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  1. Aigoo..this happens to me a lot..but my stolen shots don't look half as good as this.... Just gotta hand it to this girl....sleeping anywhere and still looking so friggin cute... Eunjung don't overwork yourself!!!Get some rest...
  2. Woah!!!! I soo cannot wait to watch that... Eunjung's gonna kill that performance for sure (even w/ a leg injury) tsk, tsk such a courageous girl... For sure I'm gonna be restless for the rest of the day.. anxiously waiting for dream high... Yoon Baek Hee Hwaiting!!!!
  3. Jam Eunjung strikes again..LOL How can she be that cute even when she's sleeping?! When I sleep, I look like ??? ack... My Eunjung needs a rest, stat!!
  4. The article I read 'bout Dream High said that Eunjung's character Yoon Baek Hee "is a student that confidently passes the audition for
  5. I sooo want these so bad... So cute.. with signatures and all...
  6. Woah... I soo want one of those...ottoke... Wonder where I could get one...
  7. OMG!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! Moon brothers and T-ara... This shows gonna be the end of me.... Ahh, 6 more days and I'll be watching Mason, Mavin and Maden with the girls... >be patient, be patient< Honestly, I don't know who's luckier, the cute Moon brothers or our lovely T-ara girls.. Hmm, what I'm sure of is I'm going to watch this show clutching my heart asking myself how can people as lovely as them exist...
  8. Awww.. I hope this is true - - that Eunjung gets the role.. It would be another big break for her (OMG! Bae Young Jun!! >squels<) Lucky, lucky Eunjung...
  9. Yu Yi


    I thought there's a fleck of dust or some stain on my screen and i kept rubbing it off... Until I realized that it's on Eunjung's face... LOL Uhmm, maybe they're going for a Marilyn Monroe look and gave her a beauty mark. Or maybe because in the MV, the girls drew a big mole on her poster..??? Anyway, I love her in the MV. She was so cute, like a little cute puppy (perhaps, bec of the hair?), and gawd!! the nails, so cute... (except for the mole thing on her face that's kinda distracting)
  10. WOW so excited!! Finally, we're going to see the girls again..I miss the girls so much...Wonder where I can access this show... Trying to wait patiently for T-ARA'S comeback... I don't know if this shows gonna help me with the waiting or just make me more anxious for the release of their album... Anyway T-ARA HWAITING!! Eun jung(ie) Saranghaeyo...
  11. Eunjung and Hyomin!!! They're so cute together....
  12. Yu Yi


  13. Yu Yi


    WOW!!! Eunjung Daebak!!! How I wish I could do that..... So jealous of her right now... How can anyone be so lucky.. Got the brains, beauty, charm, HOT body, luscious hair, expressive eyes, leadership skills, cuteness, the VOICE, hot dance moves, acting skills and now sports... Gosh, Eunjung the list just goes on and on...
  14. So sweet of T-ara to support Jiyeon's movie..Come to think of it, from the start they're really nice and humble girls. And really supportive of their members. That's why I L.O.V.E. them... T-ARA LOVE.. Ohh..I'm so envious of those people who got to watch DB2 with T-ARA How I wish I'm in Korea right now..then I could watch DB2 everyday, even though I'm not into suspense-horror movies (big scaredycat), just to see them and watch the movie with them....daydreaming.. How I really wish to see all of the T-ARA girls in person....pretty, pretty please... Anyway, thanks for the pics At least, even if it's just pics, I could imagine I was there watching with them..lol.. MUCH LOVE DIADEM!! T-ARA JJANG!!
  15. ohh... Qri is sooo pretty.... What a lucky guy, Oh Mun Seok When will the drama start? It's only a short drama, right? Qri do your best!!! Hwaiting!!! We will support you all the way... T-ARA JJANG!!
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