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    [12.08.05] True or not, the public will only believe what they want about T-ara's bullying situation "Tara-'s Hwayoung Was Not Bullied!" Written by Kim Yong Hyo, a reporter who has written many editorials on hot issues within the entertainment industry for the column [연예세상 비틀어보기] T-ara’s Hwayoung never once mentioned the word “bullying.” And in reality she was not bullied. Netizens are merely creating evidence of bullying. (Those who seek the truth about such ‘bullying evidence’ please see the post http://thetaratruth.tumblr.com). Nevertheless, the public now believes “Hwayoung was bullied” as the truth. Why is this? Probably because from the very beginning, many believed in the rumour that there is bullying among girl groups in the entertainment industry. But some activists used what is claimed as ‘evidence’ to cleverly fabricate stories and to stir up the innocent and trusting public. The first time I heard about the news of Hwayoung being bullied, I asked “So you’re saying that T-ara’s Hwayoung was bullied”? Because this it not the truth. Recently, I went with T-ara to their Tokyo Concert to gather information, and Hwayoung and the other members got along very well. Used in relation to her, the word ‘bullied’ is inappropriate. Born with a beautiful appearance to a relatively well-off family, she grew up lacking nothing. And also with her father’s vigorous support for his daughter to become an artist. (Personally finding his way to a large agency company for his twin daughters to become artists, and interfering with CCM with all his might, a father like this, if his daughter really was bullied, would he really stand by and do nothing?) Of course, because young girls are grouped together in girl groups, issues of envy and jealousy will come up sometimes. (This is true not only with T-ara, but also other girl groups). But to part of the public who are on a witch-hunt against T-ara, these issues were not small conflicts, but collective violence. I can guarantee, such incidents did not, and could not possibly exist. But the public believes that T-ara members are bullies, without a doubt. Therefore, some of the members’ past and private life etc have also been dragged out into the public for discussion. Even more cunningly, netizens have packaged and claimed their actions on the internet as done to protect the victim Hwayoung from the other members’ violence and bullying. T-ara is now fully wounded. But the cruel public continues to use their hatefully crafted products (i.e the ‘evidence’) to mock them. They truly see their own actions as legitimate and just. T-ara’s Hwayoung was not bullied. Even if there was conflict with Hwayoung, the level of intensity and strength compared to the bashing now done to Tara is not even one in a million. The public only believes what it wants to believe. The more frightening part is that they will never admit or accept any rebuttals to the contrary. Their reaction to this article will probably be, “Oh, he must have received money from Kim Kwangsoo.” But this is not a rebuttal. It is the truth that those who hate T-ara never want to believe. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120805n15192 Translated via Chinese translations by: @kckclalala
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    Well this sucks. A lot. If my favorite gets removed, I don't think I could call myself a T-ara fan anymore.
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    This ain't funny anymore. How unprofessional. More embarrassment for the k-entertainment. And those sponsors as well, just rotten. Where is the justice here? Apologies to all who read this post, if its quite vindictive: boycott the show, boycott the sponsors' products.
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    hmmm.... The only thing I can say to the people demanding an apology is Grow up. That is just ridiculous...
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    I hope AKP is one of them! Always trying to add oil to the fire.
