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    #봉구 나보다 커 #말도안돼 너가 큰거니 내가 작은거니....#케인크루소 [TRANS] #Bonggu Bigger than me #Doesn’tMakeSense Is it that you’re big or is it that I’m small….#Canecorso #봉구 #산책시키기 내가 얠 산책 시키는건지 얘가 날 산책 시키는건지.... #케인크루소 이래뵈도 아직 #개린이 ✔(내가주인아님) [TRANS] #Walking #Bonggu Am I walking this kid or is this kid walking me…. #Canecorso Even so he’ still a #puppy✔(I’m not the owner) [T/N: Cane Corso = Big dogs] 맛잇져 ㅡ 요기 다 맛잇져 배불러ㅡ 마무리로 #블루레몬에이드#아이러브스프 #세로수길#이단옆차기가사장님#장근이짱짱맨 #장근이오빠#차가운단호박스프추천#나맨날간다 [TRANS] delicious ㅡ everything’s delicious here I’m fullㅡ finishing it off with #BlueLemonade#ILuvSoup #Serosugil#DoubleSideKickIsTheCEO#JanggeunieJjangJjangMan #JanggeunieOppa#IRecommendSweetPumpkinSoup#IGoThereEveryday CR: Park Soyeon. @melodysoyani + CptFantasy + tiaradiadem Translation by T-arazone@tumblr,
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    [FACEBOOK] Cosmopolitan Korea Facebook Update Feat Hyomin (08/08) <COSMO LIVE> 날씬하고 탄탄한 보디를 가진 티아라 효민 촬영중이에요. 타고난 몸매인 줄 알았더만! 엄청난 노력의 결과로 만들어진몸매이더라고요. 더 자세한 효민의 핫보디 비결은 코스모폴리탄 9월호에서 확인하실 수 있어요. #COSMOLIVE #효민 #운동이답인가 #다이어트 #COSMOPOLITAN *** Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea + ily_ahreum + Tiaradiadem
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    [14.08.06] T-ara to comeback with a mini album and an exciting dance title track in September! After Hyomin teased us about T-ara’s impending comeback just last night, CCM has revealed today that the group will be making their return in early September with an exciting dance title track! A CCM representative reveals they had initially planned for a comeback in August but will now move the date to September to make more time for recording. They also revealed they will be releasing another mini album this time and will be delivering some exciting dance music. T-ara’s last promotions as a group was 8 months ago in December 2013 with Do You Know Me followed by the successful solo debuts of Jiyeon and Hyomin with 1 Min 1 Sec and Nice Bodyrespectively. Are you excited for T-ara’s long awaited return? No need to answer because I know you are! *** Source: News1
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    She is so tiny! Sure the dog is big but she is so petite! And adorable. I just want to put her in my pocket.
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    even so, she could've promoted both songs on every music program, or just this one! I wouldn't mind at all!! :,D just cant have enough of this song, so goood :3
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