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  1. Happy Birthday! ^__^~<3 Great wishes to Diadem and You!

  2. Dedication right there. I think Hyomin's character is my favorite other than ByungSoo ! ^^
  3. I knew she shared a room with Soyeon and Eunjung, cause of Haha Mong Show, an empty bed was shown. She seems cute and I'm in love with Co.Ed. (: Waiting for November.
  4. I really like their hanboks. I kinda forgot that all the girls have done work in acting, Soyeon is upcoming though. I'm so anticipating the new album and the new member. Wishing the girls a great Chuseok. (:
  5. I was hoping they would get lightsticks. (: It's cute and I really want one nowww !
  6. That's a super cute photo. That's kinda sad that she hasn't them for a long time. It must been hard for her. HahaMong Show.
  7. I've up for the addition of a new member. But, it'll take awhile to say Jiyeon is not maknae anymore. I don't really understand what Core Contents Media is doing anymore. I just read the SeeYa's Soomi's article, but if it's for the best. All right. Now, I'm just waiting for T-ara's comeback.
  8. Jiyeon is so cute. & so is Yoon SiYoon, I was surprised when I read they kissed more then 300 times for Death Bell 2. They would look cute together. ^^
  9. Now I get it, it's different from the idol groups, that's for sure. I wonder if they switch leaders like Jiyeon or Ryu Hwa Young, wouldn't it be kinda weird as maknaes as leaders at one point. It's smart though every member will receive attention, but it'll get confusing, then, after they switch leader position, every member will get ex-leader at one point, wouldn't that look weird.
  10. I'm kinda interesting in the sudden leader change. I'm find with an addition to T-ara. I'm really curious about her vocal or dance abilities. (: I remember her from Star King. I'm sad that Jiyeon is no longer maknae, just like Sohee, when Lim came, but I like Lim, she's really sweet. But, I hope T-ara's lineup won't change anymore. I know it's not gonna be the same, but i'll try to support it.
  11. I don't get it, because of Hyomin and Jiyeon said they were tired from their schedules. I'm unsure about the change. The addition of a new member and Eunjung no longer a leader. I like all the members, but Boram, I understand oldest is usually the leader, but for me Eunjung was a really great leader. & for the new member, I hope she fits in the group. I don't get what Core Contents Media is trying to do. I'm still trying to understand the whole change. I REALLY dislike it when they switch members in and out/change line-ups. My thought of the change was : Qri & Boram getting some of Jiyeon and Hyomin's schedules to take a load off of them. OR A VACATION, they haven't really got one since they debuted. IDK what to say, good luck. RETHINKING; I know Boram is oldest , but if they were to change from Eunjung as leader, I could see potential in Soyeon to be leader. I don't get the leader change , it's REALLY making me think why the change.
  12. Disbandment seemed way O_O for me. I mean it's less than a year that they've debuted. As long as the change is a good thing, I can relax and wait for the 23rd for the official announcement. Thank you so much for translating.
  13. I seriously do not want anything bad. The 23rd is so far away from now at the moment. & the rumors are ):< at the moment for me. I hope the company works something out. I mean the girls are tired from the schedule, why couldn't they give them a break ? T_T
  14. HAHA. Boram you are so cute. To be honest, I thought Boram was a maknae [well now she is kinda a visual maknae]. Poor Boram, she's the oldest but shortest and Jiyeon is the tallest, yet youngest.
  15. She looks the same to me, and to be honest, I wonder why they found this now, it's been around for awhile. So I guess Jiyeon and Victoria are close friends. (:
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