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    OMG he’s like literally screaming out loud ‘T-ARA CAN’T SING FOR xxxx! That’s why I’m adding two new talented members’ I CAN’T EVEN! HE SUCH A DOUCHEBAG , how the hell can you manage a group if you don’t have faith in them and their talent? How is that even possible? Did he forget that T-ara got like 3 amazing and strong vocals, Soyeon isn’t the only strong one Mr.! There is Eunjung that you seem to completely take off the hook! Jiyeon & Boram can take off perfectly the soft parts but if you had just challenged their vocals a bit you’d see that they have the potential needed. Hwayoung? She’s one of the fiercest rapper I’ve seen in Kpop AND she’s totally passionate about rap…so why can’t you make them songs that SHOWCASE their talent instead of ALWAYS STICKING TO THE CATCHY? Because it’s the safest choice. Because he just doesn’t have the faith in those girls. I’m so disgusted right now, I FREAKING HATE HIM! He doesn’t deserve those girls nor does he deserve my money! They’re better off without him…clearly
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    Actress Kim Hye Eun "Soyeon staying on Haeundae Lovers, please applaud!" “It is not an issue that can be solved by leaving the drama. Ostracizing/bullying is clearly a serious societal problem, but where there is debate but no confirmed facts or truth, to unconditionally accuse and criticize young adults is not right. To push the young into a difficult situation because of the existence of a debate, is this something that adults should do?” Actress Kim Hye Eun, who also appears in Haeundae Lovers with Soyeon, candidly expressed her thoughts about the T-ara issue. On the 28th with an interview with Daily Economy Star Today, Kim Hye Eun said “There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the drama, including Soyeon’s appearance on the drama and the Busan dialect, but on set, the atmosphere is still happy and enjoyable.” “It is true that there are many unfavorable aspects, but they have to be solved wisely one by one.” Kim Hye Eun said that day: “To already have promised to appear in the drama, and to have already participated in over 5 filmings, behaviour like ‘Because of your response, I will cut you out’ is wrong.” “In the T-ara incident, most importantly, it is the adults who have made the bigger errors. I want to applaud the decision of the production team to continue working together under circumstances of debate in order to not disappoint the hardworking actors.” She continued: “Partial conversations over twitter or SMS between young adults cannot be used to make judgments on everything.” “One cannot say who was at fault, but to avoid similar situations and to prevent kids from getting hurt, care and wise judgments are needed from adults. In particular, if the agency can take some action on behalf of the children, that would be great. Very anxious” At the same time, she expressed: “No matter what the problem is, to just solve the superficial issue is not the way to resolve the problem.” She added, “Right now, Soyeon, as the object of anger, is in a dilemma. If she ignores the situation and chooses to leave the drama unconditionally, then the viewers’ wounds might feel more comfortable, but the heart will not be cured. Even if the surrounding circumstances are loud and noisy, isn’t it a good thing that the actors’ acting and the production team’s hardwork together receive praise for the drama?” On the other hand, Kim Hye Eun’s charismatic acting as the wife of President Yang in Haeundae Lover has received praise. *** Translated by @kckclalala via Chinese translation: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1826234863 Original article: http://news.nate.com.../20120829n07603
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    T-ara release handwritten announcement of apology "We write this letter after much deliberation.The past month has felt longer than the time it took us to debut and the time we've promoted under all of your love.First, we would like to honestly apologize for making so many concerned.We admit that we were immature in not being able to resolve our differences in opinions within the group and letting it out publicly, and we are all reflecting on it together.We deeply apologize for acting without thought.If we had understood each other, shared, and acted more maturely, none of this would have happened..We think that thought every day in misery.Looking back, we've always overcome any hardships together while chasing the same dream, and it breaks our heart to think that all of those good memories are being seen in a bad light.We also think that Hwayoung must have gone through a hard time for being misunderstood as being ostracized.We were all surprised at a result none of us thought or wanted and feel upset that we can no longer be together again.We hope that Hwayoung no longer has to face any pain again.We apologize to everyone for concerning everyone with this issue and disappointing those that loved our music.This hardship was an opportunity of learning for us.We are supposed to be the strength of many, and have now learned how much responsibility we have on our shoulders, as well as how responsibly we must act.To our parents, who live for us, and our fans, who will remain by us until the end to love our music...And to everyone we disappointed, we want to work hard so that our apology will be accepted.We are genuinely sorry. We ask that you also give your everlasting support and love to Hwayoung, who must have had a harder time than us.We will always support Hwayoung no matter what.From all of T-ara. *** Translated by netizenbuzz: http://netizenbuzz.b...t.html?spref=tw Original article: http://news.naver.co...082920410105052
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    So basically, it's like this. Three of them, Soyeon and the 2 new members are going to stand in the middle and sing during a performance. They won't be dancing. While the other 6 will dance at the back of them. Hwayoung or Hyomin or EunJung will be joining the three of them in front when it comes to rapping. They won't need the boy dancers and the backup dancers because the stage can't accommodate too many of them. This will help CCM to save money on backup dancers !! AHHH, now I get his stupid point.
