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  1. Q. What have you been up to lately? Eunjung: We had a Korean comeback as well as Chinese promotions. Individually, I joined as a leading role in the latter half of a daily KBS2tv drama called ‘From Today, I Love You’ Boram, Hyomin: We wrapped up our ‘So Crazy’ activities in Korea and are now preparing for our China concerts that will be taking place from October onwards. Q. The concept of this photoshoot is a friendly trip. Have you ever been on a trip with the members? Eunjung: We’ve travelled to so many countries together, but we’ve never travelled together for fun, only for our overseas schedules. I think a trip amongst ourselves would be even more fun since we know each other well, I really want to go together one day. Hyomin, Jiyeon: We’ve travelled to so many countries together, but aside from our overseas schedules, we’ve never travelled together for fun. We want to make some time and go on a group trip together one day. Q. What is the place you want to travel to the most? Eunjung: If I had to pick one, I would say Europe; we went there for work before but we didn’t even have 5 minutes of free time. I want to speed a leisure time with the members. (Europe) is very far away so it’s not very easy to go there, but there were still so many things that we didn’t get to see, hear, or feel (during our last trip there), so we had many regrets. Qri: Europe? Japan? Anywhere is good as long as we can visit many places together. Q. You’re mostly busy with Chinese activities. No matter how busy you are, do you still get breaks or go sightseeing? How do you mostly spend your leisure time? Hyomin: I visit a cafe or just enjoy my time exercising. Qri: I either hang out with my friends or spend the day at home. I also clean the house. Boram: I’d spend most of my time staying at home with my mom. I sometimes watch movies and visit galleries as well. Soyeon: I go on family trips. I’d also go with my friends to suburbs to enjoy the cold air. Eunjung: I go shopping for cosmetics or visit yummy restaurants with the members. It’s my fun time as well as my momentary leisure. If there are any nature places nearby, I’d go for a visit too. We’re the type to spend our leisure time on trivial things. Q. Your popularity in China is so big nowadays. You’ve become Hallyu leaders over there, how do you feel? Hyomin: Now that you put it out like that, we’re very thankful. Qri, Boram: We haven’t come to realise it yet, we just feel that we have to work harder. Jiyeon, Soyeon, Eunjung: We’re thankful to our seniors for paving the way for us. We feel a sense of responsibility and feel that we should work harder too. We think it wouldn’t have been possible if not for our company staff and for the love of our fans who support and cherish us. We have to be grateful and consistently do a good job. Q. How is the atmosphere of the Korean music industry and Chinese music industry different? Jiyeon, Boram: We haven’t learned a lot about the Chinese music industry so we can’t pretend to know it all, but the Chinese audience show a very passionate reaction to music. Soyeon: They were similar to our country’s people in how they carry around banners they made and show their passion for the things they love. There was no big difference. Qri, Hyomin: There was no big difference. Our Korean and Chinese fans each have their own charms. Finally, T-ARA. She was born in Busan, started attending an acting academy in middle school, and then she fell in love with music as she was studying musicals over there: Hyomin. She was originally a child actress and was the last member to join T-ARA, yet became the leader: Qri. Having singer-actress parents, she took after them and is now a celebrity with very cute visuals: Boram. She filmed in so many dramas and practiced singing whenever she had the chance; passionate Eunjung. She made her debut after winning in a school uniform model contest;Jiyeon. Her outstanding singing ability was first discovered through a teenage music festival, and then she was appointed as T-ara’s main vocal; Soyeon. Each one was different, until they gathered and became one; T-ARAwho are rising as Hallyu stars. Q. Your own way to overcoming tough times? Eunjung, Hyomin: Exercising, learning something new, or spending time with precious people like family or friends. Jiyeon, Soyeon, Boram: We change the mood by spending time with family or friends. Q. A word each one of you wants to say to the rest of the members? Eunjung: We’re already on our 7th year since debut, it’s also been more than 9 years if we’re to count trainee days too. I’ve come to cherish you more and more. Thank you! I love you! Qri: Just like now, let’s work hard and enjoy our time! Boram: let’s always work hard! Hyomin: let’s work hard in order to not have any regrets! Soyeon: Our members who always work hard, I’m always thankful. Jiyeon: Unnies, I’m always thankful and I love you. Q. T-ara’s future plans? Jiyeon, Qri, Boram: We’re starting our China concert tour this October, we’re planning to prepare our best. Hyomin: After having finished our Korean activities, we’re now preparing for our China concerts from Oct. onwards. We’ll keep our fans in our hearts and continue to work hard. Soyeon, Eunjung: T-ara’s web-drama is going to be screened in Korea, China, and Japan, so we hope that you look forward to it. Q. At last, please say a word to K-wave’s Korean and Chinese readers. Eunjung, Soyeon: We’re thankful to everyone showing love to us and our music. This might appear like a textbook answer, but we will work our best in order to sincerely repay your love. Qri: Thanks for always supporting us. We’ll continue to work hard in the future too. Jiyeon: I’ll work my best in order to become a person who’s capable of repaying fans’ love. Boram: Our fans, thanks for always showing love to us, T-ara. We’ll work hard in the future too so please watch over us. Hyomin: In the future too, we’ll always work hard and show a good side to us.
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  2. [AD/PROMO] Jiyeon for Grand Surgery (11/17) cr. grandsurgery.com + JiyeonHolic1100 + tiaradiadem
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  3. Just to clear things up, it says that she visited the clinic but no mention about her having anything done. She's just there to support and the clinic is thanking them for showing her support and producing good music.
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  4. The broadcast of T-ara's web drama, Sweet Temptation, resumed today on the 4th of November. Part 1 of Eunjung's web drama episode, Only For You, was aired today on Naver TV at 10 AM KST. Part 2 will air on the November 6th. Eunjung stars alongside actor Kim Jae Wook in her episode and released OST Good Bye in the previous month, which gathered a lot of attention. On November 9th, Jiyeon's episode Reincarnation shall air. Following that, Boram's Recipe of Love on the 13th and finally Hyomin's It Rains When You're in Love on the 18th. T-ara's web drama Sweet Temptation stars the members Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Boram and Hyomin alongside actors Jang Soo Won, Lee Seo Yool, Kim Jae Wook, Seo Jun Young, Kim Shi Hoo and Hyun Woo respectively. Sweet Temptation is a collaborative production by MBK Entertainment and SBS MTV. *** Source: Sports Donga
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