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  1. Boram cut her hair, too. I was liking her long straight hair but she looks cute with this hairdo. ^^
  2. Why i'm not surprised? >< I didn't sleep for teaser lol Its 5:30 AM in Turkey!
  3. I believe our leader can do it! Yaay i'm so happy for her. (: I hope she will gain a lot of fan! Fighting leader Sso
  4. Hokey Pokey? Another funny song name after Lovey Dovey and Roly Poly lol Uhm, i really wonder how can people guess the whole album.
  5. I can like that if boys call as 'King' LOL It will be so special
  6. They are from Co-ed School. Co-ed School is from CCM and they debut at 2010. You can see them in LD Zombie vers too
  7. She already played baseball..^^ And you're right she was adorable in pink xD
  8. LOL!! I think its old event. Because Jiyeon and Qri's hairdo T.T Or Jiyeon makes black her hair again ??
  9. Wanna watch it live .. But can't find channel names >< Ottoke can't wait anymore !!!
  10. Demet

    Oww sorry I see ur comment today >.< Yess I understand cause of your ID ^^ Demet is Turkish name xD Imm its mean 'bunch' ^^ But I don't know Sava's mean T.T Whick language ?? Anyway, good bye <3 ^^

  11. Demet

    Hey Sava ^^ I'm admin Yeonism :D Hehe I saw your comment about Eunjung&jiyeon couple :) Really what a good chance~^^

  12. Noori & Hwayoung ---> LOVE She is so pretty ~ Thank u ^^ Zeynep sen KF deki saylan_
  13. I wanna download them but there sn't any link T.T Can you put link ?? Anyway thank you (: Jiyeon so pretty as always !!
  14. Who says Jiyeon isnt pretty without makeup ! She is still cute pretty for me Her eyes are so cute I want to kiss them
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