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    T-ara, “That incident changed the childish us.” A Tearful First Interview. When friends or lovers get into an argument, how should you resolve it? T-ara is standing before the public with this thought in mind. When people are angry because of our actions, and when an apology cannot resolve their anger, what should we do? T-ara has chosen to silently work hard and to wait until that anger melts. Although it is common for artists to become emotional and cry during interviews, T-ara’s tears fell carefully even when they were falling naturally. T-ara, who can’t even escape vicious criticism when they prepare snacks for their fans, ended up saying tearfully, “We will work hard.” After that “incident”, this is their first interview with the media. The questions and answers that required tissue everywhere until the end are now revealed without any changes. Q: A comeback in a long time, how do you feel? Hyomin: It’s been a year since a comeback as the 6 of us. We disappointed some people before, but that won’t happen this time, we will work hard. We made our comeback nervously. Soyeon: More so than rankings, we are thankful that there are people who are waiting for our music. Q: It seems like you had a lot of worries. Hyomin: To be honest, we’ve never had a “blank period.” We were always running everywhere with no rest. Although it wasn't intentional this time, we had a blank period and during this time, we really lost a lot of confidence and had a lot of thoughts. We had a lot of worries too. Eunjung: Everyone’s attitude towards us are better than we thought it would be, we are very thankful. Just like when we first debut, our thoughts are just that we must do well. To be honest, whether people would like our music, we had a lot of worries like this. Also, many singers are making their comeback in this period, and would they like our colour? We also had a lot of worries like this. Q: A lot of other groups are making their comebacks as well. Soyeon: The timing for releasing an album is very important, no? We thought we picked an appropriate time. It seems like this was a time appropriate for all other singers too, so we all made our comeback around the same time (laughs). We are thankful just to be discussed along with these other artists. We are really happy just to be mentioned along with SHINEE and IU etc. When we see news of that, we think “Wah, there’s actually us.” Q: Now that you’ve made your comeback, do you feel more relaxed? Eunjung: People’s hearts are always like that, we should be able to feel more relaxed now, but we still worry a lot about how we can maintain this. Should we keep doing the same thing next week? Should we change our dance? What about our clothes? Etc. Hyomin: Because there are new comebacks every week, we are very nervous. Recently, there have been so many comebacks that rookies are hardly able to participate in music broadcasts. So we understand how valuable it is to be able to perform on music programmes. Eunjung: In the past we would think that this was a given, but now we know how to be thankful. In the past, even if our managers don’t mention it, we would clear out Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for our schedules, because we have to perform on music shows. We used to think that way, but now we would ask our managers, “Do we have any schedules?” Q: T-ara’s schedules were very full in the past. Soyeon: We had at least 5 schedules in one day, we were very busy. We thought that they were only schedules and didn’t think much about it. We only had thoughts about wanting to look nice etc. But after experiencing this blank period, we understood that those are not just merely schedules, but is something [precious] that finds its way to us. Now, we think that every single schedule is a precious thing to us. Hyomin: Although it is better to not have experienced bad things, during that time, we only looked at the things in front of us and kept running forward following our CEO’s instructions. But now we look around us and behind us. It is something that can’t be expressed with words, but there are things we have gained. The time we spend with our fans and the way we treat our fans also changed a lot. Q: Your first performance was at the Gyeongju Dream Concert. Eunjung: It rained that day. Singing while it was raining, it felt very extraordinary and profound. Soyeon: We felt different compared to the comebacks we had before. In the past, we would know that there were a lot of people waiting for us and we had confidence. But this comeback wasn’t like that. We didn’t have confidence, and the cheers and applause for us are also different from before, but we can only work hard. So we are even more thankful for the people who have given us applause all along. Q: Experiencing something bad together, it seems like the friendship and love between members have changed as well. Soyeon: The atmosphere between us is like family. To be honest, there were times when we were so busy that we couldn’t take care of each other but were just there together. But this time, we had a lot of time to talk and reminisce with each other. And since we carry the same scars, the understanding and care we have for each other seem to have increased as well. We became closer. Boram: We think that teamwork requires every single person. Q: The leader keeps changing. Eunjung: Even though there is a leader, generally we still make decisions together, so there is not a big difference. But things like conveying information, giving notice, gathering opinions, those are things that the leader would do. Q: Even so, the atmosphere within the team would be different because of the leader right? Soyeon: Boram unnie created a very relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Eunjung is really good at managing work, and she can organise things well even when things are very messy. When Hyomin was leader, we became more fashionable. Hyomin: As a leader, the most difficult thing was to answer our CEO’s phone calls. Eunjung: He would call at 6a.m. in the morning and ask “Are you awake?”, “Have you seen your schedule yet?” Things like that (laughs). Q: Because of what happened last year, it seems like you are more thankful to be on stage and to the fans. Eunjung: About things we used to think were a given in the past, we now think “We are really thankful” “Ah, this is so good”. Not just to fans, but to the general public who watch our performance, give us applause, and sing along to our songs. In the past, we just feel like it is just a comeback, but now we are very thankful for these things. Soyeon: We did earn things [from this incident]. This happened when we were receiving a lot of love. If that hadn’t happened, we would still be kids who didn't understand a lot of things. We would think that popularity is a given. To experience something like that at that time, it seems like we found something that we had lost. The people who worked with us, those who visited us, our fans – in the past we really seemed to not understand their preciousness and didn't know to be thankful. But after that incident, we had a lot of thoughts and became more mature and responsible. Q: The comments online, have you seen them? Hyomin: Although we didn’t read them in detail, we browsed through them. In the past we would look for negative things, but now we would look for positive things. There are more and more support messages, and there are more and more of positive messages as well. We feel happier as well. We will read them to each other as well with the thought that “Wow, there are even these [good] messages for us.” Boram: There are also negative criticisms that can be constructive. Paying attention to those comments, with the mindset that “We did that before, we should correct that” is not bad. Although we cried a lot before when we saw very malicious comments, now we look for comments that can be constructive. Seeing malicious comments that would give us harm, now, instead of getting hurt, we seem to learn from them more. Q: How is each member doing recently? Jiyeon: It’s been a long time since T-ara’s last comeback, I want to show the best side as T-ara. Hyomin: I filmed for a Japan move “JINX!!!” in the beginning of this year. It was during one of our most difficult times, and I’m thankful that I was given this opportunity. It was a very memorable filming. Eunjung: I filmed for MBC’s “Welcome”. Living with students from Turkey, it was the first time for me to film a variety like this. Because I had to promote Korean culture and language, I did a lot of studying myself as well. To be honest, I had wondered whether any variety programmes would ask me to participate. I’m really very thankful that they asked me to appear. Boram: Because I had been a bit unhealthy I lost a lot of weight, but now I’ve become a lot healthier. Qri: T-ara had a lot of overseas schedules. I prepared very hard for T-aras comeback. Soyeon: I appeared in “Haeundae Lover” last year, but because of what happened, the drama seemed to have suffered because of me, I feel very sorry about that. Q: Did your boyfriend Oh Jonghyuk give you a lot of support? Soyeon: Of course he gave me a lot of support, he told me good job, and gave me a lot of trust. Q: What is the secret to date for so long? Soyeon: Although we started dating, we both have a very careful personality. Because of his military service and because I am an idol, we were both very careful. We began dating with a lot of trust in each other. It seemed as if waiting was very easy because the person I like went to the army. He must have had a lot of difficulties there but he still took care of me when I faced difficulties. Because we gained more trust in each other in those 2 years, so our relationship became better as well. Q: You must have been worried when Oh Jonghyuk extended his military service. Soyeon: Although he told me about it, I was still worried as his girlfriend. But I couldn’t express it because he is very determined. I could not express anything in particular. I just worried in my heart, but I watched him return successfully and thought that was very cool. Q: Is there anyone else who wants to date? Boram: It would be great if someone could like me, but there isn’t (laughs). I really want to date. I think out of all of us I’m the one who wants to date the most. Q: Did the members know about Soyeon and Oh Jonghyuk dating? Eunjung: We knew from the very beginning. Q: T-ara has tried cat and Native American concepts etc, are there anymore concepts you want to try? Soyeon: Our juniors are all so cute, pretty, and fresh. Is there this loveable concept that only girl groups can express? We want to try that too (laughs). Eunjung: Mr CEO, please consider this (laughs). Hyomin: It seems like our CEO is really amazing. Like a genius, he always seem to think of things that other people haven’t thought about. Eunjung: During “Sexy Love” we were really shocked. At the time, wasn’t it very difficult for us to perform and have a natural expression on stage? But our CEO suggested that we do robot dance – our expressions were neither smiling nor crying (laughs). Soyeon: It seems like we don’t create the trend, but we just change it (laughs). Retro and shuffle dance were something that other artists had already done, or we would only do something after something became a trend. We would ask “is it already too late”, but it always ends up becoming popular. Q: This time, “I know the feeling” is also a trendy phrase. Eunjung: We were worried whether we would interfere with Gag Concert. Q: It seems like there are a lot of misunderstandings about your CEO in the public too. Soyeon: Our CEO saw a lot of the messages and was very hurt. But if there are good messages, he would be very happy. Eunjung: He used to be like a tractor, but his body and heart have become a lot weaker. He listened to a lot of our opinions as well. Soyeon: It feels like he may be someone who cried the most in front of singers. He asked before “Am I difficult to get along with?” Actually we have seen the normal and private side of our CEO. We've seen him when he cried in front of those comments and when he is troubled because of us. He is someone more common and normal than people think. Q: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to fans? Qri: It seems like we have only received from our fans but have never given them anything. We are really thankful to our fans. Hyomin: You’re the member who doesn’t cry even when we achieve number 1 [about Qri who teared up]. Not just to fans, but it seems like there is so much to say to the general public. Eunjung: To be honest, for this comeback, we wondered if we would be able to receive love. But there are still people who are curious and love T-ara’s music. For that we are very thankful. Regardless of what they say, they only say it because of the appearance we present. We will accept it all and work hard. Hyomin: More so than asking for forgiveness or apologising, it seems like it is more important to work hard and present a side of us that will make others say “They’re really working hard.” In the future, we want to express that sort of feeling no matter what we do. Eunjung: When friends or lovers are mad at each other because of something the other person did, and even when repeated apologies cannot resolve the issue, the most important thing is to keep working hard until the other person’s anger melts away. It seems like we have to do the same thing as artists. Original article: http://news.nate.com/view/20131015n03773 Translation via Chinese subs by TCN: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2651831149?see_lz=1
