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    [PICS] T-ara with 'AGAIN 1977' album cover (11/05) Credit: Pjiyeon @ FB + Princess Pril @ tiaradiadem.com
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    [13.11.04] Latest Update - International Review on "Jinx!!!" A frothy and fun-packed college comedy romance, Naoto Kumazawa’s Jinx!!! (yes, three exclamation marks!) is an engaging tale of star-crossed romance where those trusty plot devices of misunderstanding, shyness and friendship are used to good effect. Much is made of cross-cultural romantic references between South Korea and Japan, and while its youthful target audience is most likely from those territories the film has a whole lot of remake potential as a co-production between other countries (US and Japan, UK and France etc). The film had its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival and opens in Japan on November 16. The film actually opens in South Korea where young student Jiho (fresh and delightful K-pop star Hyomin, from group T-ARA) is waiting to meet her boyfriend for their 100-day date (celebrating romance every 100 days is a big deal in South Korea), but he dies in a motorcycle accident. To try and get over her grief she heads to Japan as an overseas student (where much is made, naturally, about cultural misunderstandings). She quickly befriends the seemingly sad and rather clumsy Kaede (a charming Kurumi Shimizu) and starts to try and apply her Korean-style romance tactics to fostering Kaede’s would-be romance with the boy Yusake (Kento Yamazaki) she has loved from high school. It is territory that has been covered many times before, but what gives this rather lengthy rom-com (it runs over two hours) its heart is the sheer force of personality of Hyomin in her film debut who is a real delight as Jiho, who puts her own sadness to one side and use her matchmaking prowess to try and help Kaede. She tries to get Kaede to adopt the Korean romantic tactics of ‘milbang’ – essentially a series of rules on how to get a guy to fall in love with you – though naturally enough this leads to misunderstandings galore (as Kaede can’t quite seem to follow the rules) and also gradually draws out more about Jiho’s relationship with her late boyfriend. The film has more than its fair share of charming moments – with more than a few side trips into melodramatic territory – with Liszt’s Liebestraum No. 3 acting as a romantic motif. Best of all is Jiho’s love for the notion that couples should show their love by reenacting scenes from famous Hollywood romantic films such as Love Actually and in particular Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, where the scene of lying on the ice looking up at the stars plays a key role in Jinx!!!. *** Source: http://www.screendaily.com/reviews/the-latest/jinx/5063177.article?referrer=RSS Two introverted, socially awkward Japanese university students like each other, but cannot even exchange one single word at school. Help! Bring a photogenic girl resembling a K-pop star to the rescue by sending her to Japan and teaching them the ways of courtship, Korean style! The premise sounds like a hokey, adolescent international incident rife with stereotypes, but what powers “Jinx!!!” through its 122 minutes is the charm of its lead, Hyomin (a real-life K-pop star and member of the girl group T-ARA). Hyomin plays the character of Jiho, who makes a sudden decision to study in Japan to recover from the sudden death of her boyfriend in Korea. Why Japan? How does Jiho learn to speak Japanese? What is she studying? None of these questions seems to matter when she comes across Kaede (Kurumi Shimizu), who sits by herself in the cafeteria at lunchtime each day. When Jiho realizes that Kaede acts nervous around a couple of male classmates, she accurately assumes that her new reluctant friend must be interested in one of them. So begins a determined Jiho’s quest to play the ringmaster in a play-hard-to-get series of antics called milbang. Jiho’s insistence on playing matchmaker, her over-the-top perkiness in forcing Kaede to be friends with her, and her eventual involvement in pushing the equally hesitant Yusuke (Kento Yamazaki) to pursue Kaede become clearer as the relationship with her late boyfriend is gradually revealed. What will make “Jinx!!!” appealing to the teen and 20-something set is the Japanese indie film meets K-drama story line, through which Hyomin pretty much plays up two moods: wide-eyed happy and tearful sad. As a result, melodrama is bound to play a major role, with a dreamlike classical piano piece (Franz Liszt’s “Liebestraum No. 3″) serving as the theme for nostalgic flashbacks and scenes from romantic Hollywood movies. These all manage to comprise the backbone and the heart of “Jinx!!!” in a series of genuinely comedic, tear-inducing and heartwarming events that help Jiho herself to heal. “Jinx!!!” made its world premiere at the 2013 Tokyo International Film Festival and will be released theatrically on Nov. 16. *** Source: http://www.meniscuszine.com/articles/2013102626343/jinx-%E3%82%B8%E3%83%B3%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B9-2013-tokyo-international-film-festival-review/
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    [13.11.05] Video - Number 9 @ Arirang TV Simply K-pop https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=rcpcOiodIps Credit ARIRANG KPOP @ youtube + Princess Pril @ tiaradiadem ********** Truly its been a long time since our T-ara appered in Simply K-pop I thought too they had been banned on this show since they not promote "Sexy Love" and sub unit songs. But I am totally happy that they appear here again.
