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  1. Multi - player ahah.. what a word ! they are also multi-talented group.. @eunjung - yeah it was acting in the heart, the bed scene if you watch it with heart of art it's like eunjung did her best and that was enough to the viewers expectation.. ♥luv the article
  2. woah!! that's what you called GREAT!! if t-ara would have a chance to make their own video it will be the BEST..
  3. I really love lovey dovey outfits..they look so cool and funky... I wish they could have a con also in PHIL..
  4. How many songs did they perform?? Soyeon strikes a cute pose in every pics.. OmO >>!!
  5. OH yes! yes! yes! Kara X T-ara...I wish the could collab...Dream High is really doing goood!!!!
  6. woah... 2 ryu's in 1 performance...this is so great!! waiting and excited to watch this !!!♥
  7. Trying something new is great!! T-ara is really a multi-talented group it will be more great if they will make a mv directed by them (t-ara)...
  8. When I see the cartoons i remember the vocaloids..ahaha I wish they will have a vid version like vocaloids...Thnks for the pics and gif's!! they are so great!!
  9. Woah...Our votes for the victory in their every perf are so helpful for the elders and people that t-ara can lend help...Im proud of supporting t-ara unnies..♥
  10. ow..this is gonna be great~! hyoyoung had also cut her hair ahaha waiting for the ultimate twin performance!!♥
  11. Im Back!! ready again for long time diademing(!?)

  12. Hello po~! from cavite din po ako :)

    1. asitaulava23


      hello den!! tga san ka sa cavite???

  13. oh Qri really suits the qualifications but we have to consider her schedules. I agree guys that there is another chance and who knows the next offer will be better than the jap movie//♥
  14. I remember the honeymoon ep. ahaha they have their child now.. need to watch right now!! thanks for reminding me ♥
  15. Another branch of Tony Moly store had been open last thursday.. Another reason for shopping wee..Make-up mist and hyomin here i am!!
  16. I remember suzy in that scene..ahaha... jiyeon and suzy are like twins...looking forward for the next episode..
  17. So i have to focus and watch this one..ahh hyomin-ah I wish you can communicate with him..>>really excited
  18. goosshh... I envy those two!! they are so sweet ..ahh i wish that i am their 3rd sister>> triplets ..ahaha
  19. daebak~! ahh coed boys finally will make their own comeback ..so excited !! i hope they could collab again with t-ara♥
  20. T-ara's love will make me full ... rice and instant noodles..yum2x!! T-ara is a good example of a charitable group..♥
  21. woah after a long time at last!! after the it's you performance of 5dolls and t-ara it's now to collab with the boys..it was great and really uh what can i say with such a great perf!!
  22. T-ara for Fans , Fans for T-ara!!! Im so proud being a fan because they always appreciate our works and support for them.. T-ara love forever!!
  23. Im so excited with this ... All T-ara fans will be together as one ..It is only the beginning of t-ara's fan invasion!!
  24. Cannot be active these days, I have to work on my Highschool thesis..See you on Feb.. :(

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