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    Tiaradiadem Official General Rules Please take time to read and understand these rules as well as you can to avoid trouble with the staff. Please take heed that these are only general rules. Although some rules might not be specified here as you would expect, please take into consideration what you post and share at your discretion. Please be mature and nice to everyone and all will be good. 01. No bashing, sexist, racist, or generally hateful messages to anyone (especially to T-ara). - Be respectful to everyone. Anyone who doesn't abide to this rule will be taken care of by the admin accordingly. Do not post or send anyone rude comments and messages. - This includes inappropriate messages and remarks on signatures and avatars. - If you happen to recieve a hateful or offensive comment from someone, it is your right to report it to a staff member because that member disobeyed the rules and should be punished. - Others can have different opinions and views than yours, but don't be rude or harsh to them about it. - Bashing other groups are not allowed as well. - Do not bash T-ara, if you hate them, get out of here. 02. No pornographic or sexually profane or explicit material will be posted or discussed of in this facility. - You know what I mean. There are members in this forum who might be of minor age, please understand it. 03. No spamming. - Spamming is the act of posting a message (replies or topics) that: 1) are irrelevant to the thread or the general concept of the forum. 2) are less than 10 words. 3) are double, or more, posts (double posting will only be permitted after 48 hours or no new reply and if the post if of relevant content.) 4) are copy + pasted messages over various threads. The staff members will correct your post count and remove double posts. Staff have the right to deem what's considered spam and not spam based on their individual judgment. 04. External linking will be moderated, certain are prohibited. - Links to other sites, blogs, or pages will be moderated. Links to illegal downloads, junk sites or anything of controversial nature are extremely prohibited. - If you are unsure if a link you wish to share will be permitted, ask a Moderator first. 05. Do not quote images and flash materials. - If you are quoting a reply/post that contains embedded or image material, please remove them from the quote. There are people out here that have a difficult time using this forum because it will take forever to load. Please be considerate. 06. Double-accounts are strictly prohibited. - Do not make double-accounts. If we catch you, we will ban you immediately. 07. All topics and replies should all be in English. - Please keep all topics and replies in English, although we are fully aware that not all of us here can speak English perfectly, please do try hard. Don't worry, we won't kill you for your bad English. 08. D0 nOt TyP3 L!k3 Th!$. - Don't. It's really annoying. Use the alphabet. 09. Signature Rules: - Please keep all signature banners to a maximum width of 400px and maximum height of 150px. - There is to be a maximum of 4 lines of text in your signatures. You don't have to write a sonnet for your signature. - No more than 3 types of graphics in your signature (blinkies, icons, and banners). You are restricted to only one animated graphic in your signature. - All images collectively should not go over 400KB. 10. Avatar Rules: - Keep all avatars to a size of 100x100. 11. Please take into consideration the rules in the other forums. - All forums have separate rules and regulations. 12. Do not post photos from the following fansites. - This rule is being imposed as of January of 2013. Photos from Eunchannet, Hyomdot, Jingdot, Cheondot, Qulwang and Meldot, are not allowed in respect to their policies. Please also refrain from editing their photos and sharing them on the forums. Failure to abide in these rules will result in a warning or ban where necessary. Please follow these and we'll all be happy. If you find someone breaking the rules or are being subject to harassment, please contact a Moderator or Admin immediately. Elly Administrator/Owner Tiaradiadem Forums
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    [12.08.05] True or not, the public will only believe what they want about T-ara's bullying situation "Tara-'s Hwayoung Was Not Bullied!" Written by Kim Yong Hyo, a reporter who has written many editorials on hot issues within the entertainment industry for the column [연예세상 비틀어보기] T-ara’s Hwayoung never once mentioned the word “bullying.” And in reality she was not bullied. Netizens are merely creating evidence of bullying. (Those who seek the truth about such ‘bullying evidence’ please see the post http://thetaratruth.tumblr.com). Nevertheless, the public now believes “Hwayoung was bullied” as the truth. Why is this? Probably because from the very beginning, many believed in the rumour that there is bullying among girl groups in the entertainment industry. But some activists used what is claimed as ‘evidence’ to cleverly fabricate stories and to stir up the innocent and trusting public. The first time I heard about the news of Hwayoung being bullied, I asked “So you’re saying that T-ara’s Hwayoung was bullied”? Because this it not the truth. Recently, I went with T-ara to their Tokyo Concert to gather information, and Hwayoung and the other members got along very well. Used in relation to her, the word ‘bullied’ is inappropriate. Born with a beautiful appearance to a relatively well-off family, she grew up lacking nothing. And also with her father’s vigorous support for his daughter to become an artist. (Personally finding his way to a large agency company for his twin daughters to become artists, and interfering with CCM with all his might, a father like this, if his daughter really was bullied, would he really stand by and do nothing?) Of course, because young girls are grouped together in girl groups, issues of envy and jealousy will come up sometimes. (This is true not only with T-ara, but also other girl groups). But to part of the public who are on a witch-hunt against T-ara, these issues were not small conflicts, but collective violence. I can guarantee, such incidents did not, and could not possibly exist. But the public believes that T-ara members are bullies, without a doubt. Therefore, some of the members’ past and private life etc have also been dragged out into the public for discussion. Even more cunningly, netizens have packaged and claimed their actions on the internet as done to protect the victim Hwayoung from the other members’ violence and bullying. T-ara is now fully wounded. But the cruel public continues to use their hatefully crafted products (i.e the ‘evidence’) to mock them. They truly see their own actions as legitimate and just. T-ara’s Hwayoung was not bullied. Even if there was conflict with Hwayoung, the level of intensity and strength compared to the bashing now done to Tara is not even one in a million. The public only believes what it wants to believe. The more frightening part is that they will never admit or accept any rebuttals to the contrary. Their reaction to this article will probably be, “Oh, he must have received money from Kim Kwangsoo.” But this is not a rebuttal. It is the truth that those who hate T-ara never want to believe. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120805n15192 Translated via Chinese translations by: @kckclalala
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    T-ara's Tears Have Become Pearls Girl Group T-ara welcomed their 4th anniversary recently. Once having enjoyed top popularity, this gemstone-like girl group has suffered hurt. The arrival and departure of some members (Hwayoung and Areum) and unconfirmed conjecture was discussed fervently. Their popularity that was not easily accumulated over the years seemed to have been destroyed in an instant. They seem to match the “5 year crisis” that idol groups commonly face in the Korean music industry where idols’ contracts [last around 5 years]. To say that they are not burdened must be a lie. After the controversy that broke out in July last year, T-ara did not respond to any Korean media interviews. Because they believed that if they silently continued their own way, one day, their fans will understand them and any momentary misunderstandings will be resolved. In this case, we are not here to pick at their scars. To talk about T-ara’s past, present, and future – something that they will have to face sooner or later – we carefully conducted our interview. T-ara’s Eunjung who found courage to meet with Billboard Korea said “We cried a lot.” But they still continue to smile brightly. Q: If you were to think back to the past 4 years? A: We don’t feel like it’s already been 4 years. It still feels like we are rookies who’ve just reached 2 years. Compared to the actual number of years, we’ve been busy with a lot of activities. Other than music broadcasts, member’s individual acting activities, sub-unit activities, and musicals, we’ve lived such busy lives that we couldn’t even sleep a lot, time just passed by in the blink of an eye. Thinking about being able to achieve today’s position and to receive our fan’s love… Our fans’ congratulations have made our shoulders feel heavier, and our sense of responsibility has grown as well. In the future, we will be more careful about every word we say and everything we do. Q: The most memorable activity is? A: Bo Peep Bo Peep. It was a song that showed off the charisma that only belonged to us. The first time we put on the tails on our costume and wore the cat paws, we really didn’t like it. We wanted to be a cool and pretty girl group, and we wondered, do we really have to do this? But it was through this song that we achieved our first number 1 and even made it to Japan’s Oricon chart. If we used this song as a starting point, all of T-ara’s other concept and music were never too over the top. It was the song that allowed other countries to know our name. Q: From debut to now, things that have changed and things that have not changed are: A: The way we think has changed, and we’ve become more mature. When we first debuted we did not have our own goals, we were just like kids who did whatever our company told us to do. Now, we will positively think about everything we do, and we also understand the preciousness of fate that allows us to meet even the strangers who pass by us for a second. The things that have not changed is, even though we are no longer that young, the members still love to joke and play. Everyday is a continuation of a sitcom. This is what motivates us to stand on stage happily. Q: Thoughts about the “5 year crisis” that idol groups face A: Our crisis seems to have come a bit early. Haha. This seems to turn out for the better, it’s as if such a crisis does exist as people say. Although the sayings about members’ conflict and bullying will follow us around like labels, we think that as long as it is not true then it is fine. We won’t worry too much about it. If such sayings were true, then it would be very distressful, but the stories are all different from reality. It is not something that we can resolve even if we worried about it. The motivation for the T-ara who has become mature. T-ara is truly the “Korean Digital Sales Queens.” Lovey Dovey was number 1 on Gaon Chart in the first half of 2012, defeating Big Bang. In 2011, they also achieved number 1 on Gaon's Annual Aggregate Digital Chart through Roly Poly. That year, their Japanese debut track “Bo Peep Bo Peep” also made it onto the Oricon weekly chart. Even when involved in endless controversies, T-ara’s music and stage performance were also recognized. “Sexy Love,” which was hesitantly released when T-ara was surrounded by a lot of rumours, and the summer track “Bikini” also charted and achieved a “long run.” Their recently released second Japanese album “Treasure Box” also charted number 1 on Oricon on the day it was released. Q: What is the secret to popularity? A: There is no special secret. First, we have to thank the composers who give us good songs. And also the fans and company staff who support us by telling us “everything will be better,” they’ve given us a lot of motivation. As a result, we gained confidence. We work hard on stage to compensate for our inadequacy, these all seem to have a combined effect. When speaking about T-ara’s energy, we have also borrowed from the popularity of the retro dance and the shuffle dance. Unknowingly, our performances are able to show off “T-ara’s image” and “T-ara’s concept.” To have a defined colour and flavour, we are really happy. Q: Don’t you feel tired to have such active overseas schedules? A: Although getting used to the time difference is always difficult, it is the most difficult when the food doesn’t suit our tastes. In the end sleep become our best medicine. Actually, every member seemed to have lost weight without intentionally dieting. Like a normal girl group, we eat well and don’t pick and choose when it comes to food. Q: What do you do when you rest? A: Watch movies, eat good food. When we are in Japan, we often go to Harajuku but we have not been there recently because we’ve been busy. Q: Isn’t this just the right age for dating? A: Although the work we have now is good, we still want to date. Just like a normal university student, a romantic stroll around campus while holding hands, a date in the library. It seems like the more we are not able to do it, the more we want to do it. My ideal type is someone who has a manly side, but who also has the soft side of someone young, someone who is kind and well-mannered. Appearance is not important. It’ll be great if it is someone who is able to let other people feel his charisma and charm that is unique to him. Q: What kind of artists do you want to be remembered as? A: The strengths of artists who have been active for 1 year and those who have been active for 10 years are different. I hope when people think about T-ara, they will smile and say “Ah they really had a difficult time then” or “They were really great then”, I hope that we can be a familiar and warm group in their memories. A group that is able to show off different styles like a chameleon. Or even to the point of getting critiqued by people “Do you have a split personality?” A group that doesn’t stop changing and is able to show and convey a message through their music. Q: To T-ara, CCM’s present Kim Kwang Soo is: A: The only person who can make us happy and feel tired at the same time. He has weakened a lot. He used to always lecture and scold us, but recently he asks us for our opinion and shares with us his difficulties. He has the feel of the powerless arms of a father who is growing old. His emotions are also becoming very rich and abundant, it seems like it is time for us to take care of him instead. Q: A word to your fans? A: Thankful. For always believing and watching over us no matter what. To be able to lay aside right or wrong and to believe and wait for someone is really something that is not easy. We don’t look at our fan club as one group, but now we see each fan individually, one person by one person. They are all precious. Even for those who cannot support us as fans until the end, we won’t feel sad or resentful. We won’t forget those people who have given us love up to this day. T-ara has become stronger, their hearts steadier. They are no longer a girl group that has an extravagant exterior, but have become a pearl that shines quietly and faintly. The beginning of a glistening pearl is also created from a wound. Famous Korean poet Jeong Ho Seung said “A beautiful gemstone can only be created with time, brimming sincerity, and the embracing of trauma.” It is time for the future of T-ara, who will soon enter the US market, to catch the eyes of the public once again. Original article: http://www.billboard.co.kr/?c=v&m=v1&idx=37066 Translated by via Chinese Subs by TCN: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2556657897
