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  1. looking forward to DANI's acting!! tbh...dont really like hyoyoung :/ anyway good luck to both!!! ps. to people saying its ironic that school is actually where Dani should be right now How do you actually know she is not going to school???????
  2. its deleted can someone give another link pleaseee!!!!!!! >< i realy wanna hear
  3. for full package what songs does it have??? thx
  4. Yeahhhhh lighter hair for the follow up promotion black eyes??????!! Im so excited!!!!!!!!! Love jiyeon
  5. you are the luckiest guy! i wish i could meet and talk to jiyeon! i know it would never happen anyway +_+ *sad*
  6. jiyeon is cute as ever hyomins hand bag LV
  7. jiyeon!!!!!!!! why are u so pretty!!! shenis so cute
  8. they they are so cute especially jiyeon and hyomin cant wait for their comeback!!!1
  9. woooohhhhhhh!! 70000!!! there are loads of japanese fans out there!! t-ara fighting
  10. jiyeonnnn!!! ur so pretty i dreamt that i met u and took a photo with u last night arggg really wanna hug her !!!!!!!
  11. argggggg!!!!!!! make my day cant wait for 1st july!!! i will finish all exams by then i feel like crying right now full of happiness cant wait to see jiyeon and hyomin!
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