Videos HD - T-ara ~Jewelry Box~ Japan Concert in Budokan http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DFHfjDmvTtI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDuSkIeCo1g&feature=g-u-u Cr: AMZTT6 @ Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6yvWyxB4Qg&feature=share http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NKa-BJZbnQ0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-sdT30LGqRE Cr: kpopggHDJP @ Youtube
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    That's the first impression I got after watching those 2 videos I recently posted here. I could only here a very few dissatisfied remarks, but that's it. It does feel strange for myself after reading that and combining the videos together. It just doesn't seem to match that much. I could hear maybe several quick shouts in the distance, but that's it. They did show lots of professionalism in this concert performance, which makes me feel so very proud of them.
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    you know what? this is horrible... this is like exactly what happened to SNSD during the "Black Ocean" where everyone but SONE's turned their glowsticks off and started cheering Wonder Girls during SNSDs performance. But look at SNSD now, they're at the top of Kpop and im sure this will only prove to make T-ara even better and stronger as it did with SNSD.
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    WOW KKS is on a roll here lol, releasing MV after MV...Haters gonna hate, what are you gonna do haters? can't wait for the MV today!!! Sexy Love fighting!!!
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    Well... can't say that they didn't expect this. As long as they stay cool and professional, it's all good It will get better!
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    They need something better to do with their lives than making poor innocent girls feel bad. What scumbags.
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    [PICS] T-ara @ KPop Nature Concert (09/09) For the rest of the images : For the rest of the images : CREDIT : Nate + Ehlana + tiaradiadem.com
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    I want to get my hands on it. Anybody knows where we can preorder this photobook?
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    Sexy Eyes Sexy Nose Sexy Mouth Chuuu ~ Don't you know?
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    Well I never expected their comeback to be an easy win... It's going to be a struggle, maybe even harder than their debut. But as long as people in the crowds are not carrying pitchfork and torches.. I say again to hell with the antis.. IMHO I can think of worse things from an audience than just going silent & not waving lightsticks. Determination was the words thrown out to hurt T-ara, well now it's time for T-ara to show what determination really means.. Let's hang on a bit and hearts will melt with time &effort. I hope both T-ara and the Korean Queen's stay strong.. I would love to see the Korean Queen's shine their light even if the venue is pitch dark, it will just make their light brighter and easier to spot.. As Sting once sung, "..at night a candle is brighter than the sun.."
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    Poor T-ara... They don't deserve this... Fighting!! ^^
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    Rude and cruel way to do this ... I hope the girls won't be affected too hard by this , there are still fans around ! Fighting !
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    Knowing how naive the K-fans can get when it comes to issues like this, I'm not really surprised. It's partly because of the "hatizen" attitude that this issue got blown out of proportion. Why do I say K-fans? Because the best stans are also potentially the worst haters. The storm's not over yet, as this rain check had shown. Keep calm and support the girls. No point hurling mud on swamp-dwellers. At least no eggs were thrown. Or were they, and they just missed?
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    Most of the people don't even know what was going on and no one knows the truth People just try to be cool and support the "victim who's alone" even though many of them didn't even care about Hwayoung before the incident, and I don't think that that lame thing they did even helped Hwayoung... They are just pathetic Hopefully T-ara will just keep fighting!!!! T A RA fighting!
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    Lol adorable lovely mv and fun Haha at the Soyeon Qri "Titanic" part
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    for their first public appearance after the "incident" its not as bad as it sounds think positive guys T-ara fightingg!!
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    i'm really seeing the ugly side of Koreans here. so immature and small minded. i hope they did not take in the heart. if they will come to my country it will be all cheers and smiles!! i hope the HK showcase will be a success! T-ARA FIGHTING!
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    It was expected and im pretty sure T-ara expected it as well, but still watching it made me feel sad for them... They had to face it anyway, its the only way for them to move forward... Ive watched the SNSD black ocean and T-aras black ocean, but in my opinion SNSD's black ocean was way worse than T-aras... I'm glad the girls took it in proffesionally and continued.. And ended it like the bosses that they are... T-ara Hwaiting...
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    Thanks for linking those videos, and I agree, it really doesn't match up.
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    Check out my posting here and watch and listen to the audience. It truly doesn't match the reported article.
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    People here at Diadem have come across sources (such as Kqueen's on Twitter) who say it was just a few people who turned off their lights (and not everyone even had a light). Someone said even Allkpop of all places wrote it was only some people, and not the whole crowd (and we know how they like to exaggerate). We all know T-ara's tweets damaged their reputation, but I have a feeling this article is trying to blow this out of proportion. And it's likely just anti-fans in the crowd who never liked them in the first place, so who cares really. Someone in the general public obviously still likes them, or 'Sexy Love' wouldn't even be on the charts right now. EDIT: And here is an article pointed out by @shawnkang731204 where it says (if I'm reading it right) everyone was singing along and that only "some" people turned off their lights, and otherwise the article says it was a successful performance: http://www.newspim.com/view.jsp?newsId=20120910000010
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    omg i can't wait *___* i loved their lovey dovey in TOKYO version
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    Jacked up like no other...why do those people even go if they're going to do stuff like that... I hope karma gets all those nasty people back someday...soon.
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    Immature people, they never learned from what happened with SNSD back then, and let's history repeats itself. It's just a small incident compared to SNSD, but still...grow up people. These girls worked so hard and always appreciate the fans, they deserve something better, they have suffered so much already. Be strong my girls!!! T-ara fighting!!! International Queen's love you always!!!
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    Another music video! I'm started to feel spoiled with all of these MVs... haha not that I mind ;]
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6yvWyxB4Qg&feature=share http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NKa-BJZbnQ0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-sdT30LGqRE Cr: kpopggHDJP @ Youtube Eunjung looks really sad during Day by Day.
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