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  1. Eunjung's Japanese has definitely improved a lot!! You go girl! And i love the part where Eunjung said "Dame desu!", and Jiyeon doesnt wanna stop filming her lol!
  2. Awwww hope there will be an Android version too next time!!!>< I must try this game.. It's gonna be awesome!
  3. KYAA EUNYEON!!! Those two being lovey dovey again kekeke
  4. OMG im seriously addicted too Banisuta!!! It's such a lovely and addicting song, and the MV is DAEBAK!~ The line distribution is finally even now.. So glad that Boram has more lines!
  5. Jiyeon GODDESS *0* Thank you for uploading these pics I love them all~
  6. Thank you for sharing the pictures! I love these Japanese covers:)
  7. Thank you so much for the uploads! I love EunYeon
  8. Boram!! Please eat more! It really pains me to her losing weight when she dosent need to:( I hope the rest of the girls can have a proper meal too!
  9. Agree! I do realise that Hwayoung was being an "outcast" during the show, as she was playing with Maden for most of the time:( But yea their relationship did improve alot ever since. All the best for T-ara and Hwayoung! Hwaiting!
  10. Time heals. Day by day, these rumours will be cleared up and the culprits will be revealed soon. T-ARA HWAITING!!! HWAYOUNG HWAITING!!! QUEEN'S HWAITING!!!~~
  11. YEA THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT. This better be a seek-for-attention act.
  12. hi!! Nice to meet you too!:D Eunjung<3333333

  13. omg! y did Eunjung change her signature......<img src="http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif" alt="" class="bbc_emoticon">
  14. Love Boram with this hairstyle!! It really suits her....
  15. hi~hi~ haha....♥Eunjung!! hehe.....

  16. Eunjung!!!....T_T....Hope she will get well soon....aww im gonna miss her on stage again
  17. lol..how cute of Eunjung to have this sleeping habit!
  18. wow! kahi looks like a sister to jiyeon here...taking care of jiyeon
  19. Soyeon!! I hope she gets well soon...really admire the fact that she doesn't mind these fans....
  20. cool t-shirt...but shouldn't the name of the t-shirt be PLAYMONSTERS?
  21. Omg! Boram's hair looks like Eunjung's! If Eunjung was there,they would look like sisters!
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