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  1. So I guess I’ll be watching ISAC this year because of SEVENTEEN

  2. The Apple Store does this thing where they like to charge me of my order a week after I make it and it freaks me out.

  3. Star Magic Ball is on-point this year. (Except Kath and DJ because their ensemble this year is a big dip compared to last year’s)

  4. Awkward moment they’re like “Cantonese, French, and Mandarin an asset”. How about Tagalog? You take that? Please?

  5. Apple Pencil is $99. That’s how much the old AppleTV cost. Shoot me for realz.

  6. That moment you find a 105.1 Crossover live stream online. It’s been 11 years since I’ve listened to a good radio station.

  7. This graphics card issue is so upsetting. InDesign won’t even load and I can’t package my resume.

  8. 60s-70s throwback with the parents. Giving me life.

  9. Poor YuJu fell on her face how many times in that performance ugh it looked like it hurt so much

  10. RT @Chelsea_Fagan: celine dion is THE diva bc she has no setting other than sincere. she would sing the wiggles' 'fruit salad' song like it…

  11. RT @kor_celebrities: GFriend - 今日から私たちは(5日、音楽中心) http://t.co/2sjJiwVk7C https://t.co/Hzuw4vIxvq

  12. Happy birthday, Beyoncé. My birthday wish for you is that you make another album like B-Day, or Sasha Fierce, or 4.

  13. RT @kor_celebrities: 神話 チョンジン - 「Wow Wow Wow (Feat. Eric)」ティーザー https://t.co/0HAD8DHSPd

  14. The rap in ZUTTER is so

  15. It’s time for bed. I always have really bad premonitions about work the night before so let’s get some rest.

  16. I urge every Filipino to watch that movie. It explains everything I’ve ever been frustrated about being with, and being a Filipino myself.

  17. RT @Zendaya: Happy birthday angel...I miss you everyday. https://t.co/CWg7DHSRAn

  18. Food trucks ain't my thing, nor is food blogging; except this one. #Beavertails #vsco #vscocam #foodhttps://t.co/7liKlNSPMU

  19. RT @HuffingtonPost: New Instagram update means photos no longer have to be square http://t.co/xFNdGX3fMF http://t.co/h61xpXJBLV

  20. Whatever. Don’t rain on my (dream) parade.

  21. RT @tiaradiadem: T-ara poses with our So Crazy food support + send a thankful autograph - http://t.co/SudirfbrI1 http://t.co/pqIR4NVHab

  22. RT @JERRLIFE: Time is the most valuable thing and wasting someone's is reeaaeally disrespectful.

  23. James Reid’s riffs are on-point AF

  24. Ugh. Monday again.

  25. I must start Oh My Ghostess

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