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  1. #NowPlaying Write.. by Nam Woo Hyun ♫ https://t.co/iOOMuDd6ea

  2. @DonSantiago_ @justinnsantiago @alisonsantiago_ BRUHHHHHH LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL that’s you ahlie

  3. @LeoArmenta gdi like how did I know

  4. @justinnsantiago @Sam_Louisee @kaaathrine @_NikkiGo on my god

  5. Wow no, it’s upsetting to see that video of Pia trying to reach out to Colombia after the coronation and all the other girls pushed her away

  6. What the heck do you mean E13 is only 64% subbed?

  7. ‘She Was Pretty’ writer is so ruthless towards Siwon’s character I can’t. Siwon is so good in this drama. Making me cry and ish

  8. Trying to cover ‘Writings on the Wall’ gosh damn why did I only listen to it now

  9. RT @pledis_17: [sEVENTEEN NEWS]

    #세븐틴 #만세 Part Switch Ver.

    #SEVENTEEN #MANSAE https://t.co/TFpaThyIzr

  10. Holy smokes, HMxBALMAIN is everything https://t.co/FoMsley5mD

  11. Trudeau is so classy, damn. Y’all need to learn. https://t.co/FVWNA2hKbS

  12. RT @HuffingtonPost: 7 ways Canada's new liberal government might affect the world https://t.co/D6gd8m52Hn https://t.co/pcliTSOajL

  13. “The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle.”

  14. Insane. I would love to own designer items too, but living beyond one’s means will never be justifiable. https://t.co/sd44iS0SVG

  15. Damn, NGL, Justin Trudeau has come a long way. Guy got my vote. His speeches are something.

  16. The amount of harassment that we all “just take” and turn blind eyes to just to make money.

  17. RT @HuffingtonPost: Watch every iPhone ever face the ultimate speed test http://t.co/AtQYwIAYl7 http://t.co/yCFz9KngRa

  18. Taeyeon’s solo track

  19. Can we bring this hair colour back on 쿱스 pls http://t.co/M2VrOqohyy

  20. When your Uber took too many wrong turns and freaking ride costs $51.60 versus the usual $34. Oooooooh you’re a snake.

  21. RT @WhoWhatWear: .@SelenaGomez is making sure the pajama dressing trend stays put: http://t.co/YUK8ZNskSq http://t.co/14yKYucrVM

  22. RT @950808_com: 159020 경주 드림콘서트 진짜 세젤귀ㅠㅠ 이 파트에서 승철이가 정한이 이 머리 만지고 놀때 진짜 사랑스러워>_< #세븐틴 #에스쿱스 #최승철

    @pledis_17 http://t.co/ty7Pdpydne http:/…

  23. The members of SEVENTEEN are so comfortable & speak so well in front of cameras. I find that amazing. Not a lot of groups can pull that off.

  24. 헐 this CF is cute AF. Thank the lord JKH’s getting CF deals. @alisonsantiago_ @justinnsantiago https://t.co/KkYKZoPdy9

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