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  1. Just when you think that things are going to blow over, CCM manages to xxxx xxxx up yet again. The smarter t-ara members need to pull a jyj.
  2. one way to help this blow over is for the ceo to step aside for a half a year or so. even if he just appoints a figurehead. he just keeps making everything worse.
  3. didn't nam gyuri call kks the devil after all he did to her, including slandering her in the media?
  4. the only possibility i see with something like this is transferring her to 5dolls with her twin sister. which should have been done in the first place if the tiara members weren't getting along with her.
  5. i'm sick of all of these people saying anyone who has a problem with this situation isn't a queen or isn't a t-ara fan. you can be disappointed in people that you like. I think everyone in t-ara and the ceo need to just come clean. say something like, "yes, we were harsh on her, maybe even bullied her. But sometimes that happens when a new person joins a group. we're really sorry that we couldn't get along with hwayoung." It's not going to satisfy everyone, but it'll go a long way toward protecting their image. staying silent and letting the CEO keep digging his own grave with idiotic statements is not helping.
  6. this guy is smearing hwayoung so bad that i don't know if she has any choice but to sue. he's trying to poison the entire industry against her. he's making up staff complaints. i think he thinks he's so clever and that he's just going to the edge of actionable slander, but this is definitely something that can result in a legal case and cause problems for t-ara and ccm for years. what a moron. and i'm sure he's going to just keep digging himself deeper in the coming days. does his company not have a single lawyer on staff?
  7. this guy is such a passive agressive, manipulative asshole. he realized he's xxxxed up and doesn't want to be a villain, so now he's trying to put the burden on hwayoung, by pretending that there's a possibility that she can come back, while making it absolutely clear that he doesn't want her back by constantly talking xxxx about her in the media. i'm staring to wonder if he's bipolar or something.
  8. wow, he is really unprofessional. it's one thing to kick her out, even if he believes she deserves it, but to list the number of people who were complaining about her and, bizarrely, their profession is not something a CEO with half a brain would do. \
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