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  1. @craZy18gurl @eunyeon_adik y’all are too cute ? but maintaining it is a chore and costs a lot of shampoo $$ ??

  2. @alsnsantiago_ @kaaathrine #happynewyear #newyearnewtorrensite?

  3. How are you gonna send me an email about Super Mario Run at 8:00 PM…? I downloaded it hours ago. Useless Apple noti… https://t.co/W1MVdvAtwf

  4. @LeoArmenta #BRIGHT

  5. Here’s the video we sent out in its entirety. Please retweet and share ☺️ @tiaradiadem #TIAMO https://t.co/IqG468rBNN

  6. @justinnsantiago https://t.co/5SoNEuvGAh

  7. Honestly my Mom’s the best

  8. Fendi slayed today goddamn

  9. Getting wrecked at work 24/365

  10. @Sofia__Louise he wants to feel special; if he ever releases a new album, it better pay my bills bc I cannot at this point

  11. #NowPlaying https://t.co/a0AvuH3j1v

  12. [CL - 'LIFTED' M/V] I don't know, man... https://t.co/ksGH3i7LT1

  13. @markpinero #prayercircle

  14. Taylor. Swift. What. Up. Lived for it.

  15. @soojungforehead hahaha okay you can add me, just first and last name just lmk what your name is on fb so I can add you back!!

  16. When drivers have to be extra careful because of Pokemon Go

  17. [MV] VROMANCE(브로맨스) _ SHE(여자 사람 친구) https://t.co/V77fYAvDYK

  18. @TD_Canada Thanks for your prompt response, ED; is that a flat rate regardless of the amount being accepted?

  19. @alisonsantiago_ @DonSantiago_ @justinnsantiago yo

  20. Dots be connecting on that Yoochun scandal though… That’s some weird ish

  21. RT @tiaradiadem: Apparels now available in multiple colors. Look forward to some new products soon as well! https://t.co/396haDc4aE https:/…

  22. I’m living because TD and Scotiabank finally launched Apple Pay

  23. @TD_Canada Recently opened an account with TD and wanted to know if you have a text notification feature for debit transactions?

  24. @woollim_ent Why do you keep doing this to me? Last 4 albums I bought multiple copies and got same cards for all of them. Like let me live

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