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  1. Congratulations to T-ara !! They really did a great performance in the video! Specially to Dani!! Im excited for the second part..♥
  2. Then the day comes .. when i will never saw him..

  3. hey.. Kababayan!! hla sorry if i haven't replied to your msgs... kc bc sa course eh..

  4. It's Raining..Im going home alone.. ><

  5. She looks gorgeous with her dress and cute with her hair.. She's best with or without makeup
  6. woah.. T-ara Bears... Wish I can ship one.. or all .. Thanks for sharing!
  7. uuuiii... sorry kung ngaun lng ulit nkapagreply .. how r u n?? 4th year highschool kn db? dto sa manila na ako nag-aaral..

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      hello po :) okay lang po yan! hehe late din po reply ko eh OTL

      opo 4th year hs na po ako.. saan ka po sa manila? ^^ may twitter ka po ba? kasi po minsan lang po ako mag-ol dito sa forum eh, para po sa twitter nalang po tayo.. hehe

  8. 1:00 pm.. it so hot in here.. >> 4th floor

  9. Jiyeon's look is so WOW and artistic!! Thanks for sharing.. Is she the cover girl??
  10. I envy those Japanese Queen's I hope to go in a show of t-ara... someday.. Oh yes! Please post if there are some fancams
  11. I really like hyomin's hair cuz she look more sexy and fierce.. Few days to go!!><
  12. Hyomin will do a great job in that role for sure!! like what she did in gyebaek .. fearless warrior turned to a loving caring wife of gyebaek!! Looking forward to it!!
  13. surfing at the campus... :D

  14. Yea ! im a college student now!! and as a promise to my fellow Queen's I will be always online from now on!! <3

  15. Daebak!! I really like hyomin's hair my fave color!! 20-minute it is almost half ep of a drama.. cry cry really made me cry and im excited what the day by day mv looks like
  16. After almost two years .. At last t-ara has its own official fan club .. they personally held meetings for the launching ohh so sweet! seems to be they will do something ..looking forward for surprises in the event
  17. Though i can afford to buy the album I cant' go to the free concert.. haiissstt.... but still i agree to the condition of free concerts..
  18. ui musta na? woah bkasyon na!!

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      hello po!:D eto okay naman po.. kaw? hehe nakakatamad nga po dito eh. hehe

  19. I wish i could shop to Hi-mart and take a picture of t-ara's ads ahaha..thnks for upadating!♥
  20. ooohh... jiyeon's handsome pose.. boram is very fond of editing her pictures but i still love it.. hyomin ,, still she is always gorgeous!♥
  21. t-ara featured in beauty show ... wow.. seems like t-ara shared their beauty secrets there... ♥ thnks for sharing!
  22. oww... the painted phil flag in the man's face is behind hyominnie..haha.. so great! .. im so happy t-ara is also with them protecting other countries for this global summit for nuclear protection♥
  23. Wow... youtube for their official Europe trip vids... wish someone can sub it.. ♥
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