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  1. I want to cry... T-ara really touch the hearts of the need.. these ladies didn't only receive beautiful faces but also kind and gentle hearts.. ♥ (><)
  2. omo... i love hyomin's necklace... where i can buy it??? huwoooww... I wish they can perform also in other countries like here in phl...
  3. T-ara in cooking outfits... so cute and trendy... th chicken is so so small ahaha... Jiyeon only hold it in her two fingers..ahah...Thanks for sharing!!♥
  4. What else are you looking for.. T-ara members are so beautiful , multi-talented, kind and charitable!! That's why I really love them♥♥
  5. Daebak!! I wish the complete 7 members will be on the play soon!! ... I wish i could watch the full play.. ♥
  6. nice bonding for the two girls.. ahaha... I think the pics are related to the greatest view and attractions in europe... looking forward for the great angles of their pics!! ♥
  7. They will really conquer the europe..ahaha ... Im really looking forward to it... May!? woahh... a special gift for hyomin's b-day ♥
  8. thnks for sharing and updating.. hyomin's smirk ahaha... is this the making?? well..
  9. I like their hat specifically the red hat jiyeon wearing... i really like collecting hats!
  10. looking forward to it... t-ara will be more sparkling for sure if they will wear those kind of clothes..
  11. THINK POSITIVE !! there's nothing bad will happened because there are fans will be disappointed if that thing will happened... CCM will not let fans be disappointed..
  12. goooshh... no replacing please!! it will better if there will be an addition ... if subtraction of members will happened i don't know if i can accept it...
  13. ahaha... I like the wink part >< !! I am so curious about Hyomin's modelling in the event.. she really enjoyed it
  14. yah me too!! the rolypoly musical will not have been successful without them.. ♥
  15. I really like eunjung in corporate attire... neomu yeppeoda!! ")
  16. They really sparkled in the photos.. I like their outfits specially hyomin in the 2nd pic.. ")
  17. oh my their sched is fulll just like mine.. I know they can make it!! Ganbarimasu!!
  18. I dont know also if it is a good or bad news.. gosh im gonna miss them acting..if there will be a chance that they will act again after 2 or more years it will be good..
  19. LOL at the pics.. making faces of hwayoung..The were funny and cute hwayoung is a really positive and jolly person♥
  20. shoocks.. Tonymoly Ph is so active these days.. I wish their commercial can be watch in local ph tv.. >>love hyomin there
  21. thw two maknaes are so sweet.. the atmosphere was too cooold... EVERYONE must be jealous to both(maknaes) of them ..teehee
  22. SPEED!! >bakso,bakso< they were so good... we support speed.. whew .. Hardwork make the dreamworks..teehee..ver of mine.
  23. they are making some nonsense issues just to make bad image about T-ara but well , still t-ara doesn't seem to be so affected ..let's not make some big deal with it..
  24. Good eve.. well i must say cold evening .. need some warm hug♥

  25. Good eve.. well i must say cold evening .. need some warm hug♥

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