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    [13.10.15] "This is not our comeback. This is our re-debut with our six original members." The past year was an eventful year for T-ara. Frequent activities, events, and more, but also all kinds of rumors and malicious comments that are countless. After promoting nonstop for four years, it seems like everything they had worked for was lost over the past year. They had a lot of opportunities in their career, but instead they just watched what they had already end. On the 14th, T-ara met in a cafe in Gangnam to discuss this as well as their new comeback album released on the 10th. Despite all of this, T-ara were still smiling and satisfied with the result of their promotions so far. "The response to our new album was better than we expected. We worried and talked about how the public would view us every day. It made us anxious, but we were all united to become better (as a group.)" Despite various times they felt bitter about their controversy, all members admitted they have matured. Instead of promoting with the goal of #1 in mind, T-ara promoted with the thought of rewarding the fans who still believed in them. "We did in a way lose our original intentions. We weren't proud when this event had occurred. It made us realize how important our parents, family, friends and staff members are; and above all, it made us realize how important our members are. T-ara will soon be into their fifth year of promotions since their debut. The members of T-ara have gone through many toxic changes. T-ara answered why they frequently changed their group. "Honestly, it's true of most idol groups. Our agency is full of staff who are experts and know what to do. The process (of changing members) helped us show better sides of us." T-ara has gone back to year one. Their goal is simple. T-ara want to be loved every moment they can and do their best without regrets. They want to go back as soon as possible to the place they used to hold in their fan's hearts. "We think about how the past year was really difficult, but we were able to learn. It was a necessary time for T-ara." Going to the broadcast station, meeting fans, and reading online articles.. they will keep this thought in mind. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. "We will never lose the thoughts of beginners. We returned with our original six members with our hearts set as rookies. It's not a comeback. We feel like it's out debut again. T-ara will continue to work re~aally hard in the future." *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131015n04054 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    T-ara, A Tearful Interview… Instead of explaining, they are reflecting By Kim Yong Ho I met with girl group T-ara. The “T-ara Incident” that caused uproar in Korea last year. At the time, after finishing their Japan Buddokan concert, success was right in front of their eyes, but a small argument between the members became a large controversy through SNS. More so than the truth of what happened, the public was more interested and passionate in their witchhunt. There is nothing more saddening than to be misunderstood. The T-ara members had also wanted to defend themselves saying that “This was not what happened in reality.” Just like that, a year has passed and T-ara met with us reporters. But this time, the interview is not a consoling one. The controversy has to be something they face once more before their wounds can begin to heal. So right from the beginning I asked a powerful question “Why do you think T-ara is being criticised?” The girls jumped at the question. But it is a question that must be answered. Perhaps it was a question they were mentally prepared for. Member Eunjung carefully replied, “We think that there must be a reason. Although there were some misunderstandings, because we think part of the reason we hear those words is because of us, we have humbly accepted [the criticism].” Hyomin said “Because we disappointed a lot of people who gave us love, we were wrong. That was an irreparable mistake. We can’t pretend it never happened. We have reflected upon our immature actions and think that we can only work hard to [make up for it].” Eunjung said, “We think that not expressing our thoughts at the time was one of the reasons we were criticised so much. We are very regretful for not expressing our thoughts from our hearts well at the time. But now, instead of using words, we think that we should use action to demonstrate [our hearts].” The members expressed their regret. T-ara used to be one of the most loved girl groups. But now they are harshly receiving hate. A change like that is difficult for young girls to accept. I asked, “Isn’t the reality now very saddening?” But the answer I received was a mature one, “It seems like the sad period has passed and now we are thankful for little things.” Soyeon said “In the past, being nominated for 1st place seemed to be a given. But now, when we hear that we have been nominated for 1st place, we feel so happy we get goosebumps.” Eunjung said, “The way we think has changed. I think we are lucky to have obtained these results from working hard. We hope that we will achieve better results in the future.” Jiyeon said , “It seems like we really learned a lot. We learned to be thankful for little things.” T-ara talked about their thoughts on their comeback. Eunjung, “Achieving a lot of popularity at a young age can make people arrogant and that appearance can be revealed unconsciously. Although it may not be revealed with bad intentions, it seems to have been interpreted as such.” Answers like these, instead of defending themselves, it seems like T-ara has embraced a reflective attitude. Suddenly, the young girls began to cry. Hyomin and Eunjung were the first to pick up tissues. Soyeon, although saying “I really don’t want to cry”, started to choke up as well. Jiyeon, who usually does not say much and has been misunderstood a lot, her tears also ruined her makeup. The members all expressed their thanks to their fans. “We are so thankful for our fans who have stayed by us even after so many bad things happened. We understand how valuable they are,” they said, revealing their honest thoughts. T-ara recently released their 8th mini album “AGAIN” and is promoting with double title tracks “No.9” and “I Know the Feeling.” In particular, No.9 has reached 1st place on several charts upon release and was even nominated for 1st in a music programme, achieving popularity. But T-ara is still very humble. With their heads down, they said “Instead of a desire for 1st place, we have been practising overnight with the thought that it would be great if we can receive love. We are thankful for getting response that is better than we thought.” Looking at T-ara, who expressed, “We were afraid about performing on stage when we knew we wouldn’t receive applause, but for those who have given us applause, we will do the best we can,” I am touched by the way they are struggling to overcome their trauma. I wonder if shedding tears like this will make them feel better. I look forward to T-ara overcoming these trials and becoming a cheerful girl group once again. Original source http://www.sportsworldi.com/Articles/EntCulture/Article.asp?aid=20131022022822&subctg1=50&subctg2=00&OutUrl=daum Translated via Chinese trans by TCN: http://www.t-arachina.cn/bbs/thread-67945-1-1.html
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    Well this sucks. A lot. If my favorite gets removed, I don't think I could call myself a T-ara fan anymore.
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    This ain't funny anymore. How unprofessional. More embarrassment for the k-entertainment. And those sponsors as well, just rotten. Where is the justice here? Apologies to all who read this post, if its quite vindictive: boycott the show, boycott the sponsors' products.
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    hmmm.... The only thing I can say to the people demanding an apology is Grow up. That is just ridiculous...
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    [14.08.06] T-ara to comeback with a mini album and an exciting dance title track in September! After Hyomin teased us about T-ara’s impending comeback just last night, CCM has revealed today that the group will be making their return in early September with an exciting dance title track! A CCM representative reveals they had initially planned for a comeback in August but will now move the date to September to make more time for recording. They also revealed they will be releasing another mini album this time and will be delivering some exciting dance music. T-ara’s last promotions as a group was 8 months ago in December 2013 with Do You Know Me followed by the successful solo debuts of Jiyeon and Hyomin with 1 Min 1 Sec and Nice Bodyrespectively. Are you excited for T-ara’s long awaited return? No need to answer because I know you are! *** Source: News1
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    [13.10.11] Hwang Jungeum sends a message to T-ara, "You have suffered a lot, but be happy now" Hwang Jungeum left a message of support for T-ara. On the 11th through her blog account, Hwang Jungeum posted, "Pretty T-ara dongsaengs album came out! I can see their maturity. Their hearts suffered a lot, but now, promote happily and prettily." She also included a picture of their new album. T-ara's image has transformed from their traditional image into a sexy image. They exposed their smooth legs and dark makeup - a sexy charm. T-ara's mini album "Again" has double title tracks, both which have appeal as emotional songs with compelling lyrics. Hwang Jungeum is currently in the KBS2 drama "Secret" and her words of support for T-ara have caught attention. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131011n14450 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    We're always looking to bring new, fun things for the members of our community. This time we thought big and are bringing you guys something special. Diadem presents their very own computer video game series, T-error Adventures! What is T-error Adventures? T-error Adventures is a series of exclusive computer video games developed by Diadem's team themselves. We hope to touch upon various gaming genres, to have something everyone can enjoy. When will the games be launched? The very first T-error Adventure game is in fact coming real soon. It is a point-and-click adventure game called Cake Day and guess what? Donors get first dibs on the beta! This first game is just the very small beginning for what we have planned. As stated, we will be developing more games of different genres, ranging from a fighter game, platformer, FPS or even cute mobile games! Just stick with Diadem to get all the latest updates and info! "T-error Adventures"? For those confused about the title, T-error is an affectionate fan nickname given to T-ara to describe their cute or humorous moments. Our games will be of comical nature, putting the girls through various scenarios and escapades and thus why we chose T-error Adventures! (For those concerned it is a negative term, please read.) How can we support this new project? In the future, to bring you guys the best, we may require the support of our community. For now though, as usual, the best way you can support Diadem is by donating to our various projects for T-ara. What language is the game in? The games will be in English and Korean! We as well plan to release the games in other languages like Japanese and Chinese. Depending upon the reception, we may expand further! What are the system requirement for the games? All system requirements will be detailed in each game's respective download thread. Is T-ara or CCM involved in this? T-error Adventures is not an official game and has no affiliation with CCM or T-ara. It is a game series by the fans for the fans. * * * We're aiming to release our very first game soon! In the mean time, share your thoughts and ideas on what kind of games you would like to play!
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    OMG he’s like literally screaming out loud ‘T-ARA CAN’T SING FOR xxxx! That’s why I’m adding two new talented members’ I CAN’T EVEN! HE SUCH A DOUCHEBAG , how the hell can you manage a group if you don’t have faith in them and their talent? How is that even possible? Did he forget that T-ara got like 3 amazing and strong vocals, Soyeon isn’t the only strong one Mr.! There is Eunjung that you seem to completely take off the hook! Jiyeon & Boram can take off perfectly the soft parts but if you had just challenged their vocals a bit you’d see that they have the potential needed. Hwayoung? She’s one of the fiercest rapper I’ve seen in Kpop AND she’s totally passionate about rap…so why can’t you make them songs that SHOWCASE their talent instead of ALWAYS STICKING TO THE CATCHY? Because it’s the safest choice. Because he just doesn’t have the faith in those girls. I’m so disgusted right now, I FREAKING HATE HIM! He doesn’t deserve those girls nor does he deserve my money! They’re better off without him…clearly
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    New to what T-error Adventures is? Give this a read first! *** After many months in production, we're proud to release the first mini game in an Exclusive series by Diadem, T-error Adventures: Cake Day! Help Boram through a strange predicament by recruiting the members of T-ara. They won't come along so easily though. Think your way through to rally up the members in this fun point-and-click adventure minigame! Share: http://bit.ly/tiaracakeday System Requirements: Windows 7 or below Possible full screen/windowed mode issue in Windows 8 Instructions/Guide: Download the game rar. Before starting, run WinSetup and change any settings according to your preference (everything is optimal by default.) Set game to Windowed mode for optimal display. Run T-error.exe to play. If the game doesn't run, check to see if your antivirus is blocking it. This application is virus free, any reports is a false-positive. Notes: While we we work on amending bugs, please take note on the followings: - Qir's puzzle can be bypassed if one item is clicked 4 times. Please avoid doing this so you may properly solve the puzzle. - If you are unable to pick up the Rilakkuma, try click on various spots on it (most successful is at it's ear). Download: T-error Adventures: Cake Day Wallpaper Set *** T-error Adventures Special Giveaway In celebration of the release of our very first game, we are holding a special giveaway event! The prizes? An exclusive CD of the game, exclusive T-ara cards by Diadem (randomized member) and T-ara's official 2014 calendar! - How to enter: leave a comment within this thread sharing your thoughts on the game or ideas for this project series in general - To enter the giveaway, you must have 10 spam-free posts - One entry per person. Duplicate accounts will lead to a disqualification This giveaway will run till January 20th. The lucky winner will be announced on our Twitter. *** We're very happy to finally come to this day, however this is just a very small beginning. Due to our rather tiny team (2 people only) and limited resources, this is only a mini-game featuring limited playable characters. We have many great ideas already for our future games though and as well hope to take on more team members. To motivate and prepare us for our next project, please do provide as much feedback as you can. The results of this 'test phase' so to say will help us determine whether we will continue with this project series or not (we very much would love to though!) News, and applications to join the team, regarding the next game will go up after a short time. For now, enjoy the game everyone! Please report any bugs/errors you may encounter. We will amend them and update the game. In regards to adding the other members as playable characters, though we'd love to, we cannot guarantee it as right now it would be more efficient for us to allocate our time to the next project (one that involve all the members as playable characters) instead.
