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  1. -To Eunjung, how is your relationship with your husband on 'We Got Married'? "Honestly, we've only met around five times. I think we need to see each other more to get closer. 'Janggoon nim' does natural skinship. Seeing as how our manager isn't there on the set, he does whatever he wants like that. I can't turn it down(laughs)." Sounds wrong okay? -How did you all prepare in order to effectively give that retro feel of 'Roly Poly'? "(Soyeon) A lot of people have asked me if I was actually a 68'er, I'm not really sure why I know so much about those things either. When I think about it, it must feel natural to me because I grew up as if I was my mother and aunt's friend. Preparing for this concept was strangely easy. On top of that, the acting in the music video was 100% adlibs, I'm not sure why I know so well about those things, but it was fun." HAHAHAHA. As expected of Soyeon. -Do you have any plans to promote overseas besides Japan? "We've been to Thailand and Singapore before, there was a good response so if the opportunity arises we want to try going there as well. Whichever country we go to, as long as there's one fan, we're thankful." Come back soon!! Thanks for sharing!
  2. emo. but nevermind as all good things are worth the wait!
  3. To be honest, if no one says anything, I would have thought it is a professional stylist who is dressing 5dolls up. WOW. Hyomin can do side line as a professional stylist! LOLZ. She is good, really befitting of her status as a fashionista. Hope she will one day dress up T-ara too! haha
  4. hahahahahahahaha. This is unavoidable... especially since both Eunjung and Geonil are from the same agency. I can understand the feeling of Jang Woo. I mean, Geonil is tall and handsome and stuff... any guy would feel uncomfortable when their girlfriend, or in this case, "wife" gets too close to him. it would be really fun to see how would Geonil react to Jang Woo comments and actions though. haha.
  5. Woo! That is great news! So Yeon vocals is one of the best and I have absolute confidence her vocals will shine even more in this collaboration. So Yeon hwaiting!
  6. Wah sad! Must be because she has other schedules... or even homework. haha But her airport sense is nice, simply yet classy.
  7. hahahahahaha. "Sleepwear"? What a term! Having one of the strongest sense of fashion in T-ara, plus with such a beautiful face, hyomin can pull off any look she wants and still look gorgeous. jeez. envy ah...
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA. As expected of our Queen So Yeon. It is normal for ppl to have branded bags i guess. Besides, her parents dote on her. Just refer to the HahaMong show. haha She is an idol no doubt. haha
  9. Seriously, those guys need to get a life. Celebrities are human too and they may make mistakes too. The fact that they apologise shows how good they are. But returning these apologies with even more bad comments, these guys need to be slapped a thousand times.
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