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  1. Waiting....after so long. They're back with 6. Let us hope for a nice album!
  2. It is definitely saddening to see more of our favourite T-ara members getting injured or sick.... : ( But things will definitely turn for the better!
  3. Hmm, the teaser is launching on Monday! Cool. Looking forward for another interesting concept by T-ara.
  4. Oh my......Soyeon noona is getting prettier each day! Hehe.....really hope to see her becoming the leader one day!
  5. Completely DAEBAK! This time round, Roly-Poly is going to sweep every chart like a tsunami!
  6. It is definitely nice to know that T-ara is gaining popularity in other countries and they knew it!!! That's a great thing for all Diadems and also the other fans in other countries! They are coming to S'pore in a few days time, lets hope T-ara can give a great performance to all concert goers!
  7. This is definitely a good news! Iriver's choice to choose T-ara as their models are perfect!
  8. I think Soyeon noona is not only a powerhouse singer, now she can be a dancing queen too!
  9. She looks freaking cool in her outfit! Guess she is making her way back by her own due to her schedule?
  10. It is definitely saddening to see Heroes to end because it is really an interesting show! Let us hope it can bring us more surprises throughout the last few ep....
  11. Oh my! Gotta pity Hyomin as she is really tired. But her father was also quite funny though!
  12. Is my eyes playing tricks on me? My goodness! But Eunjung really look cool with this image! = ) Hope we can see more transformation on her in the future.
  13. It is always glad to hear their wishes be it for Chuseok or Lunar new Year! Boram hoping for a boyfriend? Oops....But nevertheless, I wish T-ara will have great success in JAPAN!
  14. it is nice to hear that Soyeon has the mass appeal! Ultimately let's us hope she can find her Mr Right.
  15. Nice to hear that though. Not to say T-ara is not popular enough, but it is always better to build a solid popularity foundation in your home country first before going abroad.
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