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    Actress Kim Hye Eun "Soyeon staying on Haeundae Lovers, please applaud!" “It is not an issue that can be solved by leaving the drama. Ostracizing/bullying is clearly a serious societal problem, but where there is debate but no confirmed facts or truth, to unconditionally accuse and criticize young adults is not right. To push the young into a difficult situation because of the existence of a debate, is this something that adults should do?” Actress Kim Hye Eun, who also appears in Haeundae Lovers with Soyeon, candidly expressed her thoughts about the T-ara issue. On the 28th with an interview with Daily Economy Star Today, Kim Hye Eun said “There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the drama, including Soyeon’s appearance on the drama and the Busan dialect, but on set, the atmosphere is still happy and enjoyable.” “It is true that there are many unfavorable aspects, but they have to be solved wisely one by one.” Kim Hye Eun said that day: “To already have promised to appear in the drama, and to have already participated in over 5 filmings, behaviour like ‘Because of your response, I will cut you out’ is wrong.” “In the T-ara incident, most importantly, it is the adults who have made the bigger errors. I want to applaud the decision of the production team to continue working together under circumstances of debate in order to not disappoint the hardworking actors.” She continued: “Partial conversations over twitter or SMS between young adults cannot be used to make judgments on everything.” “One cannot say who was at fault, but to avoid similar situations and to prevent kids from getting hurt, care and wise judgments are needed from adults. In particular, if the agency can take some action on behalf of the children, that would be great. Very anxious” At the same time, she expressed: “No matter what the problem is, to just solve the superficial issue is not the way to resolve the problem.” She added, “Right now, Soyeon, as the object of anger, is in a dilemma. If she ignores the situation and chooses to leave the drama unconditionally, then the viewers’ wounds might feel more comfortable, but the heart will not be cured. Even if the surrounding circumstances are loud and noisy, isn’t it a good thing that the actors’ acting and the production team’s hardwork together receive praise for the drama?” On the other hand, Kim Hye Eun’s charismatic acting as the wife of President Yang in Haeundae Lover has received praise. *** Translated by @kckclalala via Chinese translation: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1826234863 Original article: http://news.nate.com.../20120829n07603
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    T-ara release handwritten announcement of apology "We write this letter after much deliberation.The past month has felt longer than the time it took us to debut and the time we've promoted under all of your love.First, we would like to honestly apologize for making so many concerned.We admit that we were immature in not being able to resolve our differences in opinions within the group and letting it out publicly, and we are all reflecting on it together.We deeply apologize for acting without thought.If we had understood each other, shared, and acted more maturely, none of this would have happened..We think that thought every day in misery.Looking back, we've always overcome any hardships together while chasing the same dream, and it breaks our heart to think that all of those good memories are being seen in a bad light.We also think that Hwayoung must have gone through a hard time for being misunderstood as being ostracized.We were all surprised at a result none of us thought or wanted and feel upset that we can no longer be together again.We hope that Hwayoung no longer has to face any pain again.We apologize to everyone for concerning everyone with this issue and disappointing those that loved our music.This hardship was an opportunity of learning for us.We are supposed to be the strength of many, and have now learned how much responsibility we have on our shoulders, as well as how responsibly we must act.To our parents, who live for us, and our fans, who will remain by us until the end to love our music...And to everyone we disappointed, we want to work hard so that our apology will be accepted.We are genuinely sorry. We ask that you also give your everlasting support and love to Hwayoung, who must have had a harder time than us.We will always support Hwayoung no matter what.From all of T-ara. *** Translated by netizenbuzz: http://netizenbuzz.b...t.html?spref=tw Original article: http://news.naver.co...082920410105052
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    So basically, it's like this. Three of them, Soyeon and the 2 new members are going to stand in the middle and sing during a performance. They won't be dancing. While the other 6 will dance at the back of them. Hwayoung or Hyomin or EunJung will be joining the three of them in front when it comes to rapping. They won't need the boy dancers and the backup dancers because the stage can't accommodate too many of them. This will help CCM to save money on backup dancers !! AHHH, now I get his stupid point.
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    [14.08.19] T-ara to stay away from sexy concepts with an authentic EDM comeback song on September 11th! T-ara has confirmed their comeback date and release of a new mini-album to be September 11th! After announcing they were coming back in September, a comeback date of September 11th has been revealed today to OSEN. Up until that point, T-ara has been and will be preparing hard for this new release. T-ara also unveiled through their agency Core Contents Media a new concept picture. The picture is a sporty and sexy chic look that is completely different from their last musical style concept with "Do You Know Me?". But in actuality, T-ara will not comeback with a sexy concept, but rather a stylish and chic/cool concept.They will show a stylish color that is completely different from Hyomin and Jiyeon's solo ventures. T-ara's title song will be a special genre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) called Big room. Big room is an EDM genre that is centered around minimalist percussion, regular beats, simple melodies and synth-driven breakdowns. Core Contents Media revealed they will also be working with real and authentic EDM musicians. An example of a "Big room" genre song would be Martin Garrix's Animals or Epic by Sandro Silvo & Quintino. They will also showcase a catchy new dance as they have with their retro Roly-Poly dance, Lovey-Dovey shuffle dance, and robotic Sexy Love dance. *** Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201408201147322510 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [13.10.13] T-ara surprise fans outside Inkigayo with snacks T-ara surprised over 300 fans waiting for them outside of Inkigayo. In order to thank the fans who arrived early in the morning to attend the SBS "Inkigayo" pre-recording, T-ara treated over 300 of their fans to ricecakes and fishcakes and other snacks as a gift. T-ara members bought the gifts with their own money and arranged the surprise themselves. They were with fans from around 7 AM to 8:30 AM before going to rehearsals. T-ara said, "Up until now, we have received a lot (from fans). We wanted to do something, despite small, to show our gratitude towards our fans. T-ara's fans, and other singer's as well, struggle by getting up early in the morning just to see a short performance, so we want them to eat comfortably today." They finished by saying, "We can't be singers without our fans, so we don't forget to thank them. We will work hard on stage for them." T-ara will have their comeback stage on SBS "Inkigayo" tonight at 3:40 PM KST. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131013n06294 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [12.12.05] T-ara reveal their ideal type of mother and which member's child they'd want to be I think from amongst the questions asked from the Roly Poly Interview, one question stood out. "If you were born again, whose child would you want to be from amongst the members." Before that, lets ask if you want to become mothers and if so, what is your ideal mother type? Jiyeon: Like my mother. I want to be a wise parent. Qri: I also want to be like my mother. Doing everything, even that which is invisible. Because I don't want to spoil my kids, I dont mind being strict. Soyeon: I want to be the opposite of my mother. My mother exhausted me in work. She didn't think of me, but her "career of work". She made me do all the housework and raised me by exhausting me. I do want to be a hard working mom, but unlike my mom. Because I want to be a mom who makes her child grow strong. Boram: I speak as someone who has a sense of friendsihp to my mom. If I give birth to a child, I want to be a mother who is like a friend to it. Areum: I want to be a mother who is called upon like a friend. Hyomin: I want to go shopping together, a mom who is a friend. Like a fashionable sistar. Even friends of my child will say "Hyomin okasan [mother] is so young", "you're beautiful!" (laughs) Eunjung: Me...um, I haven't thought about it. - Never have imagined it? Eunjung: Yes. People who are loved. I think I want to give love to other people. I want to be a mother who gives a lot of love. - Now a question from the readers; if you were born again, whose baby would you want to be. Well everyone? Jiyeon: For me, Areum. Because I want her white complexion. Areum: For me, Jiyeon. I'm envious of her small face and pretty skin. Hyomin: For me Jiyeon. After all she has a cool personality and if someone bad shows up, she'll be his angry opponent. Eunjung: For me it's Soyeon. She would make me eat my breakfast properly. Since she is strong, she would properly protect her child. Boram: I also go for Soyeon. Soyeon: Really? (laughs) Boram: Because you're polite, that's why you will properly raise a child. Soyeon: For me Eunjung. She acts like a mother in the group, I think she is the ideal person, and she is very homely. Hyomin: Ah~ Skilled at cleaning? Maybe Qri is her own ideal type? (laughs) Everyone: Ah~ - Does Qri think the same as the other members? (laughs) Qri: Yep, myself. (smile) Everyone: Hahaha! Jiyeon: Qri would raise a strong child. She can do anything if she puts the effort. She would raise it to have an independant spirit. Though I wouldn't want her as a mom. (smile) Everyone: We know! - She would be strict, that's why. (smile) Soyeon: Who would be my mom? Boram would be bad. (laughs) Everyone: Hahaha! Boram: Why?! Soyeon: I'm worried about Boram changing diapers. She would feed me a lot of food, then I would become fat. Everyone: Hahaha! Soyeon: After that, because she is a bit childish, the daughter will have to look after the problems of her mother, but you can buy me a lot of goods and cosmetics. Boram: Mou~ I want to get married someday. If you say that, it's not going to happen! Everyone: Hahaha! *** Source: Web 1 Week Translated by: OmegaKrypton @ Diadem
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    [14.04.15] Eunjung cast as the lead female role alongside Lee Jangwoo in new movie "The Boss Begins"! Great news for Eunjung fans today! After three years, we will finally be able to see our Baekgu going back into acting through the new film "The Boss Begins" (director Park Seunghyun)! On the 15th, an official for the movie revealed to Asiae, "T-ara's Eunjung has joined the production of 'The Boss Begins' alongside Lee Jangwoo and Son Hojoon." "The Boss Begins" follows the trilogy of the 2001 film "My Boss, My Hero", 2005's "My Boss, My Teacher" and 2007's "The Mafia, The Salesman". Park Seonghyun, the director of the movie "Three Kims", will be the director of "The Boss Begins". Eunjung previously had roles in the dramas "Coffee House" and "Dream High" as well as the movie "White: The Curse of the Melody". In 2011, she appeared in MBC's "We Got Married" as the virtual wife of Lee Jangwoo and now she will appear again with him through the new movie. For the past three years, Eunjung has focused only on T-ara's activities. This will be her first lead role since "White". "The Boss Begins" is aiming for a summer release. *** Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2014041510211500701 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [12.08.03] T-ara are victims of reckless reporters T-ara are victims of unconfirmed reports in the media. Recently, the bullying situation began with a few tweets and reports saying Hwayoung was bullied in T-ara. Suspicions that idol groups have bullying in them have been around forever, and didn't just start yesterday. But the recent bullying accusations have exploded and attracted more attention than ever before. A problem that lies within this is that there is so much interest in the case, that reports are being published in the press just to increase views and clicks on their website which is the wrong attitude. To confirm the allegations that first began about bullying, netizens went and dug up various things that happened in the past. Excerpts from various different broadcasts were brought up through screen-captures and questioned, but they were not originally a problem when they first aired. The reports spread throughout the media were written without going through a verification process. Reports that were contacting representatives from the broadcasts were also hard to find. In addition to making screen-captures of various broadcasts, rumors have been circulating about T-ara. False and malicious rumors, such as "gangs" and the like, have been circulating online because of "netizens suspicions," but like the screen-captures, they have not been verified. The "trainee" was proven to be false, and the "back-dancer" report as well, but both spread before any confirmation had been done. Some even have gone far to force evidence and say that Hwayoung left a hidden message, "fans only know," in her Twitter message but the truth is it's different depending on where you look at the image. Websites gain revenue through clicks on ads on their website, and these reckless and unprofessional reports being spread attract attention and revenue for whoever reports it. The bullying allegations first started on July 28th through Twitter messages and continued until the 2nd. T-ara related searches dominated every popular search ranking on various portal sites. The Olympics began, but T-ara's scandal has attracted more attention and higher interest. The topic located at the center is that journalists recklessly report things posted online without getting confirmation just for a few more clicks on their website. Hwayoung recently posted on Twitter, "Please stop now and look forward to when I'll return with a new more mature and sophisticated image." The situation is at a point where it's finally calmed down. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120802n20672 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Here comes the whiny 14 year old, who had no interest or prior training in singing or dancing before being selected to be in the group, wanting to be on stage with established members in less than half a year of training. She clearly just wants to get all the fame and attention that T-ara has earned over the years without having to wait until December to do it. She wants to get on stage so she can hear people cheer for her and shout out her name without a clear understanding of how the Korean music industry works as well as how she'll possibly be perceived. I feel quite sorry for her as she comes across as not having a clue about what she's getting into. I seriously hope they reconsider her joining the group as she seems to be giving CCM a headache already with her request. She has no regard of how her joining the group can affect the others and is solely concerned about getting on stage just to be there. Exactly what I'd expect out of a 14 year old but not a future member of T-ara.
