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  1. haha daebak, thank god they are making their comeback soon! But...seriously, john travolta wannabe? i hope they change the album name though, seems like its receiving lots of criticism from other people commenting on the net. Nonetheless t-ara hwaiting! i really praying that this will be an amazing album, proof everyone wrong t-ara! Wipe out all the music charts for the many many weeks to come girls!! On a side note, seriously, everyone seems to be really unhappy with ccm, every single move they take do not seems to go well with the people(apart from fans). From 5dolls...to yayaya everyone seems to hate it and i dont really see why, coz i LOVE it! yayaya is an amazing song and i see lots of potential in 5dolls. soooo T-ARA FIGHTING! CCM FIGHTING! PROOF EVERYONE WRONG! ITS TIME FOR US TO SHINE
  2. hahaha im so glad t-ara came to Singapore but please please please come again!! however i know it will not happen anytime soon. Apparently from what they said at heal the world concert, they will be advancing into the japanese market first and then making a comeback, which means the earliest comeback will be around year end? that's really quite sad if it really happens, it will mean 1year since their last comeback! girls please comeback really fast but well i guess if they wanna establish themselves as hallyu-dol, they will have to advance in a foreign market. ALL THE BEST T-ARA. WE KNOW YOU GIRLS WILL SUCCEED. T-ARA HWAITING!
  3. HAHAHA that's what i love our t-ara, they are just soooo multi-talented and diverse. They can Sing, Act, go on Variety shows, open their own Online Shop and now even their own Cafe!!! hahaha! They are also the only idols who dare to take on any concepts! On a side note, i really really hope they succeed with this cafe, and not just attract customers who are fans coz that wouldnt be too good for long term investments. Anyway, im sooo gonna find my way to this shop when i visit koreaaa!!! I think i'll feel as if im in heaven there ahahaha T-ARA HWAITING!
  4. Sometimes I really think netizens are TOOOO free, they probably said jiyeon is hindering t-ara because of all the controversies she have been facing with, which probably gives people a bad image of t-ara but seriously?! What about all the good things she has done! There are probably a million more amazing and good points about jiyeon than these few stupid controversies. After all, I got introduced to t-ara because of jiyeon in god of study in the first place, and I believe many others too. Seriously, if netizens want them to do better they should come up with good points to encourage and motivate the members to even to even do better, doing this kind of xxxx will only demoralize them, what more jiyeon is only a teenager, how the hell do they want her to improve if they themselves keep on destroying her confidence. No matter what, jiyeon hwaiting!
  5. I applaud ccm for speaking up, but honestly, saying that jiyeon Is tired didn
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