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  1. Soreum... I really love the way Soyeon wink .. Kawaii... Thank you for sharing those pics
  2. Hyomin's tattered pants.. whoaa.. really like it!! thnks for sharing the pics!
  3. Im baaaaaaaaack!!! i need to go back to my job as a mod!! I love this!!

  4. Bunny style pv really makes my day so wonderful <3 stay with me ~ stay with me~

  5. my account is logging waahh...

  6. Hyomin unnie in recording for the japanese comeback ! can't wait for it since they have solos .. Thnks for sharing!!
  7. I love their coats, they are so unique and stylish .. i love hyomin unnie's coat she looks like red riding hood , Thnks for Sharing!
  8. I'll never stop supporting t-ara yeah! ..oh my I cant wait for their comeback ! Congrats to our girls and Fighting always!
  9. They still look gorgeous with their light make -up , Goodluck to them and Fighting! Thanks for Sharing!
  10. problem sets mode .. Fighting!

  11. One way to enjoy your free time is to feed up on snacks .. Unnie give me some of that! Thnks for sharing!
  12. Thank you for Diadem and T-ara's CG Girl's United for giving me such great oppurtunity!

  13. Can't wait for t-ara's effect!

  14. their names in the page is so cute because of the little crowns the girls are daebak!.. teehee.. thnks for sharing!
  15. Omo!Omo! hyomin unnie is so sexy cuz of her flame like colored hair.. Thnks for sharing!
  16. I've watch these live ! The girls are so daebak! Thnks for Sharing and Updating !
  17. when i read your post .. i looked again on the pic and thought "omg almost!!" her sense of fashion was really sexy and attractive,,
  18. Red hair really made her sexy .. hyomin unnie has really many projects .. rest well..
  19. Seriously im stunned .. the photos were completely awesome first in highcut now instyle!!
  20. Wahh.. everyone has something red.. oww that smile hyomin unnie!! eunji couple!! thnks for sharing!
  21. they are gorgeous as always ..t-ara sexy love christmas concept .. i really love their perfs
  22. I think they are having a hard time because they have to prepare for tours and for the upcoming comeback..
  23. stolen pics .. but still they all look good... Thnks for the effort and sharing the pics
  24. I just can't take my eyes off of you unnie!! although it was a simple look she still look gorgeous
  25. woah.. hyomin in red hair again? love it! thanks for sharing those pics!!
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