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  1. princessjimyung

    [IG] Hyomin Instagram Update feat. Loco (07/04)

    It would be cool to see another rapper besides Loco (not that he hasn't done a great job) *coughYONGJUNYOUNGcough* or Sungmin would be interesting too.
  2. My, my, my, my! Look how fine Sungmin has grown up to be! I always knew he was going to outgrow his hyungs! Saw the music video and Dani's acting was terrible.. =/ Her crying scene was cringe-worthy, but it has become way better than Day by Day MV.
  3. princessjimyung

    [TWITTER] Hyomin Twitter Update (07/04)

    Yay! I Love G7! Sad that Hyuna is missing out, but at least SunByun is there! I think IY made two best friends! I LOL'd at Goo Hara. Forgot about her no-makeup face
  4. princessjimyung

    [PICS] Jiyeon on MBC Drama "Triangle" (06/26)

    Thanks for sharing! Oh-meh-gawd! Jiyeon! She will be the death of me I swear...her voice is so cute and perky! Wish they would've cast her as a regular. (Would love to see her in place of Baek Jinhee!)
  5. princessjimyung

    [OFFICIAL] Hyomin 'Nice Body' HD Teaser Photos (06/25)

    As gorgeous as she is with her short hair, imagine how much more sexy this concept would have been with her long hair! =( But it definitely has a edgy feel so I will be looking forward to the solo debut!
  6. princessjimyung

    [PRESS] T-ara at 8th Love Garden Art Festival (06/19)

    LOL! Oh geeze they made Hyomin's wig too obvious here! I am loving Jiyeon's hairstyle and make-up lately. (Though she looks a bit tired...)
  7. princessjimyung

    [IG] Supernova's Geonil Update ft. Hyomin (04/07)

    Yay! One of my ultimate ships together once again! I always knew they were great friends, but pictures like these excite muah~~ Wish T-Nova would come up with another epic collaboration like TTL!
  8. I absolutely adore Lim Soohyang so I am definitely definitely looking forward to the MV! She is freaking gorgeous! I am assuming she wil star as a seductress or the zombie? LOL. Thanks for sharing!
  9. princessjimyung

    [SELCAS] Twitter Updates : Soyeon (12/05)

    Gorgeous! And you can totally see hyomin behind her selfcaing herself! xD Cannot wait to see the actual thing~!
  10. princessjimyung

    [SELCAS] Hyomin's twitter update (11/22)

    ^Looks like the iPhone 4 doesn't it? Gah Hyomin is freaking beautiful. Her haircut looks lovely on her!
  11. princessjimyung

    [PICS] Hyomin Filming Iron Chef on the Road (11/21)

    OMG JONGHUN AND HYOMIN! LOL. They were on SGB together, but no interaction. =/ Hope they get more interaction! When is this airing?
  12. DEFINITELY getting myself some of those goodies. I love Morning Glory products....and since their T-Ara approved...welll that's more for me!
  13. Honestly, that's what i was thinking. I mean the MV is a nice way to show sneak peaks, but honestly, the MV has no plot. It's just scenes of Joon and Jiyeon piled into 1.
  14. WTF girls, why so beautiful?! lol. I LOVE LOVE SOMIN in these pictures! Hyomin looks amazing blonde, but I already knew that. Too bad it's just a wig. LOL And I am already loving this concept.
  15. princessjimyung

    [PICS] Hyomin & Eunjung's twitter update (10/31)

    OMG, there they go again making Eunjeong's hair all terrible and stuff. ㅠ_ㅠ But OMG Hyomin looks amazing and everything LOL. I WISH THEY WOULD LET EUNJEONG'S HAIR BE BEAUTIFUL AGAIN! LOL
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