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    T-ara is known as the group to always try out fun and out of the box concepts and so fans had high anticipations for the "So Crazy" comeback this August. The first teaser images have been revealed and "So Crazy" has a concept foreign and domestic fans have not seen before. T-ara will return with a nautical/marine concept. [gallery size=large" columns="2" ids="4064,4065] In the group photo, each member is wearing a different colored marine outfit inside of a cruise ship while in the solo photos for Jiyeon and Eunjung they wear the classic blue and white charming outfits. T-ara's comeback song with Brave Brothers is a fun and distinctive dance song that is expected to cool off the summer. They will reveal their new song first at a comeback showcase on August 3rd.
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    Girl group T-ara will be holding their first showcase event since their debut. On 24 July, MBK Entertainment revealed, “girl group T-ara will be holding their first showcase event since debut on August 3rd (Monday).” Recently, it was announced that T-ara will be having their comeback with the title song 'So Crazy' by heat-song maker Brave Brothers. The new title song 'So Crazy' will have a brass sound with an outstanding and funky dance, a song that will be refreshing and cool for the hot summer. T-ara will be performing their new title song at their showcase and will be performing a 6-member version of 'Little Apple.' They are also preparing other performances that will have charms that are unique only to T-ara. T-ara’s 'So Crazy' comeback showcase will be held at Ilchi Art Hall on August 3rd. More specific details will be released on MBK Entertainment’s homepage and T-ara’s fancafe page on Daum. *** Source: TV Report
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    [IG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (07/28)

    [WEIBO] Hyomin Update (07/28) credit: Hyomin Weibo + ily_shannon + tiaradiadem
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    A behind-the-scenes video for Jiyeon's Korean-Chinese film "Encounter" has just been released today and it features different scenes from the movie including a kiss scene with real-life boyfriend Lee Donggun. In addition to that, there are various scenes that show Jiyeon and co-star Lee Donggun filming on the cruise ship Quantum of the Seas. [gallery columns=2" size="medium" ids="4052,4053,4054,4055] The movie is about a romance story between Jiyeon and Lee Donggun who "Encounter" each other on a cruise ship sailing from Spain’s Barcelona to the Indian Ocean. It will be released in China in October.
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    Ahead of T-ara's comeback there has been a struggle with whether to comeback with Brave Brothers produced song or a Shinsadong Tiger produced song. It has been a tough decision to decide which will better suit T-ara this summer for a title track but in the long run, Brave Brothers was chosen. The title track will be called "Completely Crazy". This is the first time T-ara has worked with Brave Brothers as a group. Last summer, Hyomin released "Nice Body" which was produced by Brave Brothers. There has also been two selca pictures of Jiyeon released that are making fans wonder if the concept will be marine or sailor! Shinsadong Tiger has previously produced a number of hits for T-ara including "Bo Peep Bo Peep", "Roly-Poly", "Lovey Dovey", "Sexy Love", and last year's "Sugarfree". Shinsadong Tiger competed his song "1, 2, 3" with Brave Brothers for T-ara's title track but instead it is expected to be released on T-ara's Chinese album later. "Completely Crazy" is a cool and exciting summer dance song with a funky brass instrumental.
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