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    Eunjung and all T-ara should be cameo in "SHUT UP NETIZENS"
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    [12.08.03] T-ara are victims of reckless reporters T-ara are victims of unconfirmed reports in the media. Recently, the bullying situation began with a few tweets and reports saying Hwayoung was bullied in T-ara. Suspicions that idol groups have bullying in them have been around forever, and didn't just start yesterday. But the recent bullying accusations have exploded and attracted more attention than ever before. A problem that lies within this is that there is so much interest in the case, that reports are being published in the press just to increase views and clicks on their website which is the wrong attitude. To confirm the allegations that first began about bullying, netizens went and dug up various things that happened in the past. Excerpts from various different broadcasts were brought up through screen-captures and questioned, but they were not originally a problem when they first aired. The reports spread throughout the media were written without going through a verification process. Reports that were contacting representatives from the broadcasts were also hard to find. In addition to making screen-captures of various broadcasts, rumors have been circulating about T-ara. False and malicious rumors, such as "gangs" and the like, have been circulating online because of "netizens suspicions," but like the screen-captures, they have not been verified. The "trainee" was proven to be false, and the "back-dancer" report as well, but both spread before any confirmation had been done. Some even have gone far to force evidence and say that Hwayoung left a hidden message, "fans only know," in her Twitter message but the truth is it's different depending on where you look at the image. Websites gain revenue through clicks on ads on their website, and these reckless and unprofessional reports being spread attract attention and revenue for whoever reports it. The bullying allegations first started on July 28th through Twitter messages and continued until the 2nd. T-ara related searches dominated every popular search ranking on various portal sites. The Olympics began, but T-ara's scandal has attracted more attention and higher interest. The topic located at the center is that journalists recklessly report things posted online without getting confirmation just for a few more clicks on their website. Hwayoung recently posted on Twitter, "Please stop now and look forward to when I'll return with a new more mature and sophisticated image." The situation is at a point where it's finally calmed down. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120802n20672 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Here comes the whiny 14 year old, who had no interest or prior training in singing or dancing before being selected to be in the group, wanting to be on stage with established members in less than half a year of training. She clearly just wants to get all the fame and attention that T-ara has earned over the years without having to wait until December to do it. She wants to get on stage so she can hear people cheer for her and shout out her name without a clear understanding of how the Korean music industry works as well as how she'll possibly be perceived. I feel quite sorry for her as she comes across as not having a clue about what she's getting into. I seriously hope they reconsider her joining the group as she seems to be giving CCM a headache already with her request. She has no regard of how her joining the group can affect the others and is solely concerned about getting on stage just to be there. Exactly what I'd expect out of a 14 year old but not a future member of T-ara.
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    So,I can imagine if they're doing Cry Cry performances,the 2 members will "help" Soyeon to sing her lines while they will "help" Hyomin to sing her lines in Lovey Dovey.To be very honest here,I'm actually glad that the two members are said to have a good singing abilities and not just being the pretty face. From now on,we can expected Soyeon along with the new members to carry most of the songs while Hyomin's job as lead vocalist is reduced to just vocalist while others act as back up dancers and just singing "Yeah","Ahah","Baby",clap-clap,wink-wink and whatever stuffs and nonsense. In a nutshell,the other members,Qri,Boram and Hwayoung who still didn't get enough spotlights until now will be completely forgotten (not by their fans,of course) by KKS and indirectly forced them to quit themselves.Wow,"great" planning,KKS. You should has just enter a battlefield and you'll win for sure,for using dirty tactics....
