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  1. Hey! Happy Birthday!~<3 I Hope You Have a great 13.. or was it 14? LOL! Have Fun!~<3 T-ARA HWAITING!

  2. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you-hoooooo~ Happy birthday to you! All the best in life and enjoy your day!!! :D

  3. Hey ya!

    Do you know that Eunjung had forum?

    here the link if you want to join. Keke~


  4. does minhyuk just play the drums? can he sing at all?

  5. WAHH~~~ Minhyuk!! I love him! Hello!!

  6. Yah Yah!! You Haven't been on lately!! Hehe.. Ohh My Dongsaeng Studying? Hehe;)) Fighting Junnie!! Hehe;) Keep it up! Bye Bye!~ ^__^

  7. i think its because they failed the mission... i guess they planned that if one team fails that means that team cannot take care of babies... idk...it talks about that at when jiyeon ans soyeon failed the mission so sad....i hope its just to scare them and in the end they still get to take care of the babies
  8. omg im getting it when i go to korea but gosh...5000 - 15000...so expensive for stationary...
  9. the show is actually really sad. jiyeon and soyeon failed the mission first so they wont be shown in hello baby at all even if the other 2 teams pass the mission. if eunjung's or qri's team dont pass it would just be the end of hello baby... ....i hope this wont happen....for mblaq they didnt pass the exam so the show ended...so this could happen to t-ara as well...i hope that wont happen...):
  10. she is so cuteee xD Boram unnie JJANG~ all the pics look so pretty~
  11. Aha~ Yes! I Just Love hammie's Eyesmile;) I've been cheating on our Eunjeong for a while O__O' Kehehe!~ Go'in back to her soon;)) Yah! Hwaiting!:D Thanks for visitng;)

  12. lolzz


    i love that girl ^^

  13. thank you unnie~~~


  14. OMGOSHHHH~!!! i was so happy when found this info on the internet!!!! ITS MASONNNNN♥
  15. Oh I live in the United.KINGDOM!

    nO JUSTPLAY'INN;) i LIVE IN THE USA! Kehehe;) Yah! I LOVE KARA AND MBLAQ AND BEAST TOO! My favorite from Kara is seungyeon^^ Yah Dongsaeng and unnie hwaiting!;)

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