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About Me

For ideas and suggestions you have regarding the community as a whole, please do post it here so it can be looked at by staff members and the other forum members in general. Posting it there also guarantees that we can look back at your requests and suggestions during times of updates, redesigns, etc.


Please make sure you have read these and the blurb below before sending me a PM.




Regarding support projects for T-ara:

If you have a site dedicated for T-ara and would like to help or participate in our projects for the Girls through donations or any other way as a whole website, please send me a PM to further discuss the terms.


NOTE: We do not have information to disclose regarding T-ara's addresses or any other contact information to T-ara's staff members, please do not PM me about those things.


If you wish to send a gift or a letter to T-ara through one of our support projects or birthday projects for the Members, please discuss it with our Project Manager, eXceed.


If you have ideas for projects that we can do in the future, please do post it here so the whole community can talk about it. Or if it intended for a specific member's birthday project, please wait for the project suggestion thread to come up and post it there.


For thread/post deletions, topic edits/pins, etc:

Please PM the Moderator in charge of that section in the forum or PM one of our Global Moderators to assist you with your needs.


For username changes and account deletions:

If you wish to change your username, you need to have at least 120 spam-free posts or be a donor. You can PM me, one of our Admins, or Global Moderators to do this for you. But please do make sure that you fit the criteria mentioned beforehand.


If you wish to stop using your Diadem accounts, please just do so as we do not delete accounts from our forums.

It may damage our forum's database.




Otherwise, please send me a PM and I will reply to your message as soon as I can.

You can also contact me through Twitter if it's urgent and needs immediate response as it's he easiest way to contact me.

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