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  1. Your welcome!! unnie..ahaha..I hope we can share our thoughts..♥

  2. Hello tf..is it your name initial?? >cute<

  3. woahh...when i see the pics ...i have a flashback of all her good times in being a MC...i will miss the jiyeon-suzy moments...♥
  4. I will buy this issue this k-pop fest woaaahhhh... her hair was cut..but it was nice and looking good for her..i think i need to cut my hair too..ahaha
  5. I have already seen these costumes..ahh in an Optical signing event...curly hwayoung...♥
  6. I love hyomin's hair...l always love their yellow printed costume for rolypoly..♥
  7. I love their performance...i love the stage...i love everything about t-ara!! ♥
  8. haha...black and white color...long and short dress..thanks for updating..i will wait for more..
  9. it means ..it is a ancient korean drama..wow...so long...is she one of the three women..woahh excited for this..♥
  10. oh my lovey dovey..ahaha..i can hear these to lovers...can't wait this song...sure it will be a big hit cuz..It is SHINSADONG TIGER!!!
  11. COOL!! Yayaya in japanese...i can't imagine..ahaha...but i hope they will translate also waeroni..ahaha♥
  12. HI!! hwayoung bias..Its nice to see you here♥

  13. Hi ya ..dongsaeng!! how are you? seems you are busy..Ganbatte Kudasai!!Hwaiting!!Kaya mo yan!!

  14. Give me give me give me give me...anata ga subete!! ahaha i wish they could performed it live..

  15. woah!! i remember you!! you can call me vine...how about you? i don't know how to call you..:)

  16. woah..totally fell in love with t-ara's other side.. thnks for sharing♥
  17. Ahaha..yahh...nice observation... Thnks for sharing the pics♥
  18. Their dresses make them cute and glowing...Once more Congrat's T-ara!! Ganbatte Kudasai!!♥
  19. Busy Hyomin again...but i guess they had a good performance without her...>wait>like soyeon's hair..♥
  20. Hwayoung is so handsome...He <i mean> She really stand out...i like jiyeon's glasses cute boy <i mean> girl..ahaha They are all great! thnks for sharing!
  21. woah korean version of 1 vs 100!! did she win the game show?? hope i can watch it..♥
  22. Seems they really enjoy the show....showing different kind of expressions..oohh AKB48 name was printed in screen <curious> i will wait for subs!!♥
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