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  1. makes me want to buy one, but can't afford! rageeeeee t-ara
  2. sleeping beauties for sure!!!!!! please keep the photos coming, love them! t-ara hwaiting!!
  3. don't normally watchthe drama but i may make an exception for her xD, hyomin hwaiting!
  4. loved their co-op in TTL, I hope they do more they are so close it would seem xD hwaiting!
  5. the vid was great! the fans at the end was an awesome touch, a real testament to their love for t-ara!!!
  6. hope she gets better >< I hope she does great in the movie and can't wait to so it!!! hwaiting hyomin!
  7. so lucky!!! wish I coulda been there! Maybe I will settle by photoshoping myself in there...lol jk! Nice pics
  8. can't wait for the pics!!!! I hope they continue on for many years xDDDDDDD hwaiting!
  9. she definitely needs the rest but it shows her determination and commitment to have still made it. Too awesome!
  10. Really love roly poly, especially all the mvs!!! hope they do the same for the remake hwaiting!
  11. wahhh I love Ha Jiwon's acting!! Those are some high expectations but it just comes down to experience. If she keeps acting, she will eventually make a name for herself and maybe surpass her xD.
  12. Ahhh so proud of her :], even with her busy schedule she helps out xD keep up the good work!
  13. omggg I cannot wait, I loved part 2 hopefully this will be even better!!
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