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  1. Damn these key changes be slayin’ me a hundred times.

  2. It's amazing how much work it takes to compensate for stupidity. The struggle is so real. Like, everyday.

  3. Yooooooo why is McDonald’s giving me a shift next week? Like I mean-

  4. ch better than last year's album

  5. But Sunggyu and the Boys though #tbqh

  6. PARTY is the song of the summer. SNSD blessed us this 2015.

  7. Omg why are people and how is the universe so kind to me all the time despite all the things I’m bad at

  8. Couldn’t even feel the absence in PARTY. Jessica who? #SNSDlooks2k15 TBH http://t.co/3YLrNOdVQf

  9. Sweet baby Jesus, help me not punch somebody.

  10. Ariana-effing-Grande. You better apologize for that video soon lol that was so low-class.

  11. Trying to take a shower for real. I’m bust.

  12. But oh my gosh this looks great. Brings tears to my graphic designer eyes. I love this redesign wow #tybg http://t.co/AvWAEKeyRk

  13. Great campaign. Happy Canada Day, y’all. http://t.co/Q2UsO65pXb

  14. We are looking at a... 10-episode backlog

  15. RT @BuzzFeed: The closing paragraph in the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling is beautiful http://t.co/3hQFImKksz http://t.co/RXdYwqq6m5

  16. Mariah is a Queen; I don’t care what anyone says https://t.co/hqQuwn1o4U

  17. Say word. I’m up. ✌

  18. 위아래위위아래

  19. If @alisonsantiago_ wasn’t so cranky all the time, maybe she, @justinnsantiago and I could ACTUALLY become The Supremes

  20. IDK man, if Shinhwa were to go to KCON NY, I might just reach.

  21. RT @arlynnekayla: The fam is jammin out to Celine Dion

  22. July is my birthday month too, gaise

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