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    So,I can imagine if they're doing Cry Cry performances,the 2 members will "help" Soyeon to sing her lines while they will "help" Hyomin to sing her lines in Lovey Dovey.To be very honest here,I'm actually glad that the two members are said to have a good singing abilities and not just being the pretty face. From now on,we can expected Soyeon along with the new members to carry most of the songs while Hyomin's job as lead vocalist is reduced to just vocalist while others act as back up dancers and just singing "Yeah","Ahah","Baby",clap-clap,wink-wink and whatever stuffs and nonsense. In a nutshell,the other members,Qri,Boram and Hwayoung who still didn't get enough spotlights until now will be completely forgotten (not by their fans,of course) by KKS and indirectly forced them to quit themselves.Wow,"great" planning,KKS. You should has just enter a battlefield and you'll win for sure,for using dirty tactics....
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    [13.12.26] T-ara's charity event turns out to be a big success T-ara's event for charity has turned out to be a big success in the end. On the 24th, T-ara held a charity event with various donated items being up for sale such as T-ara's old clothing or stage costumes and donations from Davichi, Ha Seokjin, Hwang Jungeum and Son Hojun. According to T-ara's agency, one of the items donated to the charity event was a 3,000,000 won (~$2,800) Cameron diamond ring that a Japanese fan visiting the bazaar event purchased. T-ara raised a total of 12.5 million won (~$11,500) from the sales and donated about 2.5 million won (~$2,400) directly on the day. On the 27th, T-ara will donate the remaining 10 million won (~$10,000) to the Sharing Campaign "Hope Windmill" organized by the Red Cross by directly visiting the event. T-ara said, "We are able to end the year with a warm heart thanks to the many people who took part in the charity event and we give thanks to those who helped T-ara take the steps necessary for it." *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131226n15027 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    They were also named as one of the Top 10 artists of 2012 and Lovey Dovey got #8 in the Top 50 Songs of 2012 category. I always did prefer Soompi compared to a AllKpop.. Source: http://www.soompi.co...awards-results/
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    [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency" Haeundae Lovers's Writer opened up about Haeundae Lover's Soyeon on the morning of the 24th, expressing her thoughts about the T-ara situation: She said, "speaking about Soyeon is a very sensitive matter" "I've not seen Soyeon before. It seems like it was T-ara's agency which allowed things to become like this" She continued, "The company should, in line with what the public and citizens want, give an explanation about the issue" "Eunjung left her drama recently, and the requests for the other members to leave are also continuing endlesslessly, it is like they are digging their own graves. I feel very regretful about their company" About the requests for Soyeon to leave Haeundae Lovers, "Soyeon is not a main character but a supporting character" "Filming already began before the T-ara issue, if she were to leave, we would have to re-film which is not easy" "Soyeon began filming before the T-ara issue" "At that time we did not expect there to be such a conflict" "The Tablo incident also happened before, and I felt very saddened about it" "Same about Soyeon. Even after the debate, there is no way to accurately know the reasons, we can't just let her leave the drama. I thought the agency would come up with sensible measures, but to let the incident grow large like this, it is not possible to not have any thoughts of complaints." "Disregarding the truth or falsity of the T-ara debate, I hope that they can take this opportunity and become even more united. Personally, I also have worries as to whether T-ara will disband because of this" "When I do sports, I also gain energy from listening to T-ara's songs" She cautiously said, "Soyeon was in a traffic accident not long ago, and I know there appeared rumours claiming that the accident was fake, the situation is really serious" "For me, I want to protect those who appear in my work, the cast and crew who have worked hard" *** Translated by @kckclalala via Chinese translations from TCN Original Article: http://news.nate.com.../20120824n13732
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    "To restore Eunjung's reputation, we will advocate her rights!" Regarding Tara Eunjung's receiving of an unilateral notice of termination from the drama production company, the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) has expressed its position. The KEMA on the 23rd published to the media an article titled "Opinion on the Unreasonable Unilateral Breach of TV Drama Contract" According to this article, for the success of Five Fingers, Eunjung had given up her other schedules, including overseas activities, showing her sincerity to fully participate in the drama production, but the production team of "Five Fingers" on the 21st, requested with no legitimate reason, that Eunjung leave the drama on her own accord, mentioning that if she did not comply with the request, they would put pressure on Eunjung and her agency. Eunjung's side did not understand this, and requested for a reason for withdrawal, but the production team only referred to the modification clause of the contract stating that the situation was not in the best interests of the drama production. The KEMA stated "If it is necessary to change the cast during drama production, it should be be discussed with the actor under the premise of mutual understanding and negotiation, but the production team and SBS on the 22nd did not relate any information to Eunjung about her withdrawal, but announced her termination through the media" It also stated "Through various evidence and proof, this association has verified and is shocked by this oppressive act of the production team." The KEMA said "This association works to improve the practices of drama production and to develop a healthy industry by eradicating old practices. Therefore, from a few years ago, starting with the problems of unpaid acting fees, this association has worked to improve such unreasonable contracts and practices." "Such efforts can been seen in the 'Drama Production Standard Acting Contract' project developed along with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. KEMA's article concluded by stating "We will advocate for Ham Eunjung's rights to restore her reputation as she has been unreasonably harmed as described above. To ensure that all relevant parties in this incident will not be harmed, we anticipate a reasonable solution from the drama production team." English translations by @kclalala via Chinese translations by Ham Eunjung Baidu (@hameunjungbar) Original source: http://sports.chosun...ceDate=20120823
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    If they didn't like it, why didn't they switch off their damn tvs or change the channel instead of watching T-ara throughout the whole show? If you hate something, just stay away from it. I know it's a tv show but they had a choice. i change the channel whenever I see someone that I despise on tv. It seems like the netizens hate T-ara A LOT but yet they seem to be more interested in T-ara compared to their fans. I hope MBC doesn't succumb to the pressure by these ignorant netizens and apologize.
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    found on tumclr(its quite long) Hwayoung is bullied? ashortmomentinlife: As a pro T-ara Queen’s I wouldn’t force people that tries to defame T-ara to read this post. If you are anti-T-ara and you are unwilling to accept what we pro-T-ara thinks in this matter, you are advised to leave this post immediately. Since the controversy started, we Queen’s have been going through so much pain in defending what we had always believe in. When the sudden influx of antis just flooded in, we remain calm and choose to believe in T-ara. We waited for the official announcement to prove them wrong, but antis seems unconvinced. Angered, they began to search for evidence that Hwayoung is indeed bullied to strengthen their foundation. They said that the agency is lying and all sorts of things refusing to accept the official statement. Even when Hwayoung herself convey the message for them to stop all these, they would give excuses such as Hwayoung being forced to tweet. When an article about Hwayoung apologising to Kim KwangSoo after this whole incident, they choose to ignore that has ever happened and AGAIN return to prove that Hwayoung is bullied. They refuse to give the scandal a rest, in the name of pro-Hwayoung fans. I’m sad to say but they have failed to notice the real importance here. Hwayoung had always been a very obedient girl. As the second maknae in the group, it is only normal in this society where age matters significantly, that Hwayoung listened well to her unnies. Taking advantage of these, more evidences had been gathered and finally, even the Queen’s that has hold on so far began to waver, and T-ara is losing their fans day by day. It’s really unfortunate, but I’ll just say this one more time: What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. We, the Queen’s, swear to stand by T-ara side, through their ups and downs. We will, in the name of T-ara, defend T-ara through any controversies. When T-ara commit mistakes, we accept their mistakes and lead them to the right path. When T-ara achieve milestones, we celebrate as one unit, and embrace the sense of togetherness. In this difficult times, we will not falter, we will not be misled, we will stay strong, and come back as a stronger individuals. Evidence time: I’ve been browsing through the web these few days and THANKFULLY, som
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    [OFFICIAL] Day by Day HD concept photos CREDIT : naver + nathaniel + mllktea + tiaradiadem.com I'm sorry but i think these gorgeous photos deserved to be posted all at once in this thread
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    Atleast he believes in T-ara, not like those haters... the haters should learn from the grown ups
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    We made it, guys! Happy fifth birthday to us! This is such an insane milestone post to be writing right now. I've been sitting here for about an hour now trying to figure out how to write this post; I can't believe that Diadem has been up and running for five years already! It certainly doesn't feel like it's been that long! I was just 15 years old when I started working on bringing Diadem to life. I had no expectations that Diadem would become the site and community that it is today. I just wanted to create a place that fans could go to to learn about T-ara and hang out. At five years, it feels crazy that we're still going strong and we continue to improve and become a fansite that keeps working harder to support and love T-ara. I was just talking to Meg (qridoesntcare) about having to write this post out and she said, “Wow, five years, Elly; that's pretty impressive," and thinking about it based on time, I can agree that it is pretty impressive. Bragging aside, not a lot of sites do well and get to the five year mark, but we did. I can't say that running and keeping Diadem up for this long has been an easy feat. It wasn't always smooth-sailing. There have been many times that I've thought about giving it all up because of all the challenges. I opened Diadem in 2009 while being so young with no skills in anything, no money, and with no one to help me with the tasks involved in running a site. And looking back, I can really say that Diadem's changed so much and come so far. Diadem's first milestone: Boram's thank you autograph from 2010 Birthday Project Now, I look at all our accomplishments and I think to myself, “Wow." Mainly because we have achieved so much and have celebrated so many milestones over the years -- some of them, I didn't even dream of attaining as the mere 15-year-old that created Diadem. At the same time, despite all of the shortcomings we've had as a community, despite the things that I've lacked as a leader, we, as Diadem and QUEEN's, were able to stay strong until this day. Five years is a really long time. I don't believe that any amount of words can truly express how grateful I am to our hardworking staff members and members for all the love and support through the years. If it weren't for your participation in Diadem and your encouraging attitude towards everything we do, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this post for our fifth year together. I'm naturally not great at expressing my thoughts and emotions in any form, but everyone here has been so great and I hope that we can continue this journey