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    [13.11.05] Video - T-ara "Number 9" @ MTV The Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZnBIBUTW5c&feature=player_detailpage Credit : KMusicLiveSBS @ youtube
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    General Forum Rules

    Tiaradiadem Official General Rules Please take time to read and understand these rules as well as you can to avoid trouble with the staff. Please take heed that these are only general rules. Although some rules might not be specified here as you would expect, please take into consideration what you post and share at your discretion. Please be mature and nice to everyone and all will be good. 01. No bashing, sexist, racist, or generally hateful messages to anyone (especially to T-ara). - Be respectful to everyone. Anyone who doesn't abide to this rule will be taken care of by the admin accordingly. Do not post or send anyone rude comments and messages. - This includes inappropriate messages and remarks on signatures and avatars. - If you happen to recieve a hateful or offensive comment from someone, it is your right to report it to a staff member because that member disobeyed the rules and should be punished. - Others can have different opinions and views than yours, but don't be rude or harsh to them about it. - Bashing other groups are not allowed as well. - Do not bash T-ara, if you hate them, get out of here. 02. No pornographic or sexually profane or explicit material will be posted or discussed of in this facility. - You know what I mean. There are members in this forum who might be of minor age, please understand it. 03. No spamming. - Spamming is the act of posting a message (replies or topics) that: 1) are irrelevant to the thread or the general concept of the forum. 2) are less than 10 words. 3) are double, or more, posts (double posting will only be permitted after 48 hours or no new reply and if the post if of relevant content.) 4) are copy + pasted messages over various threads. The staff members will correct your post count and remove double posts. Staff have the right to deem what's considered spam and not spam based on their individual judgment. 04. External linking will be moderated, certain are prohibited. - Links to other sites, blogs, or pages will be moderated. Links to illegal downloads, junk sites or anything of controversial nature are extremely prohibited. - If you are unsure if a link you wish to share will be permitted, ask a Moderator first. 05. Do not quote images and flash materials. - If you are quoting a reply/post that contains embedded or image material, please remove them from the quote. There are people out here that have a difficult time using this forum because it will take forever to load. Please be considerate. 06. Double-accounts are strictly prohibited. - Do not make double-accounts. If we catch you, we will ban you immediately. 07. All topics and replies should all be in English. - Please keep all topics and replies in English, although we are fully aware that not all of us here can speak English perfectly, please do try hard. Don't worry, we won't kill you for your bad English. 08. D0 nOt TyP3 L!k3 Th!$. - Don't. It's really annoying. Use the alphabet. 09. Signature Rules: - Please keep all signature banners to a maximum width of 400px and maximum height of 150px. - There is to be a maximum of 4 lines of text in your signatures. You don't have to write a sonnet for your signature. - No more than 3 types of graphics in your signature (blinkies, icons, and banners). You are restricted to only one animated graphic in your signature. - All images collectively should not go over 400KB. 10. Avatar Rules: - Keep all avatars to a size of 100x100. 11. Please take into consideration the rules in the other forums. - All forums have separate rules and regulations. 12. Do not post photos from the following fansites. - This rule is being imposed as of January of 2013. Photos from Eunchannet, Hyomdot, Jingdot, Cheondot, Qulwang and Meldot, are not allowed in respect to their policies. Please also refrain from editing their photos and sharing them on the forums. Failure to abide in these rules will result in a warning or ban where necessary. Please follow these and we'll all be happy. If you find someone breaking the rules or are being subject to harassment, please contact a Moderator or Admin immediately. Elly Administrator/Owner Tiaradiadem Forums
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    Diadem Presents: T-ERROR ADVENTURES

    We're always looking to bring new, fun things for the members of our community. This time we thought big and are bringing you guys something special. Diadem presents their very own computer video game series, T-error Adventures! What is T-error Adventures? T-error Adventures is a series of exclusive computer video games developed by Diadem's team themselves. We hope to touch upon various gaming genres, to have something everyone can enjoy. When will the games be launched? The very first T-error Adventure game is in fact coming real soon. It is a point-and-click adventure game called Cake Day and guess what? Donors get first dibs on the beta! This first game is just the very small beginning for what we have planned. As stated, we will be developing more games of different genres, ranging from a fighter game, platformer, FPS or even cute mobile games! Just stick with Diadem to get all the latest updates and info! "T-error Adventures"? For those confused about the title, T-error is an affectionate fan nickname given to T-ara to describe their cute or humorous moments. Our games will be of comical nature, putting the girls through various scenarios and escapades and thus why we chose T-error Adventures! (For those concerned it is a negative term, please read.) How can we support this new project? In the future, to bring you guys the best, we may require the support of our community. For now though, as usual, the best way you can support Diadem is by donating to our various projects for T-ara. What language is the game in? The games will be in English and Korean! We as well plan to release the games in other languages like Japanese and Chinese. Depending upon the reception, we may expand further! What are the system requirement for the games? All system requirements will be detailed in each game's respective download thread. Is T-ara or CCM involved in this? T-error Adventures is not an official game and has no affiliation with CCM or T-ara. It is a game series by the fans for the fans. * * * We're aiming to release our very first game soon! In the mean time, share your thoughts and ideas on what kind of games you would like to play!
