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  1. It's nice to see you here!! Hi!!Tada! Welcome to Tiara Diadem as T-aranwaterjewel said..teehee

  2. Hi again Dongsaeng miss u na agad..mai tatanong lng me..punta kb Kpop Con 2??

  3. Dongsaeng..♥ pupunta ka b ng k-pop con??♥

  4. Roly poly Roly Roly Poly!!! omo,,so addicted..

  5. 2nd year k p lng b?? Naku if your 4th year na you will be more confident..where do you want be in college b?

  6. oh..It is really a big thing for me bcuz i feel fortunate to be visited by other nationalities..♥

  7. Wla kcing mga Fil kung meron man they are only few and sometimes they are so quiet...and those times talaga ndi ako masyadong active pro ngaun active na ko...cuz i meet fil that are so very friendly..♥

  8. yeahh...http://www.facebook.com/mobileprotection#!/divinem what's your profile name? so i can accept you..:)

  9. Y♥Y♥!! Congrats to Hyomin!! T-ara's new leader..what a big opppurtunity!!

    1. babybooboo


      yeah :D congrats hyo baby!

    2. Myra PJY

      Myra PJY

      totally!! can't wait to see how hyomin will lead the others..xD

    3. Myra PJY

      Myra PJY

      totally!! can't wait to see how hyomin will lead the others..xD

  10. naka2tuwa namang malman na aftr a year there are so many fil fans ang sumasali sa diadem...lam mo kc nung 1st tym ko super Out of PLace ako..

  11. may 10,1995...so my recent age is 16..do u have fb account??

  12. I'm just starting also my degree...and im so excited to graduate pra maging malaya na ko sa bhay..and makagala na in my upcoming college life sa maynila...do u have fb account??

  13. T-ara's comeback is near and it tickles my tummy whenever i think of it☻ --L♥ve lots to all!!

  14. Thnks for viewing my profile!♥♥

  15. Belated HappY b-day to you...and now your 1 year older to my age...teehee

  16. ADvance haPpy B-day to You unnie!! ..i really love b-days!!

  17. HI!! it's nice to see you here!! thnks for viewing my profile..♥♥

  18. HI!! It's nice to see you here ..teehee..♥♥

  19. im in 4th year high school...lapit na grumaduate...sna if ever mai gathering ung mga fil diadems we will meet♥♥

  20. Hi!! It's nice to see you here!!♥

  21. ahh..ok..your b-day is near♥♥

  22. Actually we haven't seen each other..we are friends nung 1st time akong nag diadem..but I knew some things about her..Are you studying here in Phil.?

  23. wow..it means your an appler too?

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