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    [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency" Haeundae Lovers's Writer opened up about Haeundae Lover's Soyeon on the morning of the 24th, expressing her thoughts about the T-ara situation: She said, "speaking about Soyeon is a very sensitive matter" "I've not seen Soyeon before. It seems like it was T-ara's agency which allowed things to become like this" She continued, "The company should, in line with what the public and citizens want, give an explanation about the issue" "Eunjung left her drama recently, and the requests for the other members to leave are also continuing endlesslessly, it is like they are digging their own graves. I feel very regretful about their company" About the requests for Soyeon to leave Haeundae Lovers, "Soyeon is not a main character but a supporting character" "Filming already began before the T-ara issue, if she were to leave, we would have to re-film which is not easy" "Soyeon began filming before the T-ara issue" "At that time we did not expect there to be such a conflict" "The Tablo incident also happened before, and I felt very saddened about it" "Same about Soyeon. Even after the debate, there is no way to accurately know the reasons, we can't just let her leave the drama. I thought the agency would come up with sensible measures, but to let the incident grow large like this, it is not possible to not have any thoughts of complaints." "Disregarding the truth or falsity of the T-ara debate, I hope that they can take this opportunity and become even more united. Personally, I also have worries as to whether T-ara will disband because of this" "When I do sports, I also gain energy from listening to T-ara's songs" She cautiously said, "Soyeon was in a traffic accident not long ago, and I know there appeared rumours claiming that the accident was fake, the situation is really serious" "For me, I want to protect those who appear in my work, the cast and crew who have worked hard" *** Translated by @kckclalala via Chinese translations from TCN Original Article: http://news.nate.com.../20120824n13732
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    "To restore Eunjung's reputation, we will advocate her rights!" Regarding Tara Eunjung's receiving of an unilateral notice of termination from the drama production company, the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) has expressed its position. The KEMA on the 23rd published to the media an article titled "Opinion on the Unreasonable Unilateral Breach of TV Drama Contract" According to this article, for the success of Five Fingers, Eunjung had given up her other schedules, including overseas activities, showing her sincerity to fully participate in the drama production, but the production team of "Five Fingers" on the 21st, requested with no legitimate reason, that Eunjung leave the drama on her own accord, mentioning that if she did not comply with the request, they would put pressure on Eunjung and her agency. Eunjung's side did not understand this, and requested for a reason for withdrawal, but the production team only referred to the modification clause of the contract stating that the situation was not in the best interests of the drama production. The KEMA stated "If it is necessary to change the cast during drama production, it should be be discussed with the actor under the premise of mutual understanding and negotiation, but the production team and SBS on the 22nd did not relate any information to Eunjung about her withdrawal, but announced her termination through the media" It also stated "Through various evidence and proof, this association has verified and is shocked by this oppressive act of the production team." The KEMA said "This association works to improve the practices of drama production and to develop a healthy industry by eradicating old practices. Therefore, from a few years ago, starting with the problems of unpaid acting fees, this association has worked to improve such unreasonable contracts and practices." "Such efforts can been seen in the 'Drama Production Standard Acting Contract' project developed along with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. KEMA's article concluded by stating "We will advocate for Ham Eunjung's rights to restore her reputation as she has been unreasonably harmed as described above. To ensure that all relevant parties in this incident will not be harmed, we anticipate a reasonable solution from the drama production team." English translations by @kclalala via Chinese translations by Ham Eunjung Baidu (@hameunjungbar) Original source: http://sports.chosun...ceDate=20120823
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    If they didn't like it, why didn't they switch off their damn tvs or change the channel instead of watching T-ara throughout the whole show? If you hate something, just stay away from it. I know it's a tv show but they had a choice. i change the channel whenever I see someone that I despise on tv. It seems like the netizens hate T-ara A LOT but yet they seem to be more interested in T-ara compared to their fans. I hope MBC doesn't succumb to the pressure by these ignorant netizens and apologize.
