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  1. what??? any rumour of ryu twins switch! ? lol t-ara is not soccer match you know! ! No. Sorry tbh i dont like that idea. Its hard to me to accept 6-ara to 7-ara but now when I learn to accept 7-ara, and this 7-ara growing in me... What is this? changing again? huh change in concept, solo debut, i def accept.. but in member NEVER ever I do.
  2. ahh.. back to study now!! pyong~

  3. hi^^ how are you..? long time no see.. :)

    1. uuee219


      do you remember me??? lol xD

  4. ahehehe no unnie~

    everyone's getting old. :)

  5. Happy new year too ;) Ahh yes.. It's coming .. I'm getting old hahaha XDD

  6. Happy new year unnie!!! ur birthday's nearing!

  7. Yeah.. I will root for you too..! I hope T-ara will promote TM in Phlike they did before in Taiwan. and when it comes true.. dont forget tosnap many pictures of T-ara as possible as you can and share with us . Did you get the poster ? I mean TM also provides T-ara's promotionalposter for TM. I think TM's staff will give you unless you dont ask forit.
  8. Sieg.. if you wanna so bad.. you can go to TM with your sister or your eomma or your girl friend then get the poster ! TM provides T-ara's promotional poster for TM too !! Ok. Good luck sieg !!
  9. Aaackkkkkk..... second picture is the best !! They are so kuteee !! I'm gonna make that picture as my wallpaper hoot hoot *runs
  10. Could you please flooding JYP twitter with suggestion to make Jiyeon as leading role not just main role.. and dont turn uri Jiyeonnie to the evil one !! Grrr.... JYP watch out!! D;<<
  11. Cry Cry now coz I'm too happy !! :') I'm happy but in other side I'm worry too.. You know what JYP did to EJ << I cant accept that. So, I agree with someone who said that JYP troll EJ :/. Now, I hope please dont give jiyeon bad character, I know, playing a bad character is more challenging than cute/simple/so so girl. But, how about audience ? Many of them cant distinguish the real and act =.= . At the end, they hate the actor/actress , for eg. My friend,, because of DH she dislike EJ, she is so into SZ. Man... How can you blame EJ !!?? T.T And I'm curious about "How Main the main is !?" . So, I just hope the best for Jiyeonnie.. The most important is How far DH2 will show us Jiyeon's acting talent.. !! Yeah,, fighting JIyeon. You're my reason to watch DH2. *honestly, I just watch EJ's cut and read recaps in DB for DH ;p , maybe I'll do it again, if ... you know.. hehehe
  12. ani ani,, I'm not from thailand I'm from Philppines. :/> hehe but I do hope that thailand is very much okay.

  13. Are you okay :o ? Thailand got hit by flooding, didnt it ? So, I hope you and your fams are fine.. :)

  14. ooo... okay then~

    good luck for your final exam!!! :)

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