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  1. i'm using youtube downloader....anyway,it's working now.thanks a lot.really appreciated it
  2. i'm trying to d/l this video but it failed too so i thought of maybe it works on dailymotion
  3. she looks awesome. hyomin is so pretty and cute. i really miss her so much. thank you
  4. it's so cool. can't wait to watch her movie soon.
  5. Hyomin is so pretty and sexy. i love her smile.
  6. hyomin is so cool. i just love it. it's different kind of style. she is just so awesome.
  7. she is as always so beautiful even with that simple style. great.
  8. i really like Hyomin's style over here. she looks just so awesome.
  9. they look pretty. especially Hyomin. i like her style. she's cool
  10. I hate that reporter. Poor girl.be strong,hyomin! I will always support u no matter what and Just like your lovely smile again. Fighting!
  11. hope that everything will be fine at the press conference. hyomin fighting! be strong. i am so proud of you,Hyomin (my bias).
  12. hyomin is so cute. i like her style. she just looks so good in any style.
  13. thanks for the pictures. hyomin is so pretty. she looks so awesome. just love her style.
  14. Hyomin and Jiyeon are so cute. they are holding hands. minyeon
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