for longer. I know that I can look forward to bigger and greater achievements with Diadem and that we can continue to be a site that does everything for the love of T-ara. On that note, I'd like to let the members of Diadem know that: as always, the staff members of Diadem will always work harder to meet your expectations and work with you hand-in-hand in reaching out to T-ara and their members. – Elly Founder http://twitter.com/fabyeolus ----- Here are some messages that a few of our Staff Members have for Diadem regarding our 5th Birthday! Oops, I saved writing my message until last minute.. so it'll be a kind of messy message.. but I am so happy that today is our five year milestone. I am so proud of Diadem and the members and staff who have made this website possible since the beginning! There are so, so many people who have dedicated so much time to this website and for T-ara. Every thing that Diadem has become is because of the support received from QUEEN'S and people who have volunteered their time and effort. I have had so many fun memories being part of Diadem's history for the past (almost five) years. I am member 200 or something and when I joined, that was all I was (a member!). I didn't know anyone here and like Elly, I became part of Diadem when I was at a young age. I was only 13!! Back then, we were still called Diadem5, not TiaraDiadem. Despite that, this site has been such a big part of my life and brings me and so much others a lot of happiness and things that we look forward to every day. I always have fun here. I love being part of such a fun community and fandom and I love Diadem. I love providing information to QUEEN'S and sharing a common interest with so many other people (the interest being loving T-ara). Although I've never seen T-ara live and I don't know if I'll ever have the opportunity, I feel content knowing that I have made so many friends because of T-ara. I'm looking forward to the future for Diadem because I know we have a lot in store for QUEEN'S. HAPPY FIVE YEARS!! - Nathaniel, Administator One thing I feel proud of about Diadem is how we're a community that was there for T-ara even before they debuted. As if standing ready to support them all the way. Though I wasn't here since the beginning, I'm overjoyed and grateful I was able to become a part of the family. I'm forever thankful for all the memories and wonderful moments I've experienced with our members, my friends from all over the world. We've been through so much on our journey, sticking together and with T-ara through thick and in. I now we will all continue forward, becoming better and stronger. Thank you to Elly for bringing us all together. Thank you to Nate for putting us forward as the leading English news source for T-ara. Thank you to every single hard working staff member for all the effort they put into making Diadem what it is. I am forever eternally appreciative of our staff. Last not but certainly not least, thank you to the dearest members of our community, without your consistent support for us, we truly wouldn't have made it thus far. Happy Birthday Diadem. - craZy, Administrator Cheers to the 5 great years and counting! To be constantly updated with news, improvement and outlook for the forum, makes me proud to be a member and a staff here. I joined the forum in early 2011 but started to get active only in mid of 2011. I thought of only getting to know T-ara a little more. Just a little. But because of the forum's activities and members, T-ara has become a part of my life. I'm not sure if I know every detail about the girls, but I have most definitely amplified my understanding and love for them. Of course, they keep growing. Heaps of discussions can be seen and participated. From the silly and cute things T-ara does to some of the most intense topics, haha! Also through these discussions, getting to know the members and staffs have been both fun and interesting. Different sides and feelings of being a Queen's. I get to look at and understand things in various ways. Overall, I'm glad to be a member and staff here. A joyous and sometimes, a roller coaster ride. However, a wonderful experience. Thank you, Diadem! Happy 5th Anniversary! – amandametal, Global Moderator First of all, HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY TO DIADEM !!! Being a Diadem member and subsequently a Diadem staff member has been one of the best experiences I've ever had as a T-ara fan. Diadem has basically become an addiction to me. A place where I catch up with T-ara's news and a place where I get to know people from all walks of life with different opinions and personalities. I remember those days when the forum was down for layout changes, I was practically refreshing the webpage everyday hoping that Diadem will finish its upgrades. So I would like to thank everyone here for making Diadem such a great place to stay and I hope that Diadem will continue to be the best channel for Queen's to come together and support T-ara. Please forgive me for slacking as a staff. I will work harder in future. Please look forward it. – maknae23, Moderator I am very proud to be parts of this forum and seeing Diadem grow from day to day. Thanks to Diadem for giving us the latest updates on our girls and also thank you to everyone for the continuous support. I love you,Diadem. Happy 5th Anniversary^^ – chriZty, Moderator Aw, heck it! Can't hold my feels anymore. Sorry, but I'll take back that 6th may promise. Diadem, oh Diadem...well frankly I don't know much since I've only been here for six months (seems rather uncanny that I was able to join the staff in such short time is it? lol). But I do know this...Diadem is DA BOMB. Seriously, you guys are de best! I can't say how much I love you guys! Really, who wants a free hug? lmao. Ok, back to business. Hmmmm, I'm pretty new here but it certainly didn't take long until I get used to it. Not sure why, but I just thought it's because this forum feels homey right off the bat. Needless to say, I love T-ara. I friggin love them and stans each of its member since the very first day I heard of them (2013. lol) So yeah, first logical thing to do was to google which community to join, and Diadem came on top, so here I am! Half a year, and I had so many memories here. Even when T-ara is no more, I think I will always remember my time here (Ok, someone stops me before I'm getting way too sappy). Hmmm, can't think of anything else. Just keep doing what you guys do. We might not be the biggest (and I don't give a bullcrap, pardon the language), or whatever, but I'm sure as hell I'm not the only one who thought of this place as home. We fought for our home, right? So here's to T-ara, to my fellow staff, and to all the members who kept this forum a lively place. I love you guys! There I say it, now cheers! Happy 5th Anniversary my lovely Diadem! – heraldc, Moderator Happy 5TH anniversary Diadem!! Yeah, already five years and i only saw two of them. In these years diadem grow a lot, and it's members are also closer now. It was a great time, supporting T-ara, providing news and making new friends. Let's keep working hard! – Robbe_881, Moderator Dang, 5 years huh? I only joined back in December '12, and then shortly after became Staff. And believe me 5 years is definitely a HUGE milestone, I'd definitely say 1, 5, 7 are good milestones for any particular group/community. Speaking from experience myself as my own fansubbing group only just celebrated our 7th Anniversary in April. Although that's all it is, just a fansubbing group, not so much a community for that fandom. Unlike Diadem where it's a home to fellow Queen's to discuss their love for T-ara. This is definitely quite the accomplishment. I may not be that active via the forums, but I'm still grateful, despite joining the fandom late, that I was given the opportunity to not only help out in the subbing department, but aslo to have made some connections with the staff to participate in some events as well. Won't go into details about those and leave those stories for later purposes if given the opportunity (Member Spotlight / etc.). So 5 years, and here's to many more to come in the future! I'll do my best to not only provide subtitles when available but to also contribute where I am needed/able to contribute. Not only that, but also to possible hopes of future developements towards CCM/T-ara in getting more recognition, possible fanmeets and dare I say it!? Possibly more visits from not just N4, but T-ara to the states?! Eh eh? It's always a possibility. Going to wish Diadem a happy 5th birthday/anniversary and shall continue to cherish it as it's definitely provided me with opportunities I'd never get if not for it. As well as introducing me to some spectacular people (You know who you are, if I've met you in person, you're one of them!). – SacredCultivator, Subber Happy fifth anniversary to Diadem! I'm just a normal member and a subber but joining the diadem family is the best! Knowing T-ara even more, get to know more Queen's and even making some awesome friends! Besides being a source for updates about T-ara, it also became a place for people to hang around haha i have only been here for like...13 months i think? its really great being here, people here are warm and stuffs lel. I RUFF YOU DIADEM! – Jap_Zc, Subber When I’ve discovered T-ara about two years ago, I was searching for a fansite which could provide actual information on T-ara activities and eventually I’ve found Diadem. It was exactly what I was looking for. Translated T-ara news, T-ara schedule, photos from various events, performances, and even T-ara videos subbed by Diadem very own subbing team. But what I liked the most about Diadem and what makes it so special is the dedication of the people who are working to support T-ara. Many birthday and support projects for T-ara as well as charity projects on behalf of T-ara were successfully implemented with the help of the people of the Community. Thanks to all the staff members for your hard work and to the people who helped Diadem throughout all these years. Diadem support for T-ara is invaluable. I’m proud to be a part of the Community. Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem! – Cheetah, Subber 5 years already huh? I’ve only been around for probably a year or two. T-ara was the first group who introduced me to kpop, and was the main reason why I discovered Diadem and the awesome people in it and behind it. I met friends and a whole bunch of other dorks and crazy weirdoes who shares the same love for the girls with me. And I owe that to Diadem. Cheers to Diadem for gathering us Queen’s altogether! To the staff, kudos for an awesome job with all the projects, translations and everything else that runs in this site. Let’s go 5 years and onwards guys! Happy 5th Anniversary! – Aly, Writer 5 years, man, that's a huge accomplishment!! :D I'm really thankful to Diadem. If wasn't for it -searching, collecting, uploading photos- I probably wouldn't be here today, I wouldn't be so into T-ara, k-pop and photos as I 'm now. You guys got me addicted to this group of girls, and I blame you all for it! I wouldn't also have met many interesting people, even when I'm not that active/talkative here on the forums I lurk a lot though!! All of you guys are amazing, really! :) :) Although I'm not a member from the very beginning, I joined on Sep. of 2012 and became part of the staff on the beginning of 2013, I'm very proud Diadem has reached this far, and, I'm certain, will go way further!!! Happy 5th Anniversary!! – Dognybba, Gallery Uploader 5 YEARS. I've only been here for a year. So, Diadem is already 5 years old huh. I joined Diadem in mid 2013, but I was a fan in 2011. How did I become a fan? Well, I watched Bo Peep Bo Peep MV at the age of 9. YES. Sexy version. Deal with it. 9 year olds can enjoy sexiness too. I became an Uploader in February 2014, and I'm still a newb. Diadem has got me many friends, and they are really nice too, except for a few who... Yeah, we bully each other. I have a few people here who I look up to. Their names shall be a secret. People in school think that I'm weird for loving Kpop, especially loving T-ara, who they call "the nobodies". So Diadem is basically a place for me to share my thoughts, especially at the Shoutbox. Diadem always provides the latest updates (and gossips). And now, Diadem is already 5. Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem! I love you Diadem! I will work a lot harder next time, less slacking, promise. – Zelo, Uploader I feel so proud to be a member of this incredible community. A lot of groups never get to see five years, and even more groups aren't lucky enough to have such devoted fans for five years either. Through good times, and bad, Diadem hasn't faltered. Knowing directly how much effort is being put into each and every project, post, stream, translation, FREAKING VIDEO GAME is mind blowing. I'm so impressed. I've been impressed since day 1 and every day it keeps getting better. Have a glorious anniversary Diadem, you've earned it. . – qridoesntcare, Global Moderator Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem! Its been a long journey that's had its share of happy and sad moments. I'm proud how far we've come and how as a community, we've weathered everything that's come at us up until now. I've met so many great people since I became part of the Diadem family. Its been an honor working for Diadem and seeing all of our ideas come to fruition. I never thought I'd be so actively involved with a KPOP fandom until I joined Diadem. I think the biggest thing that keeps me coming back to Diadem is the community. I can safely say that if not for every member, every forum post, every tweet, Diadem wouldn't be where it is today. I hope we'll continue to support the girls for many more years to come and look forward to seeing Diadem continue to grow with each passing year. PS: Thanks for giving me a reason to go to Korea! - bankudonku, Project Manager One year ago I wouldn't even dream that I was going to get into Kpop, let alone be a stan for a group that had the ups and downs that T-ara had. But now, looking back I can safely say that I have no regrets about finding this part of the music industry, with the thing keeping everything in place being Diadem. I found this community through dumb luck one year ago and not a day has passed where I haven't checked it more than once. A place where people can discuss, comment or just spazz over something they all like is a very good place to be a part of. Subbers sub, administrators administer, uploaders upload and the 5 year old community keeps trucking forward, through good and bad times. Having become a part of the staff team just a mere two months ago, I wish I had found this place sooner, but I think I speak for all when I say that, as long as T-ara are out there being awesome, we're not going anywhere. - Joao Cruz, Uploader I’ve been with Diadem since Feb 2010… that seems so long. It wasn’t long before I was made a subber, and encoding videos on a regular basis. Thanks Nate and Elly for giving me such a great opportunity to work and improve my skills and give back to a wondrous K-pop community… gosh 3 subbing logo changes! I’m all over the place in fandoms, varies stages of duress in my career and life and I haven’t been as active around Diadem as I used to be in the past, I hope I have done well enough for the members and fans. I worked with some great subbers in the past and present. Thanks to Nate for always being behind me, and Elly for accepting that romantic dinner date with me, I just know it will be great. Zee, who is pretty fetch as well. There has been up and downs with T-ara, K-pop, and even Diadem but still going strong. Way to go guys. Five years… That’s quite an achievement and of course I think it’s only fair to thank the members and fans for keeping it going this long. Their donations, love and support for Diadem and T-ara are what make it possible. Thanks people. You are so fetch. Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem. - Jimmy, Subbing Coordinator It's amazing how long Diadem as a community has persisted alongside T-ara. I remember when I first joined Diadem around April 2010 and so much has happened since then. Most of all, I'm thankful of all the friendships I've made with some of the staff and members (except Zee). I'm glad we have so many people who care enough to keep this community lively and welcoming and hope we make a lot more memories together. Happy 5th Diadem. - Mark, Administrator
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    [14.03.10] T-ara Jiyeon-Hyomin to reveal distinct personalities in solo activities in April Girl group T-ara (Qri, Boram, Eunjung, Soyeon, Hyomin, Jiyeon) will have members pursue a solo career for the first time since their debut five years ago. According to officials on the 10th, Hyomin and Jiyeon and preparing to release solo singles in April. They are considering promoting simultaneously, but also considering having Jiyeon promote in early April and Hyomin promote in early May. The agency is putting in full work to prepare each member for a solo debut. After T-ara, both members are interested in being active as solo singers again. T-ara had their first unit will T-ara N4 (Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Areum) last year, but this will be the first time a member will pursue solo promotions. According to their agency, Jiyeon will work with Double Sidekick to promote as an artist with a style similar to Sunmi. Brave Brothers will help Hyomin debut as a singer with an opposite image from T-ara. The two distinct personalities will be exposed as different from the original and traditional image of T-ara. Their agency also said to Star News, "In the group, the two members show excellent ability as artists and they will be able to attract a lot of attention and show those skills through a new genre and color for themselves." T-ara debuted in 2009 and have constantly had hits from "Bo Peep Bo Peep" to "Roly-Poly" and "Lovey-dovey". *** Source: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2014031010310218797&outlink=2&SVEC Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [13.12.10] T-ara to auction off their own personal items in charity event on the 24th T-ara will hold a charity event for the less fortunate. T-ara will take a break from their busy activities to volunteer and directly donate to the elderly, disabled children, and nurseries. They will visit various neighborhoods and take the lead in the volunteer services. T-ara will hold a charity auction and auction off some of their own personal items such as costumes and accessories for a total of over 300 items. T-ara will directly auction the pieces on site for charity. T-ara's auction will also be live-streamed on the Internet worldwide for about three hours. Some of the goods being auctioned on the 24th can also be purchased over the Internet. T-ara's charity and auction event will be held on the 24th from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Nonhyeon cafe Cafenne and 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. Other stars including Davichi, Ha Seokjin, Hwang Jungeum and Son Hojun will join the charity event and auction their own things as well. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131210n16727 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [13.10.23] T-ara to recreate Sand Pebbles' song "What Do I Do" for December comeback Retro queens T-ara will return! T-ara will do their reinterpretation of Sand Pebbles song "What Do I Do" that first became popular through college music festivals in 1977. T-ara will sample Sand Pebbles song "What Do I Do" to recreate and update it with composer Shinsadong Tiger for a brand new 2013 version. The arrangement will be trendy for young adults but will also bring back memories for the older population. It will be a pop dance song with a traditional melody. T-ara created a retro craze with "Roly-Poly" and want to recreate that craze again in 2013 with "What Do I Do". They want to be able to bring back happy memories of the past once again. T-ara's jacket image for "2013 What Do I Do" was released today and it features a cassette tape. T-ara will release "What Do I Do" on December 2nd. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131023n12294 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [13.05.20] T-ara N4 announces plans to enter the US market On the afternoon of May 20th, T-ara N4 held a press conference about its plans to enter the US market at Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel. Members Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum attended the press conference and expressed their aspirations for their future in the US. On the afternoon of May 20th, T-ara N4 held a press conference about its plans to enter the US market at Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel. Members Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum attended the press conference and expressed their aspirations for their future in the US. On May 12th, on invitation from well-known American artist Chris Brown, T-ara N4 traveled to the US for 5 days 4 nights. Member Eunjung expressed, "Although we received an invitation from Chris Brown, we still wondered whether we would really meet him. We were very excited. He was very welcoming and treated us well, we are thankful for that. We also discussed music and production plans. There were many good things that we had never even imagined before." Eunjung added that the following day, T-ara N4 received any invitation from Youtube channel network company “Freestyle,” and the members visited the company about the possibility of a T-ara Channel. Footwear brand “Vlado”, famous among hiphop dancers, also extended an invitation to T-ara N4. “More fans that we had expected came and so we held a fansign for a few hours. Vlado also proposed to make custom shoes with the T-ara N4 logo. Singer Ray J spoke about us on twitter and so we had the chance to meet and discuss music with famous producer team "1500 or Nothin." The members said "We had a successful meeting through a good opportunity and was able to discuss our plans to enter the US market. After meeting with Chris Brown, we also met with a lot of good opportunities. We are very lucky. We feel a lot of pressure on our shoulders and will work even harder in the future. About our trip to the US, the other members asked us when we will return to Korea and said we still haven't watched Iron Man 3 together." Hyomin revealed that a remake of "Jeonwon Diary" will be released in 5 versions and the rap parts currently done by SPEED’s Taewoon will be done by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain, Ray J and Chris Brown. The song is scheduled to be released in June in the US and also worldwide at the same. Eunjung added, "We will sing our parts in Korean, and the rap parts by the other artists will be in English." Jiyeon also revealed, "We will be leaving for the US on the 25th to perform the opening stage for Chris Brown's solo concert in Las Vegas. We are very nervous but we want to show our good side in our first performance in the US." Areum added that they are planning to attend the BET Awards with Chris Brown on June 30th. "Although it still feels surreal, we are very happy." Asked about the backstory to the meeting with Chris Brown, Eunjung said, “There really is no special backstory. T-ara trainee Dani attended Chris Brown's concert, and told him about T-ara and “Jeonwon Diary.” After watching our MV, Chris Brown really liked the song and asked whether he can see us directly. We suddenly went to the US in the midst of our promotions.” Hyomin, “Many parts actually happened spontaneously. We visitied Chris Brown’s MV set, and we suddenly received an invitation to cameo in his MV. But because our hair and makeup etc had not been prepared, we regretfully couldn’t appear in his MV. Just like this, many things actually happened without plan, and we are also looking forward to see what will happen when we visit Las Vegas this time.” Eunjung: "Before our debut, we felt that we would already be lucky if we could gain popularity domestically." "Because of the popularity of K-pop, we naturally started our Japan activities like other K-Pop singers. Our US activities also happened like this and started really suddenly. From now on, we will prepare accordingly regarding music and language.” The Director of CCM's overseas marketing team Lee Jintaek revealed that T-ara N4 has signed a contract with Empire Records (a subsidiary of Universal Recrods) for the re-release of “Jeonwon Diary”. He said of the good results from T-ara N4's US trip, "T-ara N4 received a lot of attention and love in the US. In particular, they met with Chris Brown and many other producers and received good appraisals from them." The reporters asked whether this focus on the overseas activities was to avoid the negative response from the public after the Hwayoung controversy last year. About this, Eunjung said "We felt that an opportunity like this is rar, other than our sudden plans to go to the US, our other schedules will still proceed according to plan. Other than T-ara N4, the rest of the members will also be continuing their Japan sub-unit activities. They will be filming for their MV next week in Japan." Eunjung added that, "We think that what we will demonstrate and show to everyone in the future is the most important. Whether on stage or somewhere else, we will demonstrate our genuine, honest, prudent and good appearance, so please anticipate our future activities and give us a lot of support. K-pop has received a lot of attention, not only from the US but also from other countries, so we feel a sense of responsibility to work hard and carefully in the future.” Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130521n17113 *** Translated by: kkyc222 @ tiaradiadem, mostly based translations by TCN.
