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    Tiaralover10 reacted to JohanaUS_Tara in [12.10.19] "T-ara's Confession" members crying.. Will Hwayoung's exit be mentioned?   
    First Netizens wants to know what really happen, and then when T-ara decides to talk they show negative comments..Whats wrong with them...
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    Tiaralover10 reacted to DanielTan in [12.09.20] T-ara to hold various concerts across Asia next year   
    Wow Singapore....I have to save money to see them there
    Fantastic GB must be equally greeted with fantastic fans! Go Queen's!
    I really love to see them succeed outside Korea
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    Tiaralover10 reacted to KookieS in [12.09.20] T-ara to hold various concerts across Asia next year   
    WHOOOOHOOO SINGAPORE!!! DAEEEEEBAKKKKK!~~~ Looking forward to it!!! kekekeke T-ara
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    Tiaralover10 reacted to nathaniel in [12.08.02] T-ara to reach 150,000 fans in Japanese arena tour next year   
    [12.08.02] T-ara to reach 150,000 fans in Japanese arena tour next year

    T-ara plans to embark on an arena tour next year in Japan.
    T-ara's Japanese agency EMI JAPAN and J-ROCK have said, "All artists dream of being able to have arena tours. T-ara is planning to have an arena tour in Japan next year."
    According to their Japanese agency, T-ara want to reach over 150,000 Japanese fans in the arena tour which will begin next year.
    T-ara had a Japanese tour earlier this year with performances in Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sendai, Sapporo and their finale on the 25th and 26th at the Budokan Hall in Tokyo.
    Performing at Budokan is a dream for Japanese artists, and T-ara was one of the first Korean acts to perform there. Despite being on a weekday, the 20,000 two-day concert was completely sold out.
    EMI JAPAN and J-ROCK said, "T-ara have received an explosive reaction with Japanese fans. We're begining the early preparations for the arena tour right now."
    T-ara finished "Day by Day" promotions and now Eunjung, Hyomin and Soyeon are persuing individual activities in dramas.
    Core Contents Media said, "We hope that the public can welcome back T-ara a little bit by a little bit. They will return with good music and a more mature image after having time to self-reflect and they will continue to try harder and harder."
    Meanwhile, T-ara will release a new Japanese song "Sexy Love" at the end of October.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120802n11303
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Tiaralover10 reacted to rizkiamute in [12.08.01] Kim Kwangsoo, "I met with Hwayoung for 30 minutes"   
    honestly, i prefer read news from tiaradiadem because fans here are more mature than AKP. they dont know anything and say something bad about the others members. we dont live in the same dorm with hwayoung and 6-ara, so we dont know exactly what happen between them.
    i think, maybe 6-ara ever bullied hwayoung, but it was the past. when we watched hello baby, we can see hwayoung was outcast. but in pretty boys, i think 6-ara treat her better and hwayoung looks so happy.
    i believe hwayoung isn't bad person, so are the other members.
    hope KKS never lied again and hwayoung can rejoin t-ara.
    i dont want t-ara disbandment
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    Tiaralover10 reacted to babeyelmo in [12.08.01] Kim Kwangsoo, "I met with Hwayoung for 30 minutes"   
    Eunjung please shove a ricecake onto your presidents mouth im sick of him he just keeps makin the girls sound worse
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    Tiaralover10 reacted to xCivx in [12.08.01] Core Contents Media, "Dani will not join T-ara early"   
    I'm pretty sure nobody cares about Dani =/. Why did they have to remind us that she's going to join =[
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    Tiaralover10 reacted to Jeon BoRam in [12.08.01] Gangnam Police Department, "Cybercrime Search Team will look into the false 'T-ara Dancer' article"   
    please clean up t-ara name .
    the anti is too much...
    i feel like they really wanted t-ara tear apart .
    but this news make me feel that t-ara rumours will be over soon .
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    Tiaralover10 reacted to chelksea in [12.08.01] Over dramatic? "T-ara and Hwayoung both shed tears last night"   
    i really really hope that hwayoung can come back for real:) that would make every T-ara fan very happy... I wish for the best once again... Fighting!!!!
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    Tiaralover10 reacted to nathaniel in [12.03.12] T-ara declares to donate all their "Roly-Poly" royalties to victims from the Fukushima nuclear accident   
    [12.03.12] T-ara declares to donate all their "Roly-Poly" royalties to victims from the Fukushima nuclear accident

    Girl group T-ara has offered their help to the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan by donating all their royalties from their Japanese "Roly-Poly" single.
    T-ara, who are currently promoting in Japan said, "We debuted in Japan last September and we're happy for receiving a lot of love from 'Roly-Poly'. We want to give back by donating all of our 'Roly-Poly' album royalties back in the full amount to Japan."
    The members said, "Although our donations may only be a little help, our wish is that it'll help some of the victims." T-ara's agency will pass the money on their behalf to the fund for the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan.
    T-ara is known for repaying back their love to their fans, where they most recently went to the subway and volunteered in an elder people's shelter. This time, T-ara are also helping out overseas.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120312n07111
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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