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  1. It would be cool to see another rapper besides Loco (not that he hasn't done a great job) *coughYONGJUNYOUNGcough* or Sungmin would be interesting too.
  2. My, my, my, my! Look how fine Sungmin has grown up to be! I always knew he was going to outgrow his hyungs! Saw the music video and Dani's acting was terrible.. =/ Her crying scene was cringe-worthy, but it has become way better than Day by Day MV.
  3. Yay! I Love G7! Sad that Hyuna is missing out, but at least SunByun is there! I think IY made two best friends! I LOL'd at Goo Hara. Forgot about her no-makeup face
  4. Thanks for sharing! Oh-meh-gawd! Jiyeon! She will be the death of me I swear...her voice is so cute and perky! Wish they would've cast her as a regular. (Would love to see her in place of Baek Jinhee!)
  5. As gorgeous as she is with her short hair, imagine how much more sexy this concept would have been with her long hair! =( But it definitely has a edgy feel so I will be looking forward to the solo debut!
  6. LOL! Oh geeze they made Hyomin's wig too obvious here! I am loving Jiyeon's hairstyle and make-up lately. (Though she looks a bit tired...)
  7. Yay! One of my ultimate ships together once again! I always knew they were great friends, but pictures like these excite muah~~ Wish T-Nova would come up with another epic collaboration like TTL!
  8. I absolutely adore Lim Soohyang so I am definitely definitely looking forward to the MV! She is freaking gorgeous! I am assuming she wil star as a seductress or the zombie? LOL. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Gorgeous! And you can totally see hyomin behind her selfcaing herself! xD Cannot wait to see the actual thing~!
  10. ^Looks like the iPhone 4 doesn't it? Gah Hyomin is freaking beautiful. Her haircut looks lovely on her!
  11. OMG JONGHUN AND HYOMIN! LOL. They were on SGB together, but no interaction. =/ Hope they get more interaction! When is this airing?
  12. DEFINITELY getting myself some of those goodies. I love Morning Glory products....and since their T-Ara approved...welll that's more for me!
  13. Honestly, that's what i was thinking. I mean the MV is a nice way to show sneak peaks, but honestly, the MV has no plot. It's just scenes of Joon and Jiyeon piled into 1.
  14. WTF girls, why so beautiful?! lol. I LOVE LOVE SOMIN in these pictures! Hyomin looks amazing blonde, but I already knew that. Too bad it's just a wig. LOL And I am already loving this concept.
  15. OMG, there they go again making Eunjeong's hair all terrible and stuff. ㅠ_ㅠ But OMG Hyomin looks amazing and everything LOL. I WISH THEY WOULD LET EUNJEONG'S HAIR BE BEAUTIFUL AGAIN! LOL
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