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  1. most anticipating eunjung movie! she always did the best in every movies and dramas! eunjung hwaitinnnnggg!
  2. leader on outside activities! hyomin fighting. but i really do think boram is doing a great job as a leader. shes good in answering questions
  3. t-ara always succesful with all their cathcy songs. they should be called the best catchy female group.
  4. i hope diadem will sub this show. or have they? love to see both in action together, as always
  5. t-ara goes big in japan! 70 000 is a huge archievements! lucky japanese fans
  6. hahaha i need to change my nick from homoni to horomi. horror hyomin sounds cute!
  7. not surprise why the scared of water. south korea sea is freezing cold. enjung should learn how to swim. enjung fighting
  8. the pictures looks like instagram effect on iphone. this must have set a new trends to all fans with iphone
  9. soyeon fighting! learning korean is easy, japanese is kinda hard to learn and master
  10. love love love this concept. they should stay with the cute laid back concept. sexy just not really match with them
  11. so disappointed. havent got the chance to chase eunjung. will she ever come to malaysia again?
  12. eunjung in malaysiaaaaa? nooooooo... havent got the chance to get the latest news
  13. hahaha check out jiyeon tired sitting post. she is a tomboy inside. aegyoooooo
  14. i love all the retro ste pictures. all t-ara members really suits this kin of image. hyomin specially
  15. hwayoung looks like she is the olders eventhough she is the youngest. while boram looks younger than everyone else
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