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  1. I don’t care what anyone says, GFriend girls are talented AF. I love them wow

  2. RT @Adrianneho: Show respect even to people who don't deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours.

  3. RT @byrdiebeauty: Um, what in the world is "FATwater?" → http://t.co/drRE0dnzHI via @PureWow

  4. I’m not gonna lie, I’m still pretty upset about yesterday. It wasn’t even like that and T-ara now has to deal with all this extra baggage.

  5. SHINee channelling Michael Jackson with their new song. Lovin’ it.

  6. RT @tiaradiadem: Qri and Soyeon share photos of our So Crazy food support project - http://t.co/LdU4kEUcj2 http://t.co/m69rz0OspV

  7. RT @t_ara_dotcom: [QRI INSTAGRAM]

    얼마전부터 삼계탕이 먹고싶었었는데.. 너무 든든하게 잘 먹었어요 감사합니당♡ #QuereQul #티아라닷컴 #DIADEM #TARA6JAPAN 고마워용 #뮤직뱅크 #컴백 #큐... htt…

  8. What’s it all abouuuuuut, Aaaaaaalfieeeeee?

  9. RT @tiaradiadem: OFFICIAL: T-ARA [티아라] "완전 미쳤네 [so Crazy]" M/V http://t.co/FJGn5yXMWr #완전미쳤네

  10. RT @dreamecokr: 걸그룹 티아라(T-ARA) 컴백, 11번째 미니앨범 ‘쏘 굿(So Good)’ 쇼케이스 티아라 응원 쌀드리미화환 - 쌀화환 드리미 http://t.co/zv7QOT2ZFf

  11. T-ara lookin’ hawt tho

  12. What happened to Hoya that he’s on a chair during today’s performance?

  13. Cannot with people who lip sync. I will say that over and over. No respect for people who claim to be singers despite lip syncing often.

  14. The strings in ‘Bad’ making me feel some type of way

  15. Did HV always have that many members…?

  16. Let’s all join hands in prayer for MBK’s Design Team. The PS work on those legs is UNACCEPTABLE. http://t.co/4CfyxdS2ux

  17. Uber’s THE best friend.

  18. Has SISTAR done any reality/variety TV shows besides Hello Baby?

  19. I used to doubt Morissette’s skills; but she’s proven how good a singer she really is. Because damn, girl can BELT. I am a fan.

  20. Caitlyn Jenner’s speech last night

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