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  1. Wowww... she really happy... love it~ the cake look delicious... kekeke~ apple hair.. looks cute~ yumm~
  2. I really like that outfit They look so good in that outfit thanks foir sharing ^^~'
  3. i want this couple to be Real! I was happy when they said to visit Bali .. I hope this couple will be long lasting.... tahnks~
  4. they are so cute even their sleeping.. Q-ri not look like he was sleeping.. hahaha~ thanks~
  5. I love your pictures.... thank you for sharing us those beautiful pictures of T-ara at Inkigayo~....
  6. Look At Them with their Uniforms! It's so cute! I Want to watch this new concept Performance.. thanks ~
  7. she looks really beautiful and elegant at the same time she really has a pretty smile thanks for sharing~~ ^^
  8. Eun Jung is so adorable Eunjung look so lovely wiith short hair ^^ thansk~
  9. Waiting to watch the episode subbed! thanks for sharing those pictures.
  10. They look so much more elegant and beautiful in white.. Thanks for sharing.............
  11. Eunjung looks so good in that first picture! And Jiyeon with her bangs.. Fighting!!
  12. thanks for posting the screenshots love them soo much...t hyomin's expression is so cute >.<..
  13. Saw the love between these two a few days back and it's good to know that they still do keep in touch. Jiwon really looks very cute and beautiful Im waiting for her debut
  14. cant wait to watch the actual preformance.. T-ara
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