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  1. Gyebaek time for hyomin...Qri is glowing here thnks for sharing!!
  2. They look like sisters and it's like they've already known each other...thnks for sharing!
  3. They are so very playful and cute!! ahahaha♥ wish you can update more thnks!<br>
  4. Me Too! me too! I want Rolypoly Japanese!!! I know t-ara can do it !! Hwaiting!! ♥
  5. This is more hip YAYAYA...Love it hey yayaya!!!!!♥
  6. His comment to t-ara makes me expect more great acts on T-ara's MV...oh my im so excited..♥
  7. Well, T-ara's right..competition is better to know how best they are...but of course don't take the competition personally♥
  8. That's what you call COOL!!! T-ara in action...the debut date is getting closer!♥
  9. The girl's was not clearly affected by it but they promised in the future that they will pay more attention...i hope this controversy will be soon over..
  10. oh my...hyomin is in gyebaek shoot..but still i like their performance..♥
  11. woah... another advertisements in building...but i like the big one last time
  12. I love qri's hair...wavy... They have changed their hairstyles for yayaya jap i guess so..
  13. They have gorgeous outfits even in rehearsing...whoa..♥
  14. Yah..eunjung is not there in the performance..i guess it's about the new drama..
  15. Natural and calm side of hyomin seems to be fine and stylish...love it!♥
  16. They can really attract shoppers because of T-ara...teehee♥
  17. Cool glasses Jiyeon!! ...They do really enjoy their performance♥
  18. Oh my!! it looks like Changmin but not..ahaha This will be so super epic!!
  19. oohh..so that's why hyomin reduce her hair length ...but since then i love the concept!♥
  20. That's what you called a warrior!!! kyaa..like her new look in gyebaek from blue to maroon ...what ep is this?in the first pic she pose with a peace sign..ahaha
  21. Where's hyomin?? i think it's gyebaek shoot..well everybody seems to be alive in their performance♥
  22. exactly!! dongsaeng...ahaha.. I hope they can do it again..♥
  23. okay!! 62nd ... she is really different here..her new look makes me so amazed..whatever styles suits her..♥
  24. Let me see ya..YAYAYA.. ahaha in japanese..it will be great!!

    1. Jack C

      Jack C

      i hope will be in M'sia in future.. TT

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