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    found on tumclr(its quite long) Hwayoung is bullied? ashortmomentinlife: As a pro T-ara Queen’s I wouldn’t force people that tries to defame T-ara to read this post. If you are anti-T-ara and you are unwilling to accept what we pro-T-ara thinks in this matter, you are advised to leave this post immediately. Since the controversy started, we Queen’s have been going through so much pain in defending what we had always believe in. When the sudden influx of antis just flooded in, we remain calm and choose to believe in T-ara. We waited for the official announcement to prove them wrong, but antis seems unconvinced. Angered, they began to search for evidence that Hwayoung is indeed bullied to strengthen their foundation. They said that the agency is lying and all sorts of things refusing to accept the official statement. Even when Hwayoung herself convey the message for them to stop all these, they would give excuses such as Hwayoung being forced to tweet. When an article about Hwayoung apologising to Kim KwangSoo after this whole incident, they choose to ignore that has ever happened and AGAIN return to prove that Hwayoung is bullied. They refuse to give the scandal a rest, in the name of pro-Hwayoung fans. I’m sad to say but they have failed to notice the real importance here. Hwayoung had always been a very obedient girl. As the second maknae in the group, it is only normal in this society where age matters significantly, that Hwayoung listened well to her unnies. Taking advantage of these, more evidences had been gathered and finally, even the Queen’s that has hold on so far began to waver, and T-ara is losing their fans day by day. It’s really unfortunate, but I’ll just say this one more time: What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. We, the Queen’s, swear to stand by T-ara side, through their ups and downs. We will, in the name of T-ara, defend T-ara through any controversies. When T-ara commit mistakes, we accept their mistakes and lead them to the right path. When T-ara achieve milestones, we celebrate as one unit, and embrace the sense of togetherness. In this difficult times, we will not falter, we will not be misled, we will stay strong, and come back as a stronger individuals. Evidence time: I’ve been browsing through the web these few days and THANKFULLY, som
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    [OFFICIAL] Day by Day HD concept photos CREDIT : naver + nathaniel + mllktea + tiaradiadem.com I'm sorry but i think these gorgeous photos deserved to be posted all at once in this thread
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    Atleast he believes in T-ara, not like those haters... the haters should learn from the grown ups
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    Don't worry girls..You still got Diadem
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    [12.08.16] Translation - 120813 Director Cha Eun Taek's Tweet @goninri: 어린친구들이 도대체 무슨 죽을죄를 져서 이 사회가 이렇게 가학적인지.. 아파도 아프다 말 못하고 힘들어도 힘들다 말 못하고 뭐가 진실인지? 그게 우리 살아가는데 뭐가 그리 중요한데..? 언제부터 우리 사회가 토론과 논란의 중심 대상이 이리 바뀐건지.. Young kids, what capital crime did they commit that they are being mistreated like this by society...to be in pain and yet be unable to say that they are in pain, to be tired and yet be unable to say that they are tired, what is the truth? Then what is important, to live like this? Since when did our society's subject and focus of discussion and blame become like this... *** Chinese trans by Baidu Ham Eunjung (@hameunjungbar) English trans by @kckclalala T/N: Cha Eun Taek is the director who filmed their Roly Poly, Cry Cry, Lovey Dovey, Day By Day, Sexy Love MVs
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    [12.08.02] Jo Harang comment on T-ara's situation "It must stop now!" Jo Harang decided to speak about T-ara's current situation of bullying. Jo Harang tweeted on July 30th, "You're here, but you're invisible. One day feels like a year, breathing is easy but you feel uneasy. The entertainment industry has the same environment as schools, companies, societies, institutes...This witch-hunting must stop for sure!" The next day, Jo Harang continued to post on Twitter this: "Starting from a young age, children start to acknowledge that you need to work hard in life [to get what you want], and you focus on this so much that you don't put any of your time into building a "relationship" and lack social skills. Lacking the experience of having a social life and troubles to maintain a relationship doesn't fade away when you suddenly elevate yourself into a high position (celebrey/famous)." Jo Harang was a member of "Jewelry", a group that also had to face a bullying controversy in the past, with her being the "witch-hunted member." Jo Harang tweeted again 31th July, exposing her uncomfortable heart: "The problem is brought by the public with a witch-hunt, even if it's not true [the rumor of bullying]. It was hard for me, back then, to have to read such articles [about me]. It is important [for T-ara] to overcome this and to live in the present." Netizens have reacted to these tweets saying thing like "Jo Harang seems to have troubles in her heart", "it seems that even idols are now refocusing themselves on the truth." "We need to brush off [this rumor] now" **** Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120802n30382 Translated by: shining star`★ @diadem *Usually don't post articles about Tweets from T-ara/other celebrities in the news section but this is different because she went through the same exact situation as the T-ara members being "witch-hunted."
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    i´m happy there are still some adult with a brain in Korea.
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    Then that will no longer be t-ara. Might as well give it a new name to that group.
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