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  1. Hehe. I love Hyo Min's hat. It looks so cute. :x:x OMG look at Ji Yeon's shoes.LOL I wondered why she's taller than Hwa Young and I just find the answer by myself )
  2. I really want to see them on this show. It's very funny.
  3. Wow! T-ara Jjang! Hehe I hope they will success in Japan too
  4. Again? Why does CCM always do that to me? I've kept waiting this MV for whole day
  5. Hehe. Can't wait to see this ver. Our girls seem to be so busy now. T-ara hwaiting!
  6. Hm. He looks cute. But don't think he looks like Ji Yeon. She just looks like her real brother. Hehehe
  7. Haha. Poor our 2 maknaes I hope HyoMin will give them a CD when this movie release so that they can watch it at home )
  8. Wow! T-ara daebak!! Can't wait until the Euro-dance ver. release
  9. I love the outfits. They look so cute with them. But i can't find this perf
  10. I wonder what is she doing in there? and what's she gonna do if a guy see her? She's just so cute and naughty..
  11. How cute they are!! I like the 3rd pic so much!! :x:x
  12. They're so funny. I love In Young's glasses. It looks very unique. I want to see our Ji Yeonnieeee cheerful like this. She's has been very tired recently. (If I type wrong somewhere, please overlook. I'm not good at English. I'm Vietnamese )
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