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  1. Will these kind of news ever stop? I'm tired of this! Does netizens have nothing better to do then to protest against T-ara all day all night? Over a bullying issue that NEVER happened? And over evidences that were taken out of CONTEXT? Man I hope Allkpop doesn't post this news! It will just end up with more delusional Antis saying how they deserved it and blah blah blah. I HATE ALLKPOP! I HATE CCM! and I HATE THE SBS STAFF THAT KICKED EUNJUNG OUT OF THE DRAMA.
  2. This writer is smart! She thinks logically unless those other people who assume and just kick people off their show! You have to think in the members position point of view!
  3. This is sooo wrong! Why are they like that? If Eunjung doesn't come back I hope PD gets fired or punished atleast!
  4. Man no longer am I supporting five fingers. Those staffs are disgusting if Jin Se Yeon accepts the role It would be bad.. Aren't her and EunJung friends?
  5. I'm pretty sure she don't leave the drama voluntary. If you think about it why would she endure weeks of bashing and holding everything in to be in this drama and then last minute back out? Stupid sbs
  6. I hate waiting! But since Soyeon is hurt it would be better for her to recover first! I'll be waiting for the comeback happily! T-ara FIGHTING!
  7. Omgsh good thing she's alright! This article title scared the heck out of me! But I bet those antis are happy to hear this! They disgust me.
  8. I agree completely! From the very beginning to the end I always believed T-ara did not bully anyone. I do believe that maybe that they got into an argument but not to bullying to that extreme! I'm glad that we had the same thoughts. And I'm pretty sure most people here didn't believe the news of that either.
  9. I think I'm more upset about how those former queens turned there backs to T-ara that fast. Good thing there's evidence of how these "bully" claims are invalid
  10. I'm happy she spoke up! Being witch hunted is scary. What those Antis are doing right now or extremely scary.
  11. Awwwww don't worry Wooram! T-ara will come back successfully one day! Then you will be standing with Boram happily
  12. KKS would say anything to save himself poor T-ara. Would things go back to the way it was?
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