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    [12.10.08] Director Cha Euntaek talks about T-ara & Eunjung in an interview with News 2 Day "The T-ara incident made me detest even more the way Korean society does not tell right from wrong" Reporter: Recently, you've supported Eunjung through twitter and this became a hot topic. You didn't expect that right? What are your thoughts about the T-ara incident? In response to the question that the reporter asked mindfully, Director Cha Euntaek surprisingly gave a calm and sharp response. Because of his message of support to Eunjung, Director Cha was also criticised by some netizens. Director Cha was the director for T-ara's MV's like Lovey Dovey, and so have known Eunjung for a long time. He understands Eunjung more than anybody else and truly feels sad and worried about Eunjung. "Although my message wasn't left simply without thought nor was it left simply just to cheer her on, it still represented my worry and care for her. When she knew that she was casted for "Five Fingers", you wouldn't know how happy she was and how hard she worked in preparation. If I was a member of T-ara, I might have hidden away somewhere because of the pain. T-ara being ostracised by the public, this has made me really detest Korean society. I really detest those who, after someone's mistake, add insult to injury without first determining right from wrong. To be honest, I thought "Should I gamble my career in the entertainment industry and just say it all [and argue]? Just say it all on twitter?" I was really angry at the time." "I've watched them grow since the T-ara members were still trainees. They are kids who have worked hard to become singers, and I was really hurt to see them criticised like that. Eunjung's message on twitter was actually really simple and pure. They cannot go out and play like other teenagers, but have to practise with all their might, running around to complete their activities. They cannot live like other kids of the same age, but are constrained by their work. They are kids who are more simple and pure than others of their age." "At the time, I was really very upset. To see how the public, without understanding the circumstances, became so sure that there must have been bullying between them. I don't understand, there have been incidents in the past that were much worse, idols who have done illegal things, but why only treat T-ara with such harshness?" About how his message of support for Eunjung caused a stir amongst netizens, Director Cha said: "Although we should criticise acts that are wrong, but to see people carelessly criticise and condemn acts that are right simply because of their own subjectivity and bias, I really could not carrying on living pretending that I did not see this in our society." "Eunjung ah, you have to live with strength" "I always talk with Eunjung, and she told me 'Because of Director-nim, I've gained a lot of strength." She cannot clarify everything that has happened, simply for the reason that they are all very close. In reality, their relationship is not what outsiders have portrayed it to be like, and they do not want each other to be criticised or blamed because of themselves. Because of this incident, they really cried a lot. I really can't bear to see them cry like that. I tried to find ways to comfort them, but I couldn't come up with any good ways but to say to them to live with strength. After Eunjung was forced out of "Five Fingers" I had once worried that she would do something stupid." English translation from Chinese translation by Woojung Baidu:http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1941485235 Original Korean article: http://www.news2day....7a101c71aa3280d
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    [12.08.16] Translation - 120813 Director Cha Eun Taek's Tweet @goninri: 어린친구들이 도대체 무슨 죽을죄를 져서 이 사회가 이렇게 가학적인지.. 아파도 아프다 말 못하고 힘들어도 힘들다 말 못하고 뭐가 진실인지? 그게 우리 살아가는데 뭐가 그리 중요한데..? 언제부터 우리 사회가 토론과 논란의 중심 대상이 이리 바뀐건지.. Young kids, what capital crime did they commit that they are being mistreated like this by society...to be in pain and yet be unable to say that they are in pain, to be tired and yet be unable to say that they are tired, what is the truth? Then what is important, to live like this? Since when did our society's subject and focus of discussion and blame become like this... *** Chinese trans by Baidu Ham Eunjung (@hameunjungbar) English trans by @kckclalala T/N: Cha Eun Taek is the director who filmed their Roly Poly, Cry Cry, Lovey Dovey, Day By Day, Sexy Love MVs
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    [12.08.02] Jo Harang comment on T-ara's situation "It must stop now!" Jo Harang decided to speak about T-ara's current situation of bullying. Jo Harang tweeted on July 30th, "You're here, but you're invisible. One day feels like a year, breathing is easy but you feel uneasy. The entertainment industry has the same environment as schools, companies, societies, institutes...This witch-hunting must stop for sure!" The next day, Jo Harang continued to post on Twitter this: "Starting from a young age, children start to acknowledge that you need to work hard in life [to get what you want], and you focus on this so much that you don't put any of your time into building a "relationship" and lack social skills. Lacking the experience of having a social life and troubles to maintain a relationship doesn't fade away when you suddenly elevate yourself into a high position (celebrey/famous)." Jo Harang was a member of "Jewelry", a group that also had to face a bullying controversy in the past, with her being the "witch-hunted member." Jo Harang tweeted again 31th July, exposing her uncomfortable heart: "The problem is brought by the public with a witch-hunt, even if it's not true [the rumor of bullying]. It was hard for me, back then, to have to read such articles [about me]. It is important [for T-ara] to overcome this and to live in the present." Netizens have reacted to these tweets saying thing like "Jo Harang seems to have troubles in her heart", "it seems that even idols are now refocusing themselves on the truth." "We need to brush off [this rumor] now" **** Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120802n30382 Translated by: shining star`★ @diadem *Usually don't post articles about Tweets from T-ara/other celebrities in the news section but this is different because she went through the same exact situation as the T-ara members being "witch-hunted."
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    [14.12.25] Video - T-ARA @ Dear My Family Concert Fancams (Last Updated on 15.01.21 1300KST) Number 9 Little Apple Oh Ready Go Ready Time To Love Falling U I'm Okay Falling U + I'm Okay Sugar Free O My God Roly Poly O My God + Roly Poly Lies I Go Crazy Because Of You Sexy Love Bo Beep Bo Beep Lovey Dovey Sexy Love + Bo Peep Bo Peep + Lovey Dovey Yayaya Why Do You Act Like This I Don't Want You Day By Day Cry Cry Like The First Time Talk Video Clip Bye Bye Bye Bye + Ending ****** Credit: Retro403/T CHAN/DN Archi/Damon kim/SSo LEE/FJYLE/vmfl 2452/요서/지지지 박/김민지/드후/Soo Bi/박지지지/소연인루왕/박지은/닷컴 박소연/리꼬/Baidu Tiarabar七/Chen Shihmin/HEALING SOUL.com@YouTube + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    [OFFICIAL] T-ara Subunit Concept Photo - Jiyeon (04/10) CREDIT: CCM Official Site + craZy + tiaradiadem.com
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    T-ara “Our families cried when they found out we were contenders for 1st place, our promise if we get 1st place is…” Girl group T-ara made a promise if they achieve 1st place. On October 21st at a coffee shop in Nonhyeon Dong, Gangnam, Seoul, we met with T-ara, who said “Isn’t the title of our new song No.9? We thought that it would already be really good to achieve 9th place, but we actually became contenders for 1st place. Becoming contenders and standing in the first row, we had goosebumps and were excited like rookies.” T-ara, who experienced the longest “blank period” since their debut because of the bullying controversy last year, was more spirited than expected. Without any particular promises or without saying who should do what firs, but beginning to change with every small action one by one, they greeted us greatly with their heads bowed lower. For a T-ara like this, contending for 1st place is something that is “amazing.” Soyeon said, “To be honest, because there is less applause and less people singing along with us, our confidence dropped. Before the controversy, we didn’t know that every shout of support was that valuable; now our families even cried and we almost had a party at home amongst us,” expressing her thankful heart. But, the trauma from last year has not fully healed. When we spoke of “that day,” the members’ tears still came falling. Although the other members made fun of each other, the tears could not be stopped at that moment. Their wounds are large and deep. They were worried and waited like that for a comeback. T-ara said, “We want everyone to listen to good music, and because we have a lot to protect, we cannot stop. Honestly, we were very scared and worried about whether there would be anyone who would welcome us,” “Our families, friends and colleagues gave us courage by telling us ‘It will be fine as long as you continuously show a hardworking and good appearance.” For them, how to face and approach the looks from those around them is a very difficult problem. In particular, T-ara, different from other groups and whose interaction with fans though fan club opening, autograph, and handshaking sessions etc. has reduced, said “Our company thinks the same way as us. Although we have little activities [with fans], but making food and sharing them with fans, holding a sudden signing session at our company, we must do this and work hard continuously,” “If we have the chance, we want to hold a free camping or sports event at a large sports grounds.” Following that, they said, “Not only to our fans, but to those who were burdened because of us, and other than making good music, but to work hard in order to melt the hearts of those who we meet serendipitously, this is very important” When we asked for a promise if they were to achieve 1st place, T-ara said, “It seems more realistic to make a promise for if we continue to stay as a contender for 1st place,” “We’ll do this if we can be contenders for 1st place in other music programmes,” Although they were a bit scared, they all agreed “We want to try giving ‘Free Hugs’. It seems like it would be fun.” Meanwhile, T-ara released their 8th mini album “AGAIN” on the 10th and has began promotions with double title tracks “No.9” and “I Know the Feeling.” Original source: http://wstarnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=09&c1=09&c2=09&c3=00&nkey=201310211603571&mode=sub_view Translated via Chinese trans from TCN: http://www.t-arachina.cn/bbs/thread-67940-1-1.html
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    [14.02.18] T-ara to release a special tango style pop-dance song on the 20th Girl group T-ara has collaborated with composer Cho Youngsoo again. After collaborating last with Cho Youngsoo over a year and seven months ago for "Day by Day", T-ara members Jiyeon, Hyomin, and Soyeon will reunite with him for his signature "All Star" album. Cho Youngsoo's agency Nextar Entertainment said on Twitter on the 18th, "The first song for the '2014 All Star' album will be with popular girl group T-ara. The release is on the 20th so please anticipate it a lot." They also included a verification shot. T-ara last promoted "What Do I Do" and their members also are taking on individual schedules, but they have made time to join the project. Cho Youngsoo helped make T-ara's debut song "Lies" as well as "I Go Crazy Because of You", "Cry Cry", "Day by Day" and the "Women's Generation" and "Wonder Woman" project albums for T-ara, SeeYa, and Davichi. "First Love" is a dance-pop song utilizing the sexy charms of a sexy and elegant tango. The tango rhythm will contrast with intense and hurtful lyrics about an unforgettable first love. Rookie rapper "EB" will also feature in the song before his official debut. *** Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109786459 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [12.12.05] T-ara reveals their favorite T-ara songs and ideal types in haru*hana magazine Q1 - Favorite T-ara song Q2 - Ideal type Q3 - Ideal date Q4 - Style they want to try Q5 - What they bought recently Q6 - Christmas plans (Soyeon and Boram) Soyeon 1. Sexy Love. This is a presentation of a new tune to everybody of Japan, and they love it. I think it's a tune that everyone has interest in. 2. Who would take the time to love me. Act like an adult. Someone I can depend on. 3. Walking in the city, I want a normal date. 4. Wearing a casual knit and sneakers, I want to try a rough style but still looking like a girl. 5. A ring bought in Japan, a hat, an inn in a forest. I would also like 1 or 2 accessories. 6. I have always overlooked my family household, so this year I want to have a party with my friends. Soyeon's Christmas Party. In this party there will be music, food, Kimaru, and me and my friends. Eunjung 1. Like The First Time. Up until now a never seen before heroic style tune, with sexy choreography and I think the lyrics are sexy when girls do it. We did not do the rapping part, I felt it was a unique single. (?) 2. When walking, or tumbling, casually protecting me. (smiles) 3. Someone who is simple and affectionate. I want walk in the city while holdings hands. I want to go play in the park. 4. We did a modern, sick, cool style. This winter we took on a girly fashion with a knit and sweater that spoke girl style. 5. After a lot of matching, i finally bought a cheap yellow coat. I wore a rider jacket and a jumper. Recently I bought a cardigan and wool coat. Jiyeon 1. Bye Bye. While we were training, it was the first song given to us. I'm happy that it's put in this album. 2. I like a hard working person who wouldn't let me down. 3. I want to walk through the city and watch a movie. 4. Even though it's an un-matching style, - cut and high heels, I want to try it out anyways because it's winter. 5. I'm not interested but - my mother always - my mother's style is better than me (smile). Before she bought this for me. Qri 1. Like The First Time. I was absent for one week and there was a lot I didn't know. So a new lead was put in. We also did rapping and it was brave feeling I enjoyed. 2. Someone with good hair (that's so cool!) 3. I want to go to the park. 4. I really love fur. This winter I want to wear fur. 5. I bought six shoes. They're the same design. Stars, Wakka, Sonica (brands), I bought all of them. Areum 1. Sexy Love. It has a robot dance which I enjoyed. 2. Someone who does hard work and dances well. 3. I want to go on a date and eat delicious things. 4. The movie 'I Love You, I Love You Not'. I like the clothes in that movie, but maybe it won't suit me. 5. I bought a cardigan. Hyomin 1. Like The First Time. The lyrics, the song, the beat, everything is sexy. I like the atmosphere and the choreography is totally sexy. 2. Someone who is unstable [spontaneous?] and eats a lot of delicious breakfast. 3. - I like to go to a lot of places to play. 4. I like to try on different things as a challenge. This year, I want to try French chic style and hippy style. I want to try and mix flower skirts and ankle boots. 5. I bought fur but I haven't tried it out yet. This winter I want to try out a lot. Boram 1. Bye Bye. The first time I heard it, I remember enjoying singing it. 2. A likeable man, who I can instantly say I like. (smile) 3. I want to go to the park, I want to wear a couple outfit. 4. I like to arrange all different colors of my fashion style. I didn't like it before that much but now I like to try different colors. 5. I bought a lot of knits. I like the style of wearing a rose on top, and I bought a big knit of it. 6. I like spending Christmas with people I like and watching the snow fall. *** Source: haruhana scans Translated by: OmegaKrypton @ Diadem
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    Then that will no longer be t-ara. Might as well give it a new name to that group.
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