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  1. I can't believe that jiyeon has a habit like that...Hyomin too much revealed many things about her...><
  2. It's so nice to know that jiyeon's brother like hyomin..i think they will be good friends...
  3. I love Super Junior,too..whom are the members you love?(this is exciting)♥♥~~

  4. Of course we can be friends...♥ur glitter banner is so cute...

  5. Hi!.♥~I really like your statement "THEY'RE THE MOST AWESOMEMEST GROUP EVER"...anyway..what country are you from?

  6. wow..your too cute in your personal photo..where are you from?

  7. wait a minute..i love your personal photo..boram is so sexy♥♥

  8. Hi unnnie I'm from Philippines..and I really like also t-ara,4minute,snsd,f9x) and davichi..do you like also any k-pop boy groups?

  9. I'm also 15 years old but i'm older than you...I'm from Philippines too..umm where are you in Philippines anyway?

  10. Ghosts at first are harmless..but as time goes by it can harm the girls..All of us will be worried if they will stay in that creepy place...THEY HAVE TO MOVE before anything happens..
  11. Wow Nice picsS and mag...I wish i had one... Thanks for the photos!!♥
  12. How great!!! Thank you for sharing the pics of boram , hyomin and jiyeon I like hyomin's bag...keuhahaha ♥♥
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