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  1. [12.08.02] Jo Harang comment on T-ara's situation "It must stop now!" Jo Harang decided to speak about T-ara's current situation of bullying. Jo Harang tweeted on July 30th, "You're here, but you're invisible. One day feels like a year, breathing is easy but you feel uneasy. The entertainment industry has the same environment as schools, companies, societies, institutes...This witch-hunting must stop for sure!" The next day, Jo Harang continued to post on Twitter this: "Starting from a young age, children start to acknowledge that you need to work hard in life [to get what you want], and you focus on this so much that you don't put any of your time into building a "relationship" and lack social skills. Lacking the experience of having a social life and troubles to maintain a relationship doesn't fade away when you suddenly elevate yourself into a high position (celebrey/famous)." Jo Harang was a member of "Jewelry", a group that also had to face a bullying controversy in the past, with her being the "witch-hunted member." Jo Harang tweeted again 31th July, exposing her uncomfortable heart: "The problem is brought by the public with a witch-hunt, even if it's not true [the rumor of bullying]. It was hard for me, back then, to have to read such articles [about me]. It is important [for T-ara] to overcome this and to live in the present." Netizens have reacted to these tweets saying thing like "Jo Harang seems to have troubles in her heart", "it seems that even idols are now refocusing themselves on the truth." "We need to brush off [this rumor] now" **** Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120802n30382 Translated by: shining star`★ @diadem *Usually don't post articles about Tweets from T-ara/other celebrities in the news section but this is different because she went through the same exact situation as the T-ara members being "witch-hunted."
  2. Kim Kwangsoo need to learn how to deal with the press/public opinion. So far all his statement tends to prove the contrary of what they announced in the precedent press release. (ie Hwayoung "misbehaviour"). So far he looks like if he trying to "persecute" Hwayoung with all these press statement claiming that behave badly and all, while trying to make T-ara looks good. Honestly KKS needs to stop talking to the press, and let the fans digest the current news about Hwayoung. Right now that only thing is is doing is making T-ara looks bad.
  3. I knew this big announcement was about hwayoung quitting the group...Too much negative press for T-ara due to the rumors regarding Hwayoung. I'm not going to comment about the whole "bullying thing because we don't know what really happen. However CCM PR Team needs to be slapped or go back to school, like seriously. All these press statements, only reinforce the fact that Hwayoung might have been bullied and was for sure an outcast in the group. You don't claim that the "supposed bullied" member was an outcast because of her attitude. It's like throwing alcohol to stop a fire. it make things worse, because now every one feels like CCM is trying to hide something, and put all the blame on the leaving members, this case Hwayoung, when the leaving member can't "defend" herself (ie she doesn't have a PR team or a company to back her up) this basically mean she cost too much money with this neg press, might as well end her contract, but too be sure she will not grow as a free artist let's spread some rumors about her misbehavior.
  4. Doesn't surprise, CCM handled this case so badly that it backfire to T-ara. I'm sure this PD is the first but not the last who will do this kind of announcement. Too bad for the girls.
  5. this is my first fanfic ongoing...hope u'll like it..leave comment please


  6. I just hope we'll able to hear the song during the teaser! I'm always afraid that we will only get 50 sec of close shot with some weird intro, instead of having the real song. I'm so excited about their comeback.
  7. Coucou~~ J'ai vu dans ta "about me" section, que tu sais parler 5 langues~ impressionant ^^

  8. Hayyyyy, are you a sone too? ^_^

  9. T-ara Soyeon "3-4 male idols have asked me out" T-ara Soyeon made an honest confession about being asked out by males idols. Soyeon appeared in KBS2 "Variety School- 100 Points out of 100". When she was asked the question, "Did any male idols ask you out?" She confessed with, "3-4 male idols have asked me out before." The MCs then asked her, "By chance did one of these person is from one of the group present today?". Soyeon was too embarrassed to answer to this question. Supreme Team Simon Di commented with a smile, "If you type Soyeon name in a internet search motor a dating rumor will pop out." Last year a lot of rumors appeared about Soyeon dating Supreme Team member E-sens. Others idols present during the show was HOT's Tony An, Schekies's Eun Jiwon, Baby Vox's Kang MiYeon, Shinwha's Kim Dongwan, GOD's Kim Taewoo. *** Source: http://n.breaknews.com/sub_read.html?uid=159068&section=sc4 Written by -- Translated by shining star`★ @tiaradiadem.com I have already a few guess about who asked her out. I wonder how Yani will react to this ^^
  10. T-ara Hyomin shows that she has the best connections among idols "I have 1000 phone numbers in my cellphone." T-ara Hyomin shows that she has the best connections among the idols. Through Mnet "Dream Girls", T-ara are currently working with the senator Na KyeongWon. This day Hyomin and Jiyeon had to call their acquaintances to do a public survey. The theme was "Is appearance considered important?" While calling her friends, Hyomin revealed "I have over 941 contacts in my cellphone. Among them, Kara, Beast and other idols. But also respected senior like Hwang Jungmin and Song Euni". Jiyeon looked with envy to Hyomin declared "I'm jealous I only have 70 contacts." To promote this event T-ara organized a free buffet. Among the dishes there are beef, pork etc. Senator Na Kyeonwon participed in the event to support them. *** Source:http://star.mk.co.kr/new/view.php?mc=ST&no=26107&year=2011 Written by: Lee HyunWoo Translated by shining star`★ @tiaradiadem.com Seriously Hyomin?! 941!? That's insane. Hyomin is more than popular in the music industry for sure.
  11. Boram "T-ara usually doesn't starve and eats better than other girl groups" Boram speaks up about her food habits. Jeon YoungRok and Jeon Boram appeared the 3rd January on the TV Show "Newsen Issues-People" and talked about the behind the scene who occurs in the entertainment world. This day, Jeon YoungRok revealed that he felt sorry towards Boram. He declared, "I feel particularly sorry toward Boram, but a lot of people aren't starving." Boram continued by revealing, "It's not like I'm starving all the time, sometimes I don't realize I'm hungry. Sometimes I just eat a cherry, tomato, or sweet potato. If I don't, I won't appear pretty on screen." She then added "Compared to other girl groups, T-ara members eat a lot." which provoked a lot of laugh. However Jeon YoungRok couldn't hide his sadness when he revealed that he felt bad to know that his daughter couldn't eat whatever she wants. "On screen she looks a bit chubbier but in reality she is really light." Both Jeon Boram and Jeon YoungRok are starring in the hit musical "I Really Really Like You." *** Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=20...%BC%BE%C6%B6%F3 Written by Jeon Won Translated by shining star`★
  12. why hi there!~

    super star shining star super starrrr :DDDD

  13. KBS Music Festival T-ara Jiyeon"Smile and stop the expressionless face" Today during the KBS Music Festival, T-ara member Jiyeon displayed various face expressions and smiled during the entire performance. T-ara have performed the popular Bo Peep Bo Peep and shared the stage with cute children. They also performed I Go Crazy Because of You, and this time showed their charismatic and sexy sides. It seems that Jiyeon was specially careful tonight. She smiled a lot and showed dozens of facial expressions. It looks like the debate about Jiyeon's professionalism isn't ready to end. *** Source: http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1293715773118204010 Written by: Lee KyungHo Translated by shining star`★ @tiaradiadem.com
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