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    [iG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (11/05) 히쥭 Credit: Hyomin's Instagram + Princess Pril @tiaradiadem.com
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    She's such a cutie, her handwriting is as cute as she is. Here's what I can make out from what she wrote (please feel free to correct me as my Japanese is quite limited): Please excuse my poor translation. I apologize if there are any errors. Once again it's just too cute to write a letter like this.
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    I also think that cassette player is smiling at me . It says "I'm something old from the past with a young spirit". So my vote is for it, too.
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    Can't believe I actually read through all these. .__. Gave a reminder and thought it had finally stopped. Anyway, this discussion about how big is the US market, Chris Brown and etc etc will end here. I'm gonna lock the topic. If you guys have anymore further discussion, please do it in the discussion thread. Thank you.
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    Not again Emperor. Why are you so hellbent every time someone post a comment which is not appealing to your taste?? Do you really feel good being WILD on every news or discussion, posting wall of text when someone has different opinion?? I want them to be successful but I dont want them to be hurt like they were last time. What's so difficult to understand this simple sentence?? By US crowd, I literally as in "LITERALLY" meant General US people. Man, USA Queen's will surely support T-ara and N4, why would I have even doubt on them?? Sigh. When did I even say I wouldnt support them. You sound like those who say " I will support w/e T-ara does" are true fans and those who say "I dont think its good for them" arent True fans..We both want T-ara to be successful. While you can over look the fact that they might be hurt, I couldnt do the same. As simple as that. PS: At times, its impossible to have common grounds though we belong to same fandom. While encountering such situations, its better to respect e/c's opinion and go on our separate ways rather than posting reply to each and every member we disagree with. I hope you will get what I am trying to convey. I dont plan to drag this discussion anymore and to being with, it's not a discussion section as well so Safe!!
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    General Forum Rules

    Tiaradiadem Official Shoutbox Rules We want people of all ages to have a safe, fun time on Diadem. Using our shoutbox is a privilege and all Diadem staff members have the right to suspend you from using it should they feel you are breaking the rules. Listen to the moderators. If they say you're doing something prohibited in the shoutbox you must stop what you're doing. 01. Do not cuss. - Do not try and get around the filter we have in place to prevent cussing. 02. Please keep the topics in the shoutbox RESPECTFUL. - Keep it family friendly. Don't discuss drugs, sex, or illegal activities. Do not disrespect T-ara or other artists. (This includes perverted in-depth discussions about body parts.) Treat every member of shoutbox with respect. RACISM/HOMOPHOBIA IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATED. 03. Do not share or ask for download links (including torrents) - This includes audio, video, software, firmware or any other media prohibited by copyright. 04. STAY POSITIVE. - We've been through a lot together and T-ara is still fighting, so do not turn every single rumor/post by an anti-fan into the end of the world. It's good for your health too. 05. We encourage the use of English as the main language of the shoutbox - However, other languages are okay, too. Use your best judgement and be considerate of other users. We encourage you to: Help out with anyone who is having some problems. (e.g problem logging in/finding pics) Be friendly, don't ignore or talk to just one or two people. Include everyone when you are starting a conversation. If there is a new member, welcome them and encourage them to read the rules. Also direct them to T-ara content that may help them love our girls even more! (Dream Girls, Hello Baby, etc.) Remember, as a Queen's on T-ara's largest international fansite, each and every one of us are representatives of what it is to be a T-ara fan. Always be friendly, helpful and respectful! Qridoesntcare Global Moderator Tiaradiadem Forums
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