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  1. hyominaa!! why are you so cute ? can't wait for their perf in MAMA..Thnks for sharing those pics!
  2. they are so cute.. woah.. Goodluck to both of them! Fighting!! thnks for sharing!!
  3. woah how cute congrats to hyo and dani.. It's Dani's first step to be liked by everyone before she debut in t-ara.. Fighting!!
  4. Jiyeon's lunchbox is so colorful.. Hyomin unnie stay strong and cool.. eat well girls!!
  5. wow.. they also had a raffle draw... 371 pics from the concert thnks for sharing!!
  6. Good luck to them !! I Know they can do it as long as they are hard working and dedicated to their career Fighting!
  7. Queen's United Ph Mini Gath tomorrow !! good luck to us!

  8. When i watched the video i was so amazed by the crowd that waited t-ara to the airport.. Goodluck to their concert tonight !! T-ara hwaiting!!
  9. GOODLUCK T-ARA for tonight's concert!!

  10. woah.. another vid ! can't wait to see it .. goossshhh want to see it now ~~ Are they also planning to make a jap ver for Sexy Love?
  11. Thnks for sharing those hd pics!! I love the behind the scenes photos...can't wait for the wallpapers hope you'll post it soon
  12. Motivating Mode: NP:Sexy love

  13. Need to watch it! Soyeon unnie fighting!! Get well soon!!
  14. Is that the blog of their photographer?? cool !! he is also a fan of t-ara.. thnks for sharing!!
  15. Thank You very much again for the upload T-ara is so really active in any projects hope they can rest for a while..
  16. Thank you very much for sharing!! I really their cream outfit it really suits them..
  17. Thnks for Sharing!! T-ara Queen's Fighting Forever.. All the girls are so beautiful..
  18. im stunned with eunjung's hair.. well i miss her long hair..Qri mermaid!!!
  19. I really like this performance... Thnks 4 sharing the pics of wonderful soyeon.. I wish there are some other pics..
  20. Boram unnie was so honest in her answers And I love the way she talks funny and playful...
  21. woah.. Qri unnie is so gorgeous ... She will be turning 26 in december but still she is so very PRETTY!!
  22. Qri's skirt catch my eye... waah.. cute ... are they the ones who give the flowers? i need to watch this .. Thnks for sharing
  23. Im so much a fan of Boram's Mom.. always watch her dramas.. I wish I could watch Boram also in heavy dramas like her mom... I should the video!!
  24. But one day… Rumors started spreading that among them was a girl who possessed special powers.”

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