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  1. i think this topic should be tagged as Europe Photos.. The photos above was not taken in Paris but Europe anyway, thanks for sharing
  2. TTL is awesome!! I love this version where only had the girls voice..but why there's no Eunjung and Hyomin high note in the end?? tbh i was a little disappointed because i was anticipating it so much since it's been a while Eunjung and Hyomin had their high note part (although this is remake song) but the other songs sound great too..Keep Out and T-aratic Magic Music are awesome..
  3. anyone have compilation link for this pics? i have trouble for saving them one by one >.<
  4. anyone have the compilation link to DL this photo set? since it's too much for me to save it one by one
  5. Jiyeon will be an "unnie"..Jiyeon unnie..oh gosh i wonder if i will even get used to this.. i always look at JIyeon as T-ara's baby, but whatever.. She'll always be my Maknae Baby Dino
  6. the new member is a 3rd year high school? she must be younger than Jiyeonie? but whatever, Jiyeon will always be my maknae forever
  7. It's just so so so bad.. please get well soon jiyeonieeee.. Hope your knee can recover soon and you have no problem following the Japanese promotion.. Wish you all the best! Hwaiting! Diadems u! We'll pray for you!
  8. Haaaaaaaaappy birthday to you!!! Have fun and may your wishes come true! And don't forget to stay happy!!! :D

  9. Wow.. Are they really chosen? That's just cool right? Though I admit that these days, lots of idols that became actresses.. LOL.. That's cool, but kinda pity on actresses.. LOL..
  10. LOL.. actually I have no idea what Heroes is.. Is it drama? or what? Well, can't meet everyday is okay as long as they still keep contact They're still young and they deserve to have a bit fun! Though I'm pretty sure that they're having fun because they're not just working, but also doing their hobby
  11. Wow.. She just looks so beautiful there.. Nice picture shared! Guess she went back earlier than other members.. She must be really busy.. Maknae, but is the busiest one.. Jjang!!
  12. Wow.. Nice confession Haha.. Well, I got twitter account too, but